No Peel Yet but I Can Feel my Skin Smoother - Jakarta

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I'm using retin--a for 10 days now, maybe 5 days...

I'm using retin--a for 10 days now, maybe 5 days with really proper way. My skin isn't peel yet and not irritate too. It's not make my skin dry, maybe because my skin is very oily.

My goal from retin-a is :
1. Free from acne, scar and blackhead
2. Get smooth skin

To help, i change my diet too, fruits and veggies are take 70% of my daily menu. And i plan to buy Benzoyl Peroxide. In my country (Indonesia) we can buy it almost at any drugstore. Dermatologist won't give us retin-a or BP, they will give us their own product.

Week #2. This is it, this is the time when my...

Week #2. This is it, this is the time when my patience being tested. My acne is come out and my skin looks like 'acne field'. I read from other people review that this is what will happen when we use Retin-A, because this drug will heal skin face from inside, so it will break the skin out. Still don't feel any burn or peel, maybe later. And today i will buy BP gel. Hope it works.
Oh ya, i try my best to not using any foundation/powder cause i think it's not good to use when i'm in treatment like this. I only use sunscreen (no matter if i'm at home, i still use it).

Since yesterday, i mixed my Retin-A regimen with...

Since yesterday, i mixed my Retin-A regimen with Benzoyl Peroxide. Retin-A at night and Benzoly Peroxide at day. I use BP once a day (at morning). Yes, it stings, but at scale 1-10 i will said it's 1. My Retin-A is start to stings too, and still, it's on scale 1. Before i use BP, i only use sunscreen and my face will get oily for just 30 minutes after i apply it. Now, after i use BP, it gets oily after 3-4 hours. Wow! But my face isn't dry at all (from using Retin-A or BP) maybe cause my face is too oily... I use both ot those product with average size (i read so many suggest, post etc that we shouldn't over using some product to get instant healing) and the only thing i 'use' it over dosage is my patience, yes. :) Will take my pic at 10/01/13 to see the progress. Thank u for reading my review.

Week 3 (i start feel it's like diary hehe) and i...

Week 3 (i start feel it's like diary hehe) and i feel worth it. Yup. Veeerrryyy worth it. I use pea size of Benzoyl Peroxide once a day (or it will make my skin dry if i use more than once), sunscreen (contain moisturizer) and at night retin-a. I remember i have skin, that if i use product that make my skin dryer, it will break out worse than if i use some product that make my skin oily. That's why i don't use anything 'matte'. I don't know why, and my former dermatologist(s) never explain to me
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