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I am a 45yo woman with 2 kids. 25 & 15. My...

I am a 45yo woman with 2 kids. 25 & 15. My reason for my TT is not for anyone else just to look better in my clothes. I gained more weight than I wanted and can not get the weight off. I've reached 207lbs(my largest ever). My friends and my family think I look great but I want to be able to not wear a girdle to hide my rolls. I want to be able to not have to wear a shirt over my bathing suit and actually show it and walk down the street with confidence that I look good. Started preparation for my surgery today. Went to target and purchased some yoga pants and comfy clothing. Not sure what I'm really going to need for post op, are there any suggestions out there? Please advise!

I have done my job, sacrificed for my family, now its time to do me!! Its time for me to get my groove back. Every year I do a self evaluation. I came to the realization that the last couple of years I had situations in my life that were really draining me! I realized that sometimes you have to drop the extra baggage. Friendships, relationships and situations. I've done that! And now its time to celebrate. I'm going to celebrate the new me starting off with a new tummy!! FTT with Lipo to the flanks and lower back and inner thighs. I'm 5'5". I'm not looking to be a skinny chick. But I do want to be a flat bellied chick! LOL! This is my gift to myself!

I'm not shy about telling people. And I'm glad I have found you all to share my journey with also. My girlfriends are very supportive of my decision. I'm lucky to have my friends on my side. One is a Paramedic. So I will be well taken care of during my recovery. My journey officially begins in three weeks. I will go to my pre op appt. Drop off my cash and start counting down the days!! I look forward to sharing my journey with you. Just as I look forward to cheering you on through yours! Should I be checking out all the negative side of this surgery? Probably not! But I guess I want to know the good and the bad. I have been thinking more about the pain I will be in for at least a week (hoping that isn't true). I've been checking out other peoples situation. I have checked out the Not worth it post,and they are actually scaring me. I'm praying to GOD! That my doctor doesn't place a high incision. I pray he will make sure to make it as low as possible. I will freak!!!! I am very exicted and I have enjoyed reading all of the stories. I will get up some before pics right before I have the procedure. I have a major addiction to sweet, delicious, sugary, fattening desserts! Ok. food period. LOL TTers! I am so excited now! No other words for it... excited! Not nervous, apprehensive, reluctant or anything else... EXCITED! I wanted to look good in and out of all of my clothes. I wanted to feel sexy as well.

Hello realself. I had my preop yesterday and it...

Hello realself. I had my preop yesterday and it went very well. have my pre fat tummy pixs. lol. 2 weeks and i will be free of my long life friend. goodbye friend. :( (whateva). I have gotten so excited. I guess because i am finally doing something for me and it feels so good. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Made my payment a couple days ago. I thought I...

Made my payment a couple days ago. I thought I was having a panic attack after having to get up off that much money at one time. (LOL). Not sure what the deal is with me but my blood pressure has spiked the past week. I am freaking over that because I got a feeling that will cause a problem or a delay. Taking my meds but still no release of pressure not sure what to do. still holding on to faith and that all will be ok.

9 more days to go. Today is a good day. My...

9 more days to go. Today is a good day. My blood pressure finally leveled out. Yeah!!!. I am feeling great. Still very excited. Showed my friends and sweety my post and I think they were probably confused and not sure what to expect. So now they are at ease and standing by my side. I am feeling the love.

Good morning real selfers. Today is a bad day. I...

Good morning real selfers. Today is a bad day. I caught a serious respiratory infection this weekend. I am soooooo congested I can't breathe, I feel awful. I guess I will up this morning rescheduling my surgery since it is for friday the 24th and I have taken a lot of medicine trying to void off this plague. Bummer. I don't feel I would be able to recover 100% if I am going in sick. I was so pumped. But maybe this is God's way of saying "chill sista girl I got this". So I have to listen. But it still does not soften the blow. Had a girls weekend schedule for Key West, FL next month. Guess I wont be attending. I know I am sounding down on my luck I was just so pumped. Will update you ladies later. Take care. :(

GM Realselfers. Well I spoke to my doctor this am...

GM Realselfers. Well I spoke to my doctor this am and yes he felt it better to reschedule. He explained he wanted me in perfect shape when he performed his surgery and I truly understand. I read that the congestion could go into the lungs during the anesthesia process and possibly turn into pnuemonia, I knew i could not handle coughing or sneezing in that condition. So I accepted God's will and it shall be done. No questions asked. So my little (yet big) friend and I will spend yet another week together. Yes I expected my telly tubby to go out with a fight. Damn we been together for so long. :) LOL. Besides it gives me a reason to come back and check on you girls. So thanks for the shouts, Keep me in your prayers and you are definitely in mine.

Hello tt'erks. it's over and done with. yes I am...

hello tt'erks. it's over and done with. yes I am 7 days post op. Pain was minimal it's the dang drains that are giving me hard time. and my back is... well you know the drill. 3 hours i surgery. Don't see much difference because of the swelling. think i been doing to much also. Dr Palin thinks it went well and said I look great. He is the doctor and I paid him well to tell me those things. LOL. Took a shower which was great. My friends and family have been great they have really stepped up to the plate. I am so thankful. Found out my cold was not a cold but allergies. 45 yo never had allergies and here I am now with these freakin allergies. Coughing and sneezing. OMG. It has been the worst. That's what's making this horrible. DON"T COUGH. it is horrid.

10lbs down. gotta work on the eating habits. Not having any problems there. Much smaller portions but still eating well.
well ladies just wanted to give you a update will holla back at cha soon. for all you future tummy tuckers good luck and enjoy the process.



GM Everyone. Today is a good day. I been feeling...

GM Everyone. Today is a good day. I been feeling pretty good. Getting around fine. Just these damn drains. I know you're probably tired of hearing me say that But I HATE THESE FREAKIN DRAINS. Hopefully my next visit he will remove them. Pray for me. Anyway everything has been going well. i sleep well, I poop well at least 3xs a day. Have to work on the water thing. Not a fan of water. So I have been trying to drink as much as I can stand which is very low. but i am trying. everyone has been very supportive. food intake has been good. my boyfriend bought me a shrimp and scallops dinner which is my favorite. I think I over ate too much because afterwards i had the worst pain around my belly button. lesson learned.... don't over eat it stretches your tummy and it hurts like hell. very uncomfortable. but dang that food was good. appetite is still tight.

Off the Oxy just taking Tylenol. Maybe once a day if I really need it. Generally for the shifting of these drains. But other than that It's all good. Can't wait. Got on the scale down to 197. 10lbs. yeah!!!! I will take it. Now 10 more and girls watch out. Trying to find things to keep me busy around the house. Honey just re-up on my movie collection. so I have been watching movies religiously. and LMN. My girlfriend bought me a book "THE MAGIC" by rhonda byrne. she is one of my favorite authors have to start that. starting an accessory business. so that also will keep me busy as my supplies come in. received a shipment from China yesterday So I will be up and at em soon.

Just wanted to say good morning and hope all is well with everyone. Prayers and blessings going out. Talk at you all later.

Ok ladies are some updated photos during my...

ok ladies are some updated photos during my process. still quite a bit of swelling and those dang drains hanging everywhere. but you can somewhat see the transformation. I am gonna take some more today so you can see the difference a week has made.

Good afternoon people. Today was a beautiful day....

Good afternoon people. Today was a beautiful day. I am getting better as the days go by. starting using the bicitracin ointment in my belly button. it's working good. Still working on standing up straight. it's requiring some energy. i guess since it's only been 17 days. i hope that's all it is. I am finally sleeping in my bed. been sleeping in a recliner. it was much more comfortable. so now i am in my bed using pillows to prop me up. i am usually a side sleeper which now i can not. Up using the bathroom 2 -3 times a night.

I must admit my appetite came back full force. Now I need to work out or something but i know i can't. Have to figure something out to watch the pounds so that they don't creep back on. Lost 10 initially gained 2 already. dammit mane. still week. back is the problem. if i can get this stand up straight thing down that may take the pressure off my back. been doing little things around the house. it's all good. Life is wonderful and I am happy with my results. I have to get me some tight t-shirts. LOL.

Gm ladies. Today is a wonderful day in the...

Gm ladies. Today is a wonderful day in the neighborhood. Moved the recliner out of the bedroom back into the den. Not quite sure how i feel about that yet. slept in my bed but dang it's hard. can't find my comfortable position. i am a side sleeper which i can't do just yet. hurts the incision. Left this morning for some blood work (primary care doctor appt) hung out for about 3 hours at job with coworkers (havent seen me in 3 wks). and I was exhausted in 3 hours and sore. Hope when i return to work i can handle my 10 hour days. (sad face). But all in all everything is perfect. Got to get in the gym. my next surgery will be to sew my mouth shout. wonder what's the fees are on that. LOL.

went out and bought some tight T-shirts. Yes maam. I am getting my groove back. LOL. Someone asked did i get my boobs done too. I said do they look that fabulous and they responded Yes. too funny. Even with the set backs and complaints of the drains. I have really enjoyed this experience. And all the helpful information you ladies have provided. Holla at cha lata.

GM real selfers. Been out of commission for a...

GM real selfers. Been out of commission for a while. It's been kinda hard. the swelling was messing with my head. I got down in the dumps. started having regrets. but that is starting to change. still swelling but now i understand that when they say you have to rest your body. they really mean it. i guess i was doing to much. i felt fine so i was out and about a lot. then i wondered why i was swelling. My honey said give yourself 3 days to just rest and let's see what happens. well it worked. i hate to admit when he's right. and took some laxatives that assisted a great deal also. so i am starting to feel a little better. still think i should be further along in the process than i am. but in due time i guess. scheduled for work 4/16. not sure about that. as of today. Nope not gonna happen. but we will see. I guess from being on real self and seeing others progress i was comparing my self to what i saw at others peek periods and it started messing with me mentally. but i am good. just made 4 weeks.

Will be posting some pixs soon. look for them

Hello people. How is everyone doing. I am...

Hello people. How is everyone doing. I am progressing rather well. Still fighting the swelling. but all in all i am doing fine. Starting working out. Just walking. did 4 miles on monday and tuesday rested today (wed). Shins were sore from walking up the bridges. but other than that i feel rather well. I figured I had to get it together since the weight wasn't fall off by itself. LOL. yeah right. Have to work a lil harder. I'm more muscle that fat.

Ladies i have been getting these contraction like mucles spasams in the morning, and it makes me feel like I want to stretch so badly. It is the weirdest feeling in the world. I try very hard to fight it but I am unable to. I don't understand it. It's like doing a super duper crunch yet i can't control it. Is this normal. Anyone else experiencing this?

The doctor's office took some updated pics. When they release them to me I will update my profile. Holla at cha gurl. LOL

Hello TTkrs. The past week has been quite...

hello TTkrs. The past week has been quite overwhelming. I had to return back to the doctor because i had my incision open up and it was leaking. My doctor had to go back in and slit one of my sutures which left a open 1/2in wound. So I am now healing well. I even stood up all the way straight afterwards. whooo hooo. Work doctor not releasing me to work yet due to the wound opening. Finacially its a hard hit but mentally i can use the rest.

I updated the pixs i am currently 6 weeks PO. and feeling great. I can now see things are starting to shape up. No regrets.

Hello everyone. 7 weeks PO and went back to work...

Hello everyone. 7 weeks PO and went back to work over the weekend. Not that bad except I really missed having my naps during the day while I was off. 2 10hr days but I made it through. I had one instance where I went to lift a door open and I felt a pain run through my stomach. I quickly sat down and didn't move for a couple hours. Other than the tiredness I was ok.

I am healing rather well scar is getting better. The incision that I had a couple weeks ago is healing well also. I am pretty happy with my results. I Have some dog ears I am a little concerned about. I head ladies talking about removing them but I don't know if I can handle anymore of this. Yet I will where this body at least until next year and see how things turn out.

Everyone keeps asking did i get my boobs done too. Girls these puppies are sitting up under my chin since the surgery. So this surgery has great benefits. :) Still not ready for the bikini but who know still going to wait at least 2 to 3 months and see what happens. I have seen some girls at 6 months and they look fab. So I know I have to wait the time at least to get over the swelling. YES THE SWELLING. EWWW.

Still working on my eating habits. That's the hardest part. but all in all its great. Just wanted to check in.

2 years PO and still feeling fab

Hello ladies it's been a minute since I checked in. But everything went well with my surgery. I'm still flat, no drama afterwards. Just left with some ugly scars but I'm a keloider.they are lie and can't see them unless I want you to. So it's too be expected. Other than the swelling which only seems to happen more or less after drinking alcohol I'd say I'm pretty good. I'm enjoying this body. I sometimes think of what's next. I'm so thankfil for this site. Everyone was so informative and helpful.
I've posted bikini pics although I haven't worn them outside they are my motivation pieces. I check in from time to time and look around to see what's everyone up too. I'm super proud of the ladies you decided to invest in themselves. Keep up the good work
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Dr. Palin was great. He answered all my questions and his patience with me was great. He even joked a little. My follow up day was hectic and I think he was a frustrated with his staff so I felt the coldness but for the most part he was on point. before, during and after surgery date.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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