3-Years Post Op and still LOVING IT!

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I am a 30yr old mother of 2 (ages 12 and 9). My...

I am a 30yr old mother of 2 (ages 12 and 9). My motivation is to be a slimmer and healthier version of myself. I have always carried weight in my belly and have not liked the look of my belly since I had my first son when I was 17. I have spent the last 12 months learning how to balance my diet and exercise so that I can maintain my weight (I have ALWAYS yo-yo'd. - plus or minus 30lbs at any point during the year). I have been able to maintain my weight now for 12 months, and I have been running (more like jogging) 3 times a week for the last 3 months. I would like to continue improvement on my image and I think that a TT is a great step to get me there.

I am nervous, excited, doubtful, and I feel guilty for the amount of money I am about to spend. But, ultimately, I think it will work out great!

Thoughts: I have little over 6 weeks until my TT...

I have little over 6 weeks until my TT and I think I'm going to need every bit of it to get through all the prep (physically and emotionally). I took some before pictures earlier this week and they helped me feel better about my tt decision (Still not ready to post them on here though). I still hate spending this much money on myself, but I think that it really will increase the "quality of life" for me and that is what I am looking forward to. It is nice to have this new personal goal - a "new me". I love that I am finally in a place where I can do it and my husband's support is already amazing.

Current concerns:
I worry that I carry too much weight in the top of my stomach and that this tt won't make a significant difference (AKA I won't look like what I picture)

Questions for those of you in the post-op phase:
I've read a lot about binders everyone purchases...is it necessary to purchase one outside the one the PS provides? If so, what do you look for when you get it? Should I buy it preop or post op? Also, I don't have a recliner or anything higher than my couch...can I just get pillows to life me up a bit or is a recliner really worth it?

All opinions are welcome!

Went to my pre-op this morning. I am paid up, have...

Went to my pre-op this morning. I am paid up, have my prescriptions, my directions, and I am EXCITED! Reviewed with the PS the few questions my husband and I had, the nurse explained to my husband how to keep up with the drains (thank goodness, I don't think I could deal with that grossness!) I will be getting the scripts and possibly a recliner before surgery. I am also going to post my measurements so that I have a comparison for post-op days.

Man, I can't WAIT!!!

The first 24 hours were the worst. I'm not sure...

The first 24 hours were the worst. I'm not sure why I wasn't prepared for the pain, I just know that I wasn't. Breathing, sitting, talking and peeing we're each a feat in and of itself.

I am lucky though, my husband and mother-in-law are taking care of me. My drains seem to be doing what they should and by taking my prescriptions on time I am able to knock the edge off the pain.

I am really hoping that the recovery gets a little easier. I haven't taken any post op pics, I don't think I am supposed to take my binder off yet - so I haven't seen it myself even. Happy Healing everyone!

Everything was quite itchy yesterday so my husband...

Everything was quite itchy yesterday so my husband I and I purchased new dressings to replace the original ones in hopes that it would help. This was the first time either of us has seen my new belly and we LOVE it! I just can't believe how different I look, it doesn't seem possible. I'll post a few pics to show the before and after look.

I'm still pretty sore but I'm taking Tylenol rather than the pain meds. The pain meds make me loopy and I don't like the feeling. I'm looking forward to going to the PS tomorrow and getting the drains out. I'm also looking forward to being measured for a new CG.

I'm going to try to go to work on Tuesday, at least for a half day. I have a desk job so it shouldn't be TOO hard.

For today I will do some Christmas Shopping online and take it easy. Happy Healing all!!

My one-week post op appointment yesterday went...

My one-week post op appointment yesterday went well. Doc took the drains out and said the insicion and bb were healing well. They suggested I masssaged my sides and bruised areas to get the blood flowing and the swelling down in those areas. I continue to ice my sides (where most of my swelling is) and my belly whenever I am sitting still. I still stick with Tylenol for pai, the hardest part for me is nighttime. I never knew it took so many abdominal muscles to turn over and I apparently turn over quite a bit at night. So I think, for now, I'll take the pain meds at night and continue to stick to Tylenol during the day. I am tryin a half of fay of work today to see how my energy lasts and how I'll feel tonight. All in all I am still happy and still excited. Very worth it.

Happy Healing to all my fellow Real Selfers!!!

Sorry for all the typos! I should really check...

Sorry for all the typos! I should really check before I hit submit - there doesn't seem a way to go back and edit previous posts on here. Has anyone had any luck editing older posts?

My new CG came in yesterday (I put a pic up). I...

My new CG came in yesterday (I put a pic up). I went with my PS's recommended Marena LGA2. It's pretty rough to put on or take off, I'm thinking I need to let my incision and bb heal a bit more before I use it. It is also pretty darn tight on my legs, any suggestions there? PS says I can start back walking on the treadmill next week. I can't WAIT! I miss my stress-reliever (working out)!

I'm also considering purchasing a corset. It seems a corset would be easier to get on and off and could form a slightly smaller waist. Any thoughts from my Real Selfers on that? Anyone tried it?

I'm 3 weeks PO today and feeling pretty good. I'm...

I'm 3 weeks PO today and feeling pretty good. I'm sore but otherwise functioning just fine. My belly is looking great, I have a few areas I want to ask the PS about but other than that it is perfect! Today is my first full day back to work, I tried a few half days last week to get be back into the grind. I'm pretty sure I'll be exhausted by tonight, but I also believe that I'll slowly get back to my 100%. Everything with this recovery seems to "just take time" which I find all sorts of frustrating because I'm not as patient as I once thought I was. I want to start my walking on the treadmill but I have one muscle in my abdominal area that's really bugging me so I decided not to try it till I talk to my PS tomorrow. Ok off to work for 8 hours! Wish me luck!

I am stuggling with the swelling, I can't seem to...

I am stuggling with the swelling, I can't seem to keep it down. I am watching my sodium intake, drinking water. Any other suggestions? I have my CG on 24/7 at this point. I went to the gym on Wednesday and did light cardio and have been really swollen since. Will working out more help me push through it or should I be taking it easier?

Any thoughts/comments are appreciated! This is super uncomfortable!!!

I take pictures weekly but I have not been able to...

I take pictures weekly but I have not been able to sit and update my profile since my last photos - I will this weekend though. Thank you all for the tips - the green tea and citrus has helped a LOT. As long as I stay away from inflammatory foods (like breading) and I drink a lot of water my swelling stays at a minimum. The hard part for me, currently, is getting back into my workout routine. Right now my PS approved walking on the treadmill (boring!) which is better than nothing. However - I swell BIG TIME for the rest of the day after that easy walk. I'd like to figure out how to push through that or avoid it.

I'm learning, this new bod takes some getting used to!

1 Year Post-Op - Still Rocking the Flat Tummy!

I can't believe it has already been a year. I love my tummy. Love love love it, best decision I've ever made concerning my health.

I work out regularly and eat right (most of the time). I've lost 20lbs since my surgery date,y doc said 4lbs is what he took during surgery.

Best of luck to you all, my experience is that it's totally worth it!

2 Years Post Op

When I originally did my research for my surgery I noticed there weren't many posts after a few months postop and I remembered wishing I could see what more long- term results looked like. I'll post my 2 year pics here for that exact purpose!

Some things to note:
1) I haven't put much effort into trying to get the scar to fade so it's still pretty dark
2) I have to watch what I eat and exercise regularly to keep these results. I even have more fat on my stomach than I did this time last year - it's proving very hard to keep my flat belly but I think if I maintain this effort I will be able to
3) I healed crooked - it's hard to find bikini bottoms that cover my whole scar. I don't mind this, but it's a fact

I hope this helps, best of luck to anyone taking this step! It's so worth it!

Post Tummy Tuck - Year 3 - Still Happy

It's the 3rd anniversary of my tummy tuck today. I took pictures and they look pretty much EXACTLY like my two-year pics, so I haven't bothered to post them here. I've lost and gained weight in the past 3 years and my stomach still looks flat and fabulous. Good luck to all of you about to get yours done, I hope you're as happy as I am with mine!
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