Finally I Can Get Rid of the Saying "IM NOT FAT I AM JUST SHORT FOR MY WEIGHT!" - Jacksonville, FL

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My name is Deb White. I for some reason have been...

My name is Deb White. I for some reason have been leaving comments on forums and it comes up as Travus. I have a son named Travus but for the heck of me I cannot figure out this so instead of just commenting on other posts I decided to write one. I just now came from the hospital from my pre-op appointment. Next WEDNESDAY is my surgery and I can't wait! I am 5'2" and at present 222.8 pounds. I am just a blob.
I have been heavy for most of my life but in 2012 I was in a third world country co-leading a medical mission trip and when the trip ended I was at the ocean with the rest of the team members. I decided to get a group of people together and ride horses by the ocean for an hour. Everything was going fine until the owner's son came up behind my horse and hit him several times with a whip. I guess this 11 year old thought it was funny to see a fat woman on a horse while he hit it and the horse tried raising up with me on it. At any rate it was only then that I realized my saddle was broken and I had no horn to hold on to. I managed not falling off of the horse but I was holding on to anything I could and screaming for the kid to stop. When we finally got back at the end of the ride and I got off of the horse with help was when I realized how much pain I was in and that something had happened to me during the ride. Thank GOD I was with some surgeons and other Drs. I flew back to Florida the next morning and was in so much pain I knew something was wrong with my neck and back. I ended up having C6-C7 artificial disc put in my neck with a titanium plate and screws. 4 months of completely healing from this I then had to have back surgery which helped for a while but 1year later I was in large amounts of pain still with my back. Since 2013 I have had so many injections in my lower back with only short term relief. My dr recommended to me the sleeve in November 2014. He thinks it will possibly keep me from having more back surgery if I can get the weight off and relieve the pressure. I had not heard of the sleeve but the moment he told me about it I told him I wanted it and everything has gone fast since then. I GET SLEEVED IN ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!
All of the forums I have read here in the last several weeks have made me feel good about knowing things I need to know. The classes I took were great and I have a wonderful nutritionist and patient advocate assigned to me for a year so I am in good hands. I am blessed and ready for this. I dream of the day when I can look in the mirror and smile at my body!


Today my cousin flew in to stay with us for two weeks. She had a bypass 11 years ago and looks terrific! She is awesome and came to lend a hand and be with me during and after surgery. WEDNESDAY IS THE DAY AND I AM SO EXCITED! I am getting a bit nervous though and hope the next two days go by really fast.
I would like some feedback as to what you took for the gas pains after coming home. I thought we couldn't swallow pills and I see GasX in the store and it is in pill form. Any suggestions?


I am on my way to the hospital for my sleeve! I am so excited but very nervous. It is 4:35am and I am wide awake. I am never up this early on a regular day. My Yorkie is really confused that it has to go outside at this time of day. God bless everyone and have a great day.

3 days post op

I had my surgery three days ago. When I got to pre-op my blood pressure dipped to 60\30 so before I could have surgery I had to have two injections to raise my blood pressure. The entire time I was in the hospital my blood pressure and oxygen levels were low. I am having a severe headache since just before surgery and I cannot get rid of it but other than that I am doing well. I am afraid that I am going to eat too much but I guess I will know when I am full. Today I started full liquids which I am thankful for. I am glad the surgery is over and I never had pain except for now with has but it is not that bad at all. I got on the scales when I came home from the hospital and flipped out because I was up 7 pounds but then I was told it was fluid. Today I am down all of those pounds plus two more. Yea!!

Quick question

We're any of you told if and when you could drink regular coffee after surgery?

I week post op

Yesterday was one week post op. It was the first day I have not dropped a pound each day. I feel like I am doing something wrong or eating too much. I hVe not been sick at all but even when I was drinking my stomach kept feeling bloated. What am I doing wrong?

What am I doing wrong?

I am twelve days post op and for the last few days I have stalled in my weight loss. Please help me as I don't know what I am doing wrong. My weight before pre op diet was fluctuating between 228 and 230. The day of surgery on 3/25 I weighed 220.6 or 220.8 I can't remember exactly. The first week it seemed I was losing a pound a day now I am stalled at 211. Is it possible I am eating too much? I have never been sick or even felt sick after I eat. Has anyone else gone through this? Please help! I think one of the reasons I am so bummed and feel like a failure is because in the past I have done just about every diet out there and the lowest I could ever get was around 211 which is where I am stuck now. I started walking 1 mile a day over the weekend but perhaps that isn't enough starting out? I go back to the doctor for my first 2 week post op visit which is THURSDAY and I have given myself a goal to be at 207 which I thought was realistic but now that seems to not be achievable.


I am experiencing mid back pain up to my shoulder sometimes. It is a spasm. I went for my two week follow up WEDNESDAY and he said most likely because of being on the OR table for three hours. Yesterday I went to my pain management doctor and he said the same thing. He gave me several trigger point injections in my back and some MEDS to take. Has anyone else experienced this after getting sleeved?


I was getting really upset because for well over a week I have been stuck at 211 and not having a regular bowel movement. After speaking with my nutritionist yesterday and rereading many posts and praises from everyone on here I realize that many of you have plateaus. I just thought it strange to have one so soon and for it to last so long. I am super excited that as of this morning I am 210 and had a regular bowel movement! Next Wednesday a week will be four weeks post op. Someone please give me some sort of a goal and what I can expect to lose by then. I am now so happy!

I feel like a kid that is so excited while sliding down a sliding board!

I haven't updated lately because I have been very frustrated. True I did leave the 211 plateau and drop to 210 but then sat there forever. Finally yesterday I weighed in at 209.4 and was so happy to be down under 210 even if it meant just under. This morning I decided to weigh just to see if it was for real or if I was dreaming. When I saw 207 1/2 on the scale I feel the excitement that all of you have felt so many times as you lost. I am just nuts wondering why it took me so long to get off of two plateaus. I continually thank GOD for blessing me with the will power and mind set that I can definitely do this! My goal I am giving myself if possible is to be 199 by May 16 when my son graduates as a doctor from medical school. That is several pounds I know but with each day hopefully I will become a little lighter! Love my sleeve sisters!

Moving Right along!

I haven't posted much lately but yesterday I went shopping for a new dress for my son's graduation. I used to wear size 22/24 a few years ago but yesterday I got a size 12 and a size 14. I was so shocked I cried!

Graduation day finally for my son who became a dr yesterday!

Ok ladies - I need help on those fat knees and legs. Look at closely and tell me the best thing to do for them please. I got many complements from people I have not seen for several months and it felt good but looking at the pics I got very sad to see my knees looked so bad. My dress was definitely too short but my daughter told me it looked great.
My daughter is graduating on June 19 as a Physicians Assistant (PA) so my goal for that graduation is 198. I CAN DO THIS!
Dr. Joseph Hartigan

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