Breast Reduction Journey - Jamaica

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Like most people that post on here, expressing a...

Like most people that post on here, expressing a need for doing the BR surgery, I am no different. my breast started growing when I was nine years old and I have always hated them in terms of their size. I am now 155lbs at 5 ft 3inches, not necessarily small but I am comfortable in my skin, my breast size is 34G, my waist is 32 and hips are 41. I was at 182lbs about 14months ago after having a baby. I went on a weight loss regime and lost a lot of weight, the size of my boobs shrank a little, I was wearing a 36I at one point. Before pregnancy my boobs were big but they were perky, now after breast feeding, they are saggy. My husband says that he doesn't see anything wrong with them and I sat him down and explained to him how I felt about myself in terms of having big boobs. How restricted I feel that I am unable to wear certain clothes, that it is hard to buy clothes online because you may not know how it fits on you. I do not have a proper swimsuit, that I have to double my bras when I am working out and even then they still hold me back, bras are super expensive and leaves indents in my shoulder as well as my chest feels so heavy I can literally feel like my heart is tired sometimes and back pains. Reading these stories here has given me hope that I can be happy and free to live to the fullest too. I wont lie and say that I am not afraid going under the knife as well as about the complications that may arise which my husband ask if knowing all of that, I would still risk it and I told him yes because I owe it to myself. He finally got it and said that he supports my decision. I havent had a consultation with a doctor yet due to the fact that I live in the Caribbean, Jamaica to be exact, It is hard to find a suitable surgeon. My plan is to actually get it done in Cuba. A friend of mine did hers there and had good results as well as it would be considerable cheaper to do it there as I would have to fund it out of my pocket or even take a bank loan. My insurance company does not cover cosmetic surgery unless its a "medical" issue. Which in their book means life and death. I am trying to get in contact with a facility there, so I am now playing the waiting game.

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A future Mallol Doll?

So.... in my last post I expressed that I was interested in doing my breast reduction in Havana, Cuba. Well I have been doing quite a bit of research just in case my plan don't work out. I have been scouring a lot of stories on here with different Doctors and I came across Dr. E. Mallol Cotes, he practices in Dominican Republic. I really liked the results that I saw and sent him a message using the free consultation on Real Self. His office has responded early the next day as I had sent the message late into the evening. I was told to send pictures showing front, sides and back view of myself which I did. I got back a response quickly as well, less than an hour and a quoted price which was surprisingly good. So there was a basic package as well as a premium one that includes everything excluding the plane fare. I went in search of more information on him on his website and I was impressed by what I saw. I don't know though in terms of travelling to Dominican Republic with so much cash, which is what you have to pay with, cash only. I basically would just need to pay US250 so that a surgery date can be set but I'm hesitant. I think I'm gonna look around some more
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