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I had my nose done on november 30th 2011. Every...

I had my nose done on november 30th 2011. Every since child I suffer because a different chape it have. Now I was able to get it done. I choose local doctor and told him to just do what goes better with my face. 1• week was really hard. He was not going to breack my nose but he have to. By the 3• day Couldnt open my eyes. He prescribe me arnica montana pills. It help a lot. 7•day I saww my nose for the first time. I was horrified. It was huge. And I was not use so see my nostril as I see now. 2• I was breathing normal. Never had any pain. But notice after bandages of that is a little assymetrical and one nostril sweell more than the other on inside. No one can see it unless I show them. 3• week all the black under eyes is gone. Nose still hatde as rock. But Im starting to like it. Doc said swell on inside right nostril is just swell. 4• week. I quit the saline spray and arnica pills. And nose swell up. Call my doc and he said its becase I have to spray every 2 hours saline. 5 •week. With cold weather and working outdoor is even hard to hell faster. Dust,running nose, congested during the night. So now my nose is less harder them was but , right nostril is not back to normall yet. Doc said it will go down. Thats a lot scar tissue to hell. Does anyone have been thru anything lime that. Im still terrified from first week. And I dont want to suffer again.


I went back to my PS and we both agreed that I need a revision. It's been 10 months passed and still have some swelling. But it look a lot better. He said that is not a lot more to do. Otherwise to cut the base of my nose and "try" to set it in right position, because it is twisted ever since I born. But are a lot risk of my nose to collapse . And I don't want that. So far so happy.


I wish it would better...

After the revision I went back and the doctor said he did all he could. It's been 3 years and a half. It's so obvious how unsymmetrical it is. He doesn't want to do anything to correct it. I need to find a good doctor that I can talk to and really understand my concern and answer if there's a way to fix and if not a good explanation of why.
I know it does looks better than before. But I have to deal with daily is so sad.
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