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I see another PS in five days to determine when...

I see another PS in five days to determine when and if I will get my implants removed. I have had my saline 450cc implants (sub muscular) for approximately 7 years. I was 23 when I had the initial BA. At first I loved them, but now I regret ever getting them in the first place. I have shoulder, neck, and even lower back pain. My posture is not what it used to be either. I was once an avid runner, but running is so uncomfortable even with the most supportive sports bras.

Since having implants, I have not been pregnant, nor have I gained weight. I had my kiddos before having my implants. So my breasts have not fluctuated at all since having the implants. I hope this is good especially since I don't want to get a lift, if it isn't absolutely necessary.

I really hope that I can get these suckers out soon, and begin the heeling stage. If you have had breast implant removal, would you be so kind as to reply to this message and let me know how long it took you to recover. I am a teacher and I don't want to miss work if I don't have to. I am keeping positive that in a month from now I will be implant free. Fingers crossed that I can get this done sooner, rather than later!

I booked a date for removal!!!

YAY! I have booked my appointment to have these things removed! The doctor was very thorough, and I'm so excited about it. They will be using local anesthesia, so thankfully, I will not have to be put to sleep. I'm so excited and can't wait to be implant free!

Last day with huge monster boobs

Today I am going in and will be coming out with my natural boobies. I'm so excited! Hopefully this will be the end of my physical pain! I am tired of having poor posture, a pain in my neck (quite literally), and lower back pain. I'll keep you all posted.

Just got home

I had my surgery this morning. The doctor used local anesthesia, and I obviously couldn't feel a thing. He talked me through the entire procedure. Once he was done, he asked me if I wanted to see them before I was bandaged up. Of course I couldn't resists. So I took a peek! My first impression was "Yikes! My boobs are so empty!" I was both happy and a little upset. However, I knew what to expect and honestly I'm just glad they're out of here. My PS is very optimistic that they will return to their original state pre-BA. My fingers are crossed! I go for a follow up tomorrow and then stitches will be removed next Friday.

24 hours since removal

Well, it has been 24 hours since my bags of saline were removed. I went to the PS today to get my incision checked out and get new dressings. I am feeling wonderful. I am taking my antibiotics and inflammatory drug, but I don't feel the need for my pain killers. I took my kiddos for a fun lunch out today, and I still have tons of energy. I think my body feels great that it isn't carrying around those extra 2+ pounds on my chest anymore.

I took some pictures, and I'm not feeling as traumatized as yesterday. Yes, they are loose and saggy, but I know that they will tighten and perk up in time. I'm a patient person, so I'm just going to keep a record of their progression. I'm sure that in 6 months it will feel as though those plastic bags were just a terrible nightmare.

My husband is still not aware of my procedure, but he has an idea because I told him that I had some work done. I'm positive that he knows this is the work I'm talking about, because I've been playing with the idea for such a long time. He knows I'm a lot more confident in myself now, that I wouldn't do anything other than try to go back to my natural self. If we had more time to talk to each other, I would discuss it. However, we don't have that luxury, so I like to keep our conversations simple and sweet. No stress! :)

One week post op

Well, it has been one entire week since I had my surgery. I went in today to have my stitches removed. I feel wonderful. I worked all week long without feeling tired or sore. I can't wait until I'm able to start working out again. It is going to be great to go running without big balloons bouncing all over the place and causing pain in my body! YAY for freedom from those monsters! Well, I hope to take a picture tomorrow. I can really tell the difference. I am already fluffing a bit, and I don't look as saggy. I can honestly say that I'm at a point in my life that it doesn't matter what my boobs look like, I'm pleased as long as I'm healthy and happy! Oh yeah. My husband now knows about my surgery and he's very happy for me! Things just keep getting better! :) Have a nice evening ladies.

Day 8

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