36 Years Old, Mom of 2, Looking Forward to Flatter Tummy and Bigger Breasts

Tomorrow is the big day: I've planned my...

Tomorrow is the big day: I've planned my operation: lipofilling of breasts.
I'm looking forward to recycling my muffin top to my breasts. My breasts have always been small, but after giving birth (and nursing two kids) they look like a set of teabags. Hopefully with the fat transfer they will be fuller.

Today is the big day!

I'm in the waitingroom...a bit nervous. Never had any procedures done, whatsoever.

10 hrs post-op update

This morning at 8am I was treated. The surgeon checked on me short before. He reckoned I was a good client for lipofilling and he thought he could harvest enough fat to fill both breasts with at least 200cc per side.
When I woke I did not see a huge difference. Only 130-140cc was harvested for both sides. Apparently I look fuller than I am. Nonetheless the surgeon told me he was satisfied - especially since I'm booked for two treatment.
Let's see....hopefully it will be a small amount of very sticky fat!

The pain is very good to handle. So far I slept through most of the day. I now feel a little swelling starts to set it.

The pictures are from 5hrs post-op (no real swelling at that point of time)

48hrs post op

A little sore and some bruises, but feeling OK!

48hrs post op: only a few bruises

Just had my first shower, which was great!
The bruises are limited and I feel good enough to go out!

One week after operation

Still some bruises, but all wounds from the needles have heeled very nicely. The ones undermy breasts and on my hips are nearly invisible!
Pain has almost disappeared. I had a check-up at my specialist. Everything's fine. Left breast is a little more swollen than the right. My next check-up will be in 4 months! Let's cross fingers I'll have a good retention.

Swelling going down 9 days post op

The swelling is almost gone

2 weeks post op

Bruises have almost disappeared. My breasts are a little bigger, not that much. But I notice they are a little fuller. Hopefully they will stay like this....but since it gas only been two weeks I expect the volume will decrease.
Dr. Niessen

Will be able to tell much more after tomorrow. To be continued...

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