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I'm sooooo ready to do this. Lets see,iam a mother...

I'm sooooo ready to do this. Lets see,iam a mother of two young men (20&22) my husband and my son's know what I have stalked this site for months day and night. My husband is very supportive and scared as hell for me. See about two months ago his co-worker passed away having a tummy tuck in, Atlanta! Now before this he was all for it a 110 percent in my corner, I must admit I was scared to but after praying for her and her family members and having along talk with ,God! I was okay, and my faith is strong . So after convincing my husbandand a little love making he was back on track. Lol! Now it's all about me. I stopped smoking a year ago in order to get myself in shape for the surgery I weight 230 I was 215 but after I stopped smoking 15 pounds came literally over night so I want to lose 30 pounds before my surgery date...iam so eexcited and just hope I can eat healthy and exercise 5times a week until then. So if anyone having their tummy tuck in August please let me know I would love to have a tummy tuck buddy. Will post more later with my pre op information information. To everyone having their tummy tuck this month, God bless and happy healing to you all.....

Pic posted....... Herman is his name (the...

Pic posted....... Herman is his name (the monster)!!! Lol :-)


Ok lady's my surgery date has changed November is my new surgery month. Please anyone send me a list of things that is a must have. Recliner check, toilet seat raiser check, walker check. It is finally happening this time no turning back my emotions are all over the place..Please send your prayers and advice my way I truly need it.

new pictures!!!!!

Happy,Happy, Joy,joy!!!!!!

Ok, Thursday I meet with my plastic surgeon and iam so excited. I sign up to the gym last week and iam trying to work off 30 lbs,I can do this. I went to Wal-Mart and picked up a few things. I really want to wait and get the list from my surgeon so I will know exactly what I need. Ladies it is really happening!!!

Flat Side Here I Come!!!!!

Just got back from Jacksonville Florida and I must say I enjoyed my day with my hubby and my father...iam some what of a daddy's girl so he had to go with us to my ps office.I love my ps he is so professional and friendly. The staff is wonderful I would like to thank them all they made me feel like a Queen! When l was leaving Janet (the best) gave me a hug. Lori (the coolest) showed me her results and I was sold!!!!! As you recall my husband was on the fence with the procedure but after today he is all in. Now I have 7.2 weeks before iam on the flat side. Thanks to everyone on this site who journey I have followed I pretty much know what to expect. I decided to expect the worst(pain that is)and pray for the best. I would like to thank God for my trip and my family and myself making back home safel. I will continue to pray for my RealSelf Family so that we all a have a speedy recovery and no complications while in surgery.ttyl!!! :-) :-)
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