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3/10/12 I am 31 years old and have 3 kids 10, 4,...

3/10/12 I am 31 years old and have 3 kids 10, 4, & 12 months. Im 5'4 137 lbs but in the process of losing weight. I have dreamed of having bigger fuller boobs since I was 16 years old. when I would go out I would wear two bras with heavy padding. for everyday wear I wear a very padded bra and a cami with a shelf bra. I have worn a bra 24 hours a day since I was in high school because I cant stand the feeling of my breast flopping and sagging all over the place even while i sleep. I just finished breastfeeding my daughter for a year and my boobs are soooo bad now! My left one is bigger then the right one by alot and it sags way lower. I will never get in a bathing suit again if I don't get them fixed!

I had my consultation on Wednesday. I was so nervous to show somebody my breast even though I know the PS sees them everyday I was just so embarrassed. The PS was GREAT she made me feel so comfortable and explained everything. I am going to have to a lift on my left side and im not sure what size implants I will have yet because my breast haven't shrunk all the way down from breastfeeding yet. The size I would like to be is a small D. I will be having silicone under the muscle.

My surgery date is set for May 24th!!!! 75 days away!!!! Its all I can think about! I have had many surgery's ( 3 C sections, ACL reconstruction and 3 cystoscopes) but for some reason I am sooo nervous about this surgery! I think I am more worried about the recovery than anything else. I am worried about how my youngest is going to do with me not being able to pick her up. I am also worried about how I will be when I have to go back to work. How may days should I take off? I scheduled my surgery for right before memorial day (my birthday) so I will have off Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I would go back to work on Tuesday should I take off more time? Also I am clueless when it comes to what I am going to need for after the surgery... any tips would be great :-) I am also worried about how I am going to look with only having the scar from the lift on one side. The PS told me it would be a waste to get a lift on the right side because it doesn't need it. That means I will have the scar on only one side of my breast. Has anyone done a lift on only one side? Thats all for now... I am addicted to this :-)

3/22/12 Time is going by sooo slow!!! I have 63...

3/22/12 Time is going by sooo slow!!! I have 63 more days and it seems like an eternity! I have noticed that since my milk has been drying there isnt such a big difference in the size of my breast and the left isnt sagging quite as much. I am wondering if I will even need a lift anymore. By looking at some pics online of breast looking similar to mine and they didnt have a lift it makes me think that I wont need one now either. I am going to talk to my PS to see what her opinion is. I have been getting a list together of all the stuff I am going to need and I want to start buying it all now even though I still have quite a long time to wait. Would anyone recomend a bra for after the surgery? I have been looking and I just cant figure out which one I want to get. There are soo many to choose from!!!!

8/14/12 It has been a LONG time since I have...

8/14/12 It has been a LONG time since I have posted I just wanted to come on here and finish my review because I just love my PS so much. in my last post I was saying that I didnt think I wanted to get the lift on my left side anymore. I went in to Dr Kirk for her opinion and she said that I could go ahead and not get the lift and since I was going with 550 cc it would lift it some anyway so that is what I decided to do. Two days before my surgery my daughter got really sick and was admitted in the hospital with a horrible stomach bug she was realeased the day before my surgery. The night before my surgery I had everything ready to go and planned. My husband took off 3 days of work to be able to take me to surgery and to help me out. The plan was to wake up and take the kids to daycare and then head to the surgery center for my surgery. oh how plans change! at 3:00 in the morning my son comes in my room and was crying that he threw up all over his bed. sure enough he got the stomach bug that my daughter had so he was going to have to stay home from school which means my husband would not be able to take me to surgery but I could not re schedule because you lose the money you paid to the surgery center if you dont show up. so at 3 am I called my mom to ask her if her boyfriend would be able to take me. thankfully he said that he would be able to. so for the rest of the night I was up cleaning up puke and helping my son. I was so worried that I was going to catch the bug and then be throwing up after I had the surgery. by the time It was time for me to leave my husband was starting to feel sick as well. I just knew I was going to end up getting this but I just had to take the chance because I could not lose all that money. I arrived at the surgery center in my pj's (pj pants and button down pj shirt) that way when I got home from surgery all I had to do was climb into bed and I wouldnt have to change clothes. I got called back and they had to give me a pregnancy test I told the nurst that I had my tubes tied and she said that they still have to test because I could still be pregnant. I asked her if it had ever happend before that she did the pregnancy test and it came back positive and she said yes 3 times and 1 of the times the girl had her tubes tied and she was coming in to have breast augmentation. OMG after she said that I was like oh great I am going to be one of those girls that are pregnant coming in for breast augmentation. Thankfully it was negative but OMG I would have died if it was positive! They then hooked up my IV and Dr Kirk came in and marked her marks all over my breast. A couple minutes later they were giving me the "relaxing" medicine and wheeling me back. I remember being wheeled into the operating room and me moving over to the table and then I dont remember anything. When I woke up I was in SO MUCH PAIN I couldnt believe the pain I was in. I kept asking for more pain medicine but the nurst said that I was at my limit. I was not expecting the pain to feel like it did because I thought it would feel like your milk coming in after having a baby but to me it didnt feel like that at all. The pain for me was on the top in between my two breast. I felt like I couldnt breath at all and that was kinda scary. they put my bra on and wrapped me in an ace bandage and I was on my way home. At home my plan was to climb right into bed when I got home so before I left I had all my pillows propped up and ready for me to lay down. I laid down and I ended up sitting right back up it was sooo uncomfortable for me to lay on the bed even being propped up by the pillows so my moms boyfriend drove to his house (right down the road) and he got his recliner and brought it into my bedroom. That was perfect! I put a fitted sheet over it and that is how I slept. I kept a very close eye on the time cause right when I was able to take a pain pill I was taking one. since my entire family was sick they all stayed out of my room so I wouldnt get sick. my mom came to my house and slept in my bed while I slept in the recliner that way she could help me with whatever I needed. I was in even more pain at this time then I was right after surgery I just felt like I couldnt take the pain anymore I told my mom that I wanted the implants out NOW! I just kept thinking what did I do to myself and how stupid I am to do this to myself. I started to think that something was wrong because of how much pain I was in so my mom called the 24 hour phone for my dr. To our surprise Dr. Kirk was the one that answered the phone I couldnt believe it. Dr kirk told my mom to loosen the ace bandage a little and see if that helped. I had an apt with dr. kirk the next day but she said that if it didnt feel any better to call back. my mom did what dr kirk said. OMG it felt so much better! The nurse must have wrapped me way to tight or I was just swollen. I was finally able to fall asleep. Day by day the pain got better but I did sleep in the recliner for a month because it was so uncomfortable to lay flat. I am now 3 months pre op. I had my follow up on Monday and everyone is very pleased with the results. I am so glad that Dr. Kirk did my surgery. she is just so great, honest and down to earth. I couldnt have picked a better Dr. I will be going back to her to have my ears done sometime in the future. I have now changed my worth it to YES! it took me awhile to get there because of the pain but I am very happy with my results so all the pain was well worth it! Oh and I ended up with 550 cc implant filled to 600 cc.
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Dr Kirk is GREAT! She makes you feel so comfortable and she is honest. My breast are just so perfect now! I would def recomend Dr Kirk to everybody! Her staff is also very nice and helpful. I couldnt have asked for a better PS!

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