42 Years Old and Ready for a Change...

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Hi, Today I am 48 days Pre-OP the big day is...

Hi, Today I am 48 days Pre-OP the big day is hopefully November 11th. I'm getting a Tummy Tuck, Breast Enlargement, Liposuction to the neck and Liposuction underarm area.. Yeah I'm getting a bunch done. Growing up I was always small... then life happened. With my procedures that I'm having done I'm NOT expecting miracles I just want to feel comfortable with my body. I don't mind being a Big Girl I just need to feel comfortable about myself. I want to be able to enjoy sex with my partner and not feel horrible. Which it's not him at all... It all in my head from prior relationships. This man loves me for who I am. I just need to love myself also. Make Since?

Doc sad I need to quit smoking... Day 39 smoke free... this part sucks I loved smoking can say that I feel any better since I quit. My blood sugars has increased since I've quit and I have gained 5 pounds (which only 5 is actually pretty good for me) Blood sugar could cause me not to be able to get my surgery at this time. Hope and Praying and trying to keep them low.

Ready for a change

Alphaeon Credit Approved!!

I have been stressing a little bit over the cost of achieving everything that I want to get done, So I have been putting off applying waiting for my Credit Score to look somewhat good.... Tonight I decided to just apply and see what happens. Got approved for what I needed and a little bit more! Excited now I got that part taken care of. 17 days till my pre-op and I can pay my balance with no worries. 39 days till new body, provided the sugars stay in check...

Twis The Night Before Surgery....

Twis was the night before surgery and through the house not a
creature was starring not even a mouse.... NOT who can sleep the night
before? Cleaning and making sure you have everything ready to go. I have
a small cough.... and Tomorrow is just hours away. I'm excited and
scared... which I guess it is natural. smiles attached is some more
before photos... yes the Doctor is going to have a busy day tomorrow.
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