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So I had vaser lipo today, was out the operating...

So I had vaser lipo today, was out the operating room at 1pm and was able to drive myself home. I know they say you shouldn't drive but I had no one to pick me up since my husband is away and mom lives i want to keep this a secret until I am healed. Also I live only 15 mins by car from the doctor's office.

Anyway, my story. I am 29 years old, no kids yet. 5ft 5" tall and apparently I now weigh 175 pounds which is crazy because I work out. I eat relatively good and I say that because I eat fast food at max once per week. My weight issue is probably related to extra muscles from training and not eating enough meals per day. I am so busy with my job, housework etc that I most days only eat two meals with breakfast being one and very small. I tend to have a big lunch since by the time I get home and make dinner it's too late to eat. I have not been to the gym in months, busy job, planning my wedding etc but I do a brazilian martial arts Capoeira 2 to 3 times per week.

why did i do lipo....even when I was 125 pounds I was pudgy around the waist. I will be getting back into my usual routine as soon as I can...workout/run in the morning 5:00AM, gym after work etc plus of course Capoeira. Doing this procedure I think will give me more push to get back into shape and maintain the flat belly I know I will have.

The procedure: Got to the docs at 9:30am met with the nurse, went over some details, signed consent forms etc. Doc came in and marked me up plus take pre-op photos. Procedure started maybe 11am or so, not sure I was checking the time then but I know I was out at about 1:10pm since i had to call by husband to see if his flight went well and he was home with his side of the family in Germany. So the procedure itself was great, I am so happy about it. The nurse set up the IV, cleaned the surgery area and gave some stuff that made my viens tingle...had a strange minty taste at the back of my throat. I went out but woke up when the vibrations started. I had to turn on my sides and was able to see the actual process of the icky fat coming out. Towards the end though I started feeling a slight pinch from metal tube thing (have no idea what its called) but I think the effects of the drugs were maybe wearing off.

I sat up on the operating table while the nurses padded the incisions with gauze and taped them on. They wrapped extra padding around my whole mid-section and walked me back to my room. I got in the room, drank water, ate ice as my throat was so dry. Set my alarm for 3:00pm and went to sleep. I woke up a couple times to turn over...i wanted to make sure all side were getting an opportunity to drain. Alarm went off but I didnt get up until 3:00 to call my sister. At that point I was still feeling great...slight dizziness if I turn around too fast but no pain, no drowsiness...just great. I made a few phone calls, had a snack and the nurse came in and helped me put the compression garment on.

I walked around a bit to test for dizziness but none. I was able to drive my self home and actuall pick take out on the way.

So now 5 hours post op, I feel great. Been home now for about 2 hours. Slightly dizzy but not really sleepy. I feel so good I am tempted to go for a walk but I will go have a nap now and get up later for my antibiotics.

I cant see my body yet as I am seriously wrapped up...looking like cushy teddy bear. I was advised to keep the wrapping on till in the morning when I can take a shower.

So far so good, I know some people say the pain doesnt come till the next day...we will see, hopefully the pain killers I have will do their job should I need them.

I will be post-op and day after surgery pics tomorrow.

Initially all seemed well...I had a great surgery...

Initially all seemed well...I had a great surgery (so I thought) and was even able to drive myself home. I had what I saw as great recovery, was back at work after the weekend and no one know (except those I told) about the surgery.

In the end though, I did not get much support from the doctor. He brushed aside my concerns with a "you just need a tummy tuck" response. GREAT!! As if I am going to give him more of my money for another surgery when the first one did nothing but leave me with scars. I have 2 ugly dark scars on my tummy and one on my back from the puncture holes...but not smaller tummy. Wasted money!!

I would suggest anybody wanting to do this procedure In Jamaica to just go to Florida in the US and get it done by a good doctor. I will cost more but hey, better safe than get what you pay for. Dr. Gajraj was cheap in comparison but not worth it.
Gr. Gajraj

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