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I've been checking these out for a while and have...

I've been checking these out for a while and have been so skeptical. I decided to take my chances and I just ordered some wraps. I have had a child, and lost 50 pounds! BUT diet and exercise couldn't tighten my skin back up. I'm trying these out to see how it goes! I'm female, 5'3", 118 lbs, and 20 yrs old. I'm not really sold on them yet, as I just ordered them. I am still excited to see if it can do anything for my stomach. It's not extremely stretched, but enough for me to feel uncomfortable wearing certain clothes. Hopefully these can spring some confidence back in my step!! Fingers crossed for the best!

It Works! Body Wrap Update!

I followed the instructions, and wrapped for 45 minutes and drank 32 ounces of water. As I've stated before, I used this method for **toning and firming of loose skin due to pregnancy.** My measurements before the wrap (waist, navel, and hips in inches) were 27.5", 31.5", and 33". After the wraps, I am now 27", 29.5", and 32.5". I have 3 more wraps, and they will be spaced out 3 days from each other, as instructed. All around, I would say that if you follow the instructions, you should see results. But, as with any other product and treatment, individual results do, and will, vary. Keep that in mind when trying stuff like this :) I will keep updating so you all can see the results after continued use. :)
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