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I had my new patient consultation today with Dr....

I had my new patient consultation today with Dr. Wallace at Coastal Cosmetic Center. They have a very informative website with great variety of before and after photos in the Gallery. They offer a military discount (active/retiree). My pre-op is 9/3 and surgery scheduled for 9/20. I will post again after my pre-op appointment. This was the earliest appointment available because he only does surgery every other week and I find that to be a very valuable asset because the last thing I want is a surgeon who is over worked and depleted.

Before pictures

Just wanted to upload my before pictures.

Before pictures

I am a 37 year old mom of one & I am 5'3 165 pounds.

Pre Op was today

Went for my pre-op appointment today. I was cleared for surgery very excited!!!


Just arrived at ps office, little nervous. Will try to post pictures this evening post op. (Can't wait to be on the flat tummy side)!!!

Post Op

Home aft

Post Op

So sleepy just wanted to post picture (very happy with my results).

1 Day Post Op

Today I am one day post op and I feel better than I expected. I will post pictures of my flat tummy this afternoon before I take my first shower. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to handle my first shower? I received guidance from my ps but wondered if you all discovered anything that may be helpful. Also any suggestion of what to eat (I have limited myself to protein shakes for right now).

video before shower

1day post op.

One day post op (before my 1st shower)

Trying to load video (here are two pictures, though).

Post op appt today

One drain removed today (yay); second will be removed Friday. Switched from prescribtion pain meds to Advil (will also help reduce the swelling). Feeling awesome!!!

One week post Op

Feeling better every day. I started driving yesterday (completely off all prescription meds).
Starting feeling sad so here are a few random thoughts I wish I knew before the surgery:
When you look at the before and after pictures on your ps site realize that the after picture was typically taking six months after the surgery (don’t be disappointed five days after surgery that you are sore and so swollen that you feel you didn’t make the right choice).
Honor the process of allowing your body to heal; you WILL get the desired results just keep wearing the darn cg, LOL!
Well that’s all for now folks going to rest.

13 days post op

Feeling better about my results. Had appt with ps yesterday. He stated that I am healing very well and that I can start using the elliptical or bike and the gym. I can also start wearing spanx during the day (yay) and cg at night. Happy healing to everyone!!!

Medical License Verification for the State of Florida

This is a website that was helpful in my selection process (my ps is in perfect standing):


3 Weeks post op

My tummy is swollen but it is flat (I am happy).

My scar at 3 weeks post op

Pictures of my scar (grateful that it is low). Happy healing to everyone.

7 weeks post op

Had appt with ps, I am cleared for all types of fitness including ab machine. Ps mentioned to start with half the weight and half the reps I did pre surgery and skip abs for a few days after to get adjusted and listen to my body because I will be more sore than I may expect. Here is a picture just before my appt. Happy healing and encouragement to you all!

12/23 appointment

PS advised that he would like to remove "dog ears" and feather out residual tummy fat. I will make appt when the scheduler returns from Christmas vacation (targeting for 1/2014 for revision)...

1/3/2014 I had a revision!!!

Just got home from having my revision.
I had dog ears on both sides removed and some additional lipo on my upper tummy (because there was some residual fat that needed to be removed). I drove myself home because I choose not to take a valium. Overall the surgery was not bad. The injections to numb my tummy and sides was somewhat bothersome felt like lots of pricks/sticks and some burning sensations. I felt a lot of tugging and pressure for the removal of the dog ears. The lipo was the toughest because I could feel pricks/sticks and it was rough but not painful (I think the fact that I was awake was what made it seem rough). I will post pictures tomorrow after my first allowed shower. Does anyone even read this stuff or is this just a waste of my time?????

Revision pictures

Bruising is starting (overall I feel good)...

Day 1 after revision

Feeling tired after first shower after my revision...going to rest. Happy healing everyone.
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Wallace is the consummate professional in every aspect. He is extremely knowledgably and had an excellent bedside manner during consulting examination.

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