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I was 132lbs when I was 17yrs old. I got pregnant...

I was 132lbs when I was 17yrs old. I got pregnant a weighed 158lbs just before delivery. I lost back to 145lbs and had just one stretch mark. When he was two we decided to have another baby. That resulted in twins. I was 163lbs prior to delivery with them. My belly was covered with stretch marks after the twins. I had to have an emergency c-section. I got to 201lbs when the twins where three years old. I decided I needed to change. I was in an emotionally abusive marriage and probably a little depressed. I am an emotional eater. So divorce and dieting is what I needed. I started losing weight which was very easy. I lost 40lbs in just three months. I guess it was stress. Then I got accepted into the nursing program. I continued to loose weight I got down to 142lbs but still had the nasty skin that hangs over my scar. I kept the weight off for about 4 years. I was very happy and moved on with my life. Then I got pregnant again. I gained more weight with him then with the twins. I was 173lbs when I delivered via c-section. I lost 14lbs right after delivery. But put it back on and then some. I weighted 185lb when I decided I wanted to lose weight and have a tummy tuck. I now weigh 162-165 depending on the day. It is so hard now trying to lose weight now. I wanted to be 145lbs before my tummy tuck. That is not going to happen. I just paid for my tummy tuck Friday.

I had my first consultation in Feb. I hadn’t done any research at that time. I absolutely loved the doctor. I was there for like 2 hours talking to him and his assistant and looking at before and after pictures. I didn’t even want to go see anyone else. I couldn’t sleep I was so excited and nervous at the same time. My biggest fear is leaving my children motherless for something that isn’t necessary. But I am going to do it. Then I ran across this website. I took everyone’s advice on here and went to two other PS for consultations. I liked them as well but not as much as the first PS. They were not as expensive as the first PS. I scheduled another consultation with the first PS because I had questions after doing some research. He says I will be able to wear a string bikini if I want after the tummy tuck. I just hope he is as good as he sounds. I told him he makes a good salesman. I paid my deposit and scheduled by surgery. I was hoping I would get motivated to lose more weight after paying that money but I am still having trouble. My biggest area is my butt now. I swear in quadrupled when I was pregnant. LOL. I saw a lady at his office last week. She was 3 weeks post op she looked great in her jeans. She has lost 10lbs since her surgery. She said the pain wasn’t as bad as she expected. She would do it again. I can’t wait!

I have to be at the surgery center @6am on 11/16/10. I will be staying at a hotel for 2 nights because I live 2 hours from his office. He wants me to be close in case I need anything. I was going to have to hire a RN but my boyfriend is a paramedic so my PS agreed to let him take care of me which saved $800.00. He said I will have a pain pump, phenergan, and dilaudid suppositories and PO meds. I don’t like to take pain medication. But I’m sure I will need it. I will have a foley catheter and IV fluids the first night at the hotel. I will go in the next morning for a post op appointment. I will have a walker to go home with. I am going to be off of work for 4weeks since I’m a RN my job requires a lot of heavy lifting. I am not as nervous as I used to be I am at peace with my decision to do this and the MD I choose. I can’t wait. I am a little worried because I do not exercise I don’t have time. I have lots of help my boyfriend is taking off a 1 ½ weeks to take care of me. My 10 yrs old and 8 yr old twins are a big help. They can’t wait to take care of me. My mom will also be helping out. What advice do you guys have for supplies I should get and need? What should I wear to the surgery center?

I got my call from the surgery center today!...

I got my call from the surgery center today! I'm so excited and so nervous! I still can't believe I am really getting to do this. I bought a multi-vitamin,vitamin C, and stool softners. Got down to 159.4 lbs. Still hoping to be 145 before Nov. 16th.

I tried a protien shake today. It was nasty....

I tried a protien shake today. It was nasty. Pre-op on Monday. Excited and can't wait. I am a little disappointed that I am not 145lbs like I wanted to be before my tummy tuck. But there is nothing I can do about that. Talked to my PS and he said I will lose 6-10lbs just from the surgery. He said just to maintain. 158-162lbs at the moment. I will post before pics 11/15/10.

They moved my pre-op to today :)))))))!!!! I will...

They moved my pre-op to today :)))))))!!!! I will post before pics later today.

Today is the big day!!! So I gave myself an enema...

Today is the big day!!! So I gave myself an enema last night just to clean everything out. I think I've gotten maybe 2 hours sleep last night. I had a crying episode last night when I was praying before I went to sleep. I hope I don't get blues. I'm already a little emotional anyways. I took pics last night I will try to post tonight after surgery. We will see. Well I have to take a shower and get ready to leave. Can't wait to post after pics. Thanks for all your support!

162lbs prior to surgery. Well I'm at the hotel...

162lbs prior to surgery. Well I'm at the hotel. The pain was horrible when I first woke up. Better now. When I am sitting still it's 4-5/10. When walking around 8/10. Well I keep drifting off while writing this. I will post again later.

The night of surgery I stayed at the hotel. I had...

The night of surgery I stayed at the hotel. I had the 2 drains, foley catheter, and the pain pump. My stomach was completely flat. I walked around bent over in the hotel rm twice. I was taking dilaudid suppository for pain every 8hrs and phenergan to prevent nausea. In the morning we took out the foley. I went to the PS as scheduled. He put an abdominal binder on and gave me a walker to use. I only had to stay at the hotel for one night. I went home and slept in the recliner with pillows. The pain was tolerable. I was taking lortab, flexeril, and phenergan every 4hrs. I slept most of the time. Post op day #2 I got a low grade temp with chills.Post op day 3 no temp. I went back to the PS. Everything is going as expected. PS said to do some walking, deep breathing and coughing. On post day 4 the left side of my labia was swollen. Of course it was the weekend. I hated to call the PS on the weekend but it contiued on Sun so I called. They said it was normal. Gravity due to the position I had to lay in. I went back to PS on day#6 they removed to drains. extremely painful. They also took off the steri-strips. Made an appointment for next Friday they will start a lasar treatment to help reduce to scar. Post op day7 I started taking pain meds every 6hrs and got to take a shower finally.Post op day8 stopped using walker but still can't stand up straight. Post op day #9 Happy Thanksgiving I have started having more stretch marks on my abdomen and hips. I also had an allergic reaction to the tape on the incision red and itchy. I only had 1 pain pill today. Started taking benadryl for itching. I will contact my PS on Monday in reguards to increasing number of stretch marks and the right side of my incision looks a little raised. I hope they can due something about the stretch marks too. Still sleeping in the recliner day 10.

Day #13 I went back to the PS. He doesn't...

day #13 I went back to the PS. He doesn't think I have infection. He thinks it's an allergic reaction to the tape. So my incision will be open to air with the binder. He said I should've called him over the weekend. He would've came in to see me. So I suffered for no reason. Oh well I was trying to be a good patient. Everyone always says nurses make the worse patients. I didn't take any pain medication in over 24hrs. I knew I had to drive myself to doctors office today. I am almost standing up straight so I turned in the walker today!YAY they seemed like I was doing very good to be driving myself. My skin is very dry. I use baby oil with my body wash and put lotion on and it is still dry. I switched to dove unsented body wash today. Hoping that will help the rash. He also told to use benadryl and hydrocortisone. The nurse in the office said the doctor might have to do needle aspiration because I'm still a little swollen. I got teary eyed when she said that. But the doctor said he didn't think I would need it. Just contiue using the binder, limit my fluid intake, and increase my activity. I will go back Friday and if the redness and swelling from the rash is better he will start the lasar treatments. As for the stretch marks he thinks they were already there. I can just see them more because of the redness and swelling. All in all he said the stretch marks and the scar will fade and bearly be noticeable. I have tried to post picuters not sure why it's not posting. I will report back after my appointment on Friday. Thanks for your support.

Before Pictures

Before Pictures



Post day # 13 pics lots of swelling.

post day # 13 pics lots of swelling.

Post day #8

post day #8

Post day #8

post day #8

Day#17 Went back to PS for follow up. My incision...

Day#17 Went back to PS for follow up. My incision is looking better.He had me buy this scarguard md stuff $69.00. I will let you guys know how good it works. My skin is so dry and flakey all over. We didn't get to start the laser treatment today because the incision isn't completely healed. I did get the stitches out of my belly button today.I am still a little swollen. I think it has actually gotten worse over today. I'm not sure if I'm doing to much. I feel fine. But I have been doing some Christmas shopping and the kids had doctors appointments. I hope I haven't pulled something and thats why my belly looks bigger to me. I am weighing 156-159. I will go back in 2 weeks. I've slept in the bed which is nice. Except twice I have woke up and my pillows have shifted and I am almost flat. Which is a little uncomfortable. Can't wait till I can sleep on my belly or side again. I wore leggings and a sweater today! YAY! I'm only two 1/2 weeks out. I would say I am 80% happy with the results and I would do it again tomorrow if I needed to. I love not having all that extra skin. Can't wait till the swelling goes away and I have a flat tummy again. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Day 22 I'm doing great! No pain or meds in...

Day 22 I'm doing great! No pain or meds in over a week. I do get tired easy when shopping or cleaning the house. I have been sleeping in bed. Can't wait till I can sleep on my tummy. Still have the very noticeable stretch marks:(. But guess it can't be perfect. It looks 90% better than it did. Still have swelling in my lower abdomen and hips. I continue to wear the binder. I didn't really exercise before my tummy tuck but I am ready to start.

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