36 Yrs Old. 2 C- Sections - Jacksonville, FL

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I have been wanting this for a while. SO HAPPY I...

I have been wanting this for a while. SO HAPPY I DID IT!!! Worth every penny.
I read a lot on the internet, talked to people I knew that had it done. Even watched a video. online of the procedure, kinda scary... but i knew what I wanted and went for it. Pain on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst. Day one was probably a 8. Slept all day, hurt really bad. I am now on day 2 already much much better. Still tired, think that is due to the pain pills. I am not a big pill popper so seems like everything makes me tired. I do think a lot is how comfortable u can get. I am lucky to have one of those beds u can move the feet and head and that has madea HUGH diff erence. Also for anyone out theretrying to rate the pain from a c section.... don't cuz it is different. To me it is easier than a c section for several reasons. 1 no newborn to take care of, 2 stomach muscles r soar but haven't been cut. 3 this is something we chose our selves

Day 4 after TT

Well doing even better. This morning was really bad. Did not take pain pills at night... WOW BAD MISTAKE. Once i got some food and pills was much better. My mom came over to help w my children while hubby was at work. I have a 2 and 4 year old so help is very much needed and Greatly Appreciated! Another piece of advice for anyone going n to do this, get u some comfy cotton dresses to wear around. Cooler and easier to move with the drain tubes. Anyway will try to keep posting pics and info as a heal. Good luck everyone

before and after pics

5 days post op

Feel even better...today i get my tubes out. More swelling has went down starting to feel like I might b able to bring sex back. I am going on a family vacation in 2 weeks. I was a little worried of how I will feel but now I think I will b fine. I know my TT wont b totally healed but that is fine. Just want to b able to do things with my family. The hot mama look will come in time. With all that being said. Still super excited about everything. Every day is better and better. I ordered a new bathing suit and some sun dresses off the internet to take on vacation so I would b more comfortable. Can't wait!!

Just got tubes out!

Got the tubes out late today. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna b. I made sure to take a pain pill about 1 hour prior and I must say it wasn't that bad. I felt a little swollen when I got home but had also been on my feet for most of the whole day. Can't wait to c how much better it will look tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good evening.

6 days aftet TT

Well today has not been the best. Kinda my own fault. On my feet too much and was not wearing my compression garment enough. 4 some stupid reason I was thinking 'oh I'm good I don't have to wear it as much'. ANOTHER LESSON LEARNED! Plus told my mom I was doing pretty good not to come help....WTH...I ain't super woman, batman, or anyone w super human powers!!! I guess I was feeling as if, well got my tubes out I was half way there. Don't make that mistake. Tummy tucks are a very long healing process. Sad part is I do know this just was feeling too good I guess. Anyway hope this little tidbit will help someone else that maybe feeling 2 good. Don't b an idiot! As far as progress look wise, seems about the same as yesterday. Update soon. HH ladies

Feeling Good

Today has been a good day. Didn't do a lot. Took my kids to lunch and park. Of course w the help of my wonderful mom. Took a nap then drove around the neighborhood on our golf cart w the kids. Came home made a quick dinner. Day is done. I think i have finally excepted the fact that I really just need to take it easy a while longer and quit making it hard on myself. U moms out there know how hard this can b. We r supposed to have everything spotless, dinner cooked and ALWAYS cheerful. LOL. Well I will just have to b OK w everything for now. If we r out of milk, "it's ok". If the laundry is stacking up "it's ok" if your son who is 2 goes pee on the floor. Just throw a towel of it! JK of course had to clean that one up. If your husband has his panties bunched up because the universe has not totally revolved around him for the last couple of days, "IT'S OK! So I will consider this my words of wisdom for tonight. HH ladies sleep well.

13 days post op / 2nd check up

TeWell had another appointment today. Was a little worried about the belly button area it has been red a little yucky looking. Becky the RN and Dr Kirk reassured me all was good. If it gets any worse to call and we will do more antibiotics. I feel comfortable with everything so.... I know for me I am like always hot and sweaty. Might b because I live in Florida, but a lot is just me. So it is like my scare is never dry with the binder on because it is so hot! Anyway progress is going good can't wait to c how much better it will get. This is a bad pic...late afternoon I always swell, tonight is worse because just ate dinner but this is where I am at now. Happy healing all and good night.

1 month post op, Totally Happy

Well I am a month post op now and I can say I feel so good. Last couple of weeks I was still having a hard time, mainly lack of energy. I am one that is usually always go, go, go. But I just couldn't do it. I was really kinda getting upset because I felt like I was taking to long to heal so I read some more reviews on RS. That helped. I seen others who were feeling the same way and also that it could take a full year to totally b back to yourself. Anyway w that being said I found some patients and said to myself... good things come to those who wait. It just takes time. But today I feel great inside and out. Hopefully this will continue. Happy Healing Yall!!!

4 months now, wow was has the time went!

Well it has been 4 months now. I feel great. Clothes fit much much better. I totally feel great! Tried on some jeans this weekend and loved it. Before I always had to wear a big shirt to feel comfortable. Those days r over!!!! Cant wait for winter now so I can put me on some boots and jeans.....

got a new tattoo

Well it has been over a year now and my scared was still pretty noticeable. But no big deal decided to go get it inked up a little bit to hide it some. Love it even more now. ????
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sofia Kirk and staff r very welcoming, friendly, and down to earth. Plus did a AWESOME JOB ON MY TUMMY TUCK!

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