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I have three children and have been wanting this...

I have three children and have been wanting this procedure for a long time. My weight has gone up and down, thin and thicker but as I've grown older my stomach has gotten worse, especially in the last year or two. I'm 37 now and in good shape. I really hate looking constantly 4-5 months pregnant, depending on how much I eat or drink that day. I figured I have to be anorexic and have very little food in my stomach on a constant basis to have a somewhat flat stomach when I sucked it in, I experimented with this on a drastic starvation diet. But still then, it's wrinkly with deformed belly button.
My tummy has not looked normal in 12 years. Now it's even grown cellulite on it.
I was never able to do this for one reason or another for so long, always out of reach. Now that I have it all set in place, I'm looking for signs everywhere if it's a bad or good decision.
Is it normal to be this terrified? I'm scared of dying under anesthesia, scared of being permanently mamed, scared of the pain, scared of the scars, how long it will take to heal.
The staff and doctor is so nice and reassuring. It doesn't matter,
I am scared sh**less.

Still a bit swollen I can see it in my thighs!

Still a bit swollen I can see it in my thighs!

I'm losing weight like crazy and it's been only...

I'm losing weight like crazy and it's been only five weeks. I am dieting, yes, but I haven't even started my daily work outs yet! I just fit into my old size 3 jeans. My tummy is extremely flat, my waist thinner than ever. Very nice.
The wounds are getting better by the day, sealing up, changing colors and textures daily. I'm rubbing the oils on it and cleaning it with the povidone iodine. I pulled another stray stitch out of my incision line the other day. It was so bizarre. It looked like a small pimple on the right side of the incision line. I squeezed it, and out came some puss so I got the tweezers and out came weird organic looking material. It is a very tiny hole it came out of, then it bled out so I knew there was nothing else in it. I cleaned it out and covered it and since then it's healing up and going away. Disgusting and weird a tummy tuck is.....
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I went into the surgery sooner than expected that day, felt a bit rushed in first thing in the morning actually but it was probably for the best to save me the day's anxiety. I went in and before I knew it, relieved and overjoyed to awake, it was over. It was very rough for the first two weeks but thankfully I was drugged up enough and had personal nurses for the first week (BF and Mom). You MUST have a recliner to recover after this procedure, and must have proper compression garments--like a very good girdle for after the initial trauma swelling goes down. One thing I am learning through the recovery process is that healing is up to YOU after you give them that money. Anything can happen to those stitches and resulting scars so babying yourself is an absolute must. I felt great after two weeks, (save battered, scarred and bruised on my liposuctioned sides) and started going back to normal activities. I regret leaving the recliner and going back into the bed two weeks later, and I regret forcing myself to stand up strait. The result has been reawaking, sleepless nights, pain, stiffness, horrible nightmares and an eventual reopening wound. The crusting/scab netting formerly where stitches were taken out a week previously on my outer lining of my belly button seemed to have softened and undid itself open like a hole on the top 1/4 of the incision line. This had me panicked over the weekend. So I've been researching this and other websites like crazy for hours and days on how to mend and treat this. The doctor can't help because once the healing process has begun, (unless it's an obvious emergency) it's up to you. Eventually I figured it out. Thankfully the opening is in a place where I could put it back together. I've been cleaning it daily, irrigating it with POVIDONE IODINE-- highly recommended-- and butterfly stitching it back together several times a day with paper tape. I've kept the tension off my belly button completely by aggressive butterfly stitching making sure there is an opening for a scab to breath and form and being slightly hunched over and have gone back to the recliner to which I should never have left. I have been chugging gallons of organic green tea and taking lots of chewable vitamins. I only eat very small meals to no meals at all to assure I won't bloat. The wound closed right back up and starting forming a crust again overnight, and is getting better by the hour, not the day. Do not use peroxide: tried that, not good. I've also been using pure organic Argan Oil, rich in vitamin E to massage my scars, more expensive than "pure" vitamin E oil, but worth it. My Doctor is a good man, I recommend him highly. I look really skinny now with a much smaller waist, the doctor was generous to me for the $ :-). He put my incision line very low hip to hip, right above the pubic area, tried on my skimpiest bikini's and g-strings, and it all hides! --save the belly button which I understand is last to heal. But all my incisions started healing really right away and I'm expecting a good result. My expectations are to see "final" results within 3 months to a year. * Will soon put up before and after pics * Will also show my wound then the makeshift butterfly stitch which is closing it back up. P. S. A little prayer to God every now and then helps the healing as well, hey, can't hurt :-)... And make sure to wear some kind of girdle and/or corsette (compression garments)every day to make sure everything stays in place. I wish all you ladies the best of luck in your surgery and recovery journey.

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