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There a song by a gospel rap artist that says:...

There a song by a gospel rap artist that says: It's my year..It's my time..spread my wings and I'm go fly...Well I decided to put my money where my mouth was. I am recently married and have been with my husband for 7 years now and we have 5 beautiful children 21, 17, 16, 13 & 8. I'm sure I am not the only one who have ALWAYS put their children and significant other before themselves. Will pay full price for and go to the ends of the earth for our family but shop for clearance and feel guilty when it's time to buy something for yourself. Well, I LOVE MY FAMILY dearly and believe that they are NOT ONLY GOING TO BE OKAY when I get my surgery..but they are my biggest cheerleaders and support system. I have dreamed about this moment for years. I have had the lap band surgery 5 years ago and as you already know..You can lose as many pounds as you want to..but once you go in the bathroom for that shower and see "everything hanging"..so discouraging. Because anyone battling weight issues have an ideal in their mind of what they want to look like in the end. And for those of us who have supportive husbands and SO's who say" I Love You The Way You Are Baby.." understands that when I say "You were suppose to say that honey." understands from where I coming from. Now if he DIDN'T say that..then I would wonder. So let's fast forward to now. My hair dresser actually went to Dr. Palin this year and had the TT and recommended me not only to Dr. Palin but also to this site. I have been on the site for quite sometime but scared to post. How could people post their personal business out there? yet alone to strangers? Someone who is confident in their body (though hidden underneath some unwanted material (fat) ) and people who wish to have a virtual support system. Well, I am scheduled to join the Flat Side Crew on Aug 8th. I am not one to talk much (seriously) but I will keep everyone posted as we near. I have YET to overcome posting the love handle pictures yet (TOO EMBARRASSED) but I will say that I am 5"4 and weigh 200 (fluctuates between 187-200). I said I will try and get off another 20-30 pounds before surgery but to be honest I wear a 14 (if elastic a 12 :-) ) (used to be a 22-24 275 pounds) and I am quite comfortable where I am now..I just need to polish this fine china and get rid of the dust. So if I lose..I do..but if not...then I'm okay don;t think I am meant to be a single digit size..but over all a solid 12 would be ideal. Well..glad that I took the first step...see you all on the flat side shortly August will be here before I know it. Already getting my items and stuff together and about to begin school shopping for kids since school begins August...You know that when you are down the whole house (husbands included) act as if the world has stopped and common sense sometimes go out the window. LOL and you have to make sure the house still continues to go on from your bed, recliner or etc. Having previous surgeries I know that us women..are definitely the backbone, the cook, the teacher, the accountant, the homework/project person, the nurse, the maid and etc. so as log as I can get everything in order BEFORE my surgery..I'm good...

2 months preop

Well I'm officially 58 days away from surgery date on 08/08. I have been reading everyone's profiles and updates and feel that I am well equipped on my starter kit, per say. I ordered my compression garments this week, received the quote for the lift chair and going to get all my medications, rubs, creams, ointments and etc next week. I am soooo excited and anxious JUST to see the new me. Oh yeah I picked up a panty and underwear set that I will be taking before and after pictures to see my progression. I guess I will pony up shortly and post pictures..I'm not worried about what people would say..I'm worried on my reaction to seeing the up close and personal half naked. THANK GOD for the man or woman who invented spanx, girdles and etc. LOL!!


This week I began my work out schedule Monday thru Friday walk 5.69miles. In the sauna suit and waist wrap. Changed my eating habits because I am determined to get at least thirty pounds off before my "flat side" day of surgery 08/08. I was reluctant about posting any pictures because I have a picture in my head of what I look like (with the girdles, spanx and etc.) I am the next best thing since sliced bread. LMBO. But to see what other people see...OH BOY!! And nothing shows how badly your body is than your workout clothes because you truly let it all hang out. All it takes is for you to see JUST ONE person larger than you and that gives you a little more motivation to continue. I told myself I am not going to weight everyday so that I am not disappointed so my next weigh in date will be 06/25..Well I am off to a good start..will keep everyone posted. Have a blessed day all..


Today I finished up my shopping for my supplies. I hope I have it all:
Raised toilet seat
Shower chair
Bio oil
Pure vitamin E oil
Cotton balls
Heating pad
Dial soap
Shea butter
Gauze pads
Non stick adhesive tape
All I'm missing is arnica medicine and recliner. Someone pinch me.. Come in July so August can come.

Compression Garments...check

I received all my garments I ordered in the mail both in stage 1's and stage 2's. Full body, half body, high waist briefs and 3 split panel binder. YES!!! I am ready. Going to the thrift store on July 4th to get all my pajamas and lounge around clothing when the store is 50% on major holidays...so other than clothes and the lift recliner...I think I am good and just a waiting and continued weightloss game from here...Enjoy your day ladies

Compression Garments

Here are the pics

Weight loss Journey

Down another pound today, making it a total of 5 pounds so far...25 to go and 52 days to go. Whew!! My legs feel like jello, I don't remember working out this much to fit in my wedding gown... but I know it will be worth it in just a few short weeks (7 weeks) to be exact. I think the smaller I am the better the results will be. I am starting to have the "What will I look like?" dreams. Sometimes they are good and sometimes not. Either way I've prayed and know that GOD GOT THIS UNDER CONTROL AND NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER...Flatside..I'm coming and I'm ready!!

Frustration Today

Urgh!!! So today I got on the scale and no loss. I know I should be patient but between my anxiety and ready for the surgery and the weightloss battle just feeling frustrated. Come on August!!! I can scream. I already got my time off approved from work and this countdown is going to be the frustration of me. Urrrgh!!!!!!

Frustrating Day

You ever have one of those days where the closer you get to your surgery day you feel as though you can't fit anything in your closet ?!?!WTH well I had that moment today. I think the closer I get to my date the more irritated I am with 'ol girl (stomach). I got dressed for work today and I promise you if there was a scalpel nearby I probably would have cut Her myself. I've been exercising and though in an tell inch wise by the clothes fitting looser the weight is not moving much. I'm so tired if being sick and tired of muffy that I'm irritable. I'm snapping at my husband the kids and the dog don't bother to fool up with me either. Come on 08/08!!!!Urgh!!! I refuse to buy any more clothes my size I am now. On well patience is a virtue.

Consult Thursday 07/03

So I emailed my drs office a couple of questions (okay maybe 11)Lol. And now I have an appointment on Thurs to go over all my concerns. I appreciate the fact that the doctor cares enough to explain any AND everything in person, that goes a long way with me. Well I am getting ready to round third base... Here we go. Let you know what happens.

My Followup Appt Today

Today I went in and had another consultation with the dr as a result of my mini-biography I sent full of questions. I was definitely confident that this was the dr for me because he thoroughly explained everything including my expected results. Since I have opted to add lipo of the arms and small incision under arms to make everything tight. It won't be from my elbow to underneath. It will be armpit to slightly outward. Of course this add on is a little more out of pocket but hell if I'm going to heal might as will heal at once. I also understand that I may be required to come back and have my back done to get rid of all my love handled. That's understood but at least I have a realistic picture on what to expect. Didn't make sense to have flat stomach and bra rolls and arms flabby with just lipo. So I'm going for it..next Tuesday 07/08 marks my 30 day countdown and Muffy is out of here. Thank you Lord. I am mentally prepared now. Oh dr suggested I stay off internet. Lmbo. And look what I'm doing smh..

On the 30th day of pre-op...

On the 30th day of pre-op...one thing I will not miss...
Lifting my leg on the side of the tub to bathe to get all nooks and crevices...smh

On the 29th day of pre-op..,

On the 29th day of pre-op one thing I will not miss...two words...

Enough said...no explanation needed. Lmbo..Come on 08/08

On the 28th day of pre-op...

On the 28th day of pre-op one thing I will not miss...

The clapping sound..clap on..clap off.. Lol.

On the 27th day of pre-op...

On the 27th day of pre-op on thing I will not miss....

The girdle roll.. Ever get the girdle up ....walk ....then sit down only to have it roll and stay in your love handle...smh come on 08/08 this is just my personal wish list.

On the 26th day of pre-op...

On the 26th day of pre-op one thing I will not miss....

Having to turn my body to cross my legs because my stomach in the way..lmbo

On the 25th day of pre-op...

On the 25th day of pre-op one thing I will not miss...

Wearing a big Tshirt and basketball shorts over my bathing suit...

On the 24th day of pre-op..,

On the 24th day of pre-op one thing I will not miss...

The stuff and fluff

Ever stuff your shirt all the way in only to fluff it all out to cover your stomach. Yeah I'm ready to stop that. Enjoy your day

On the 22nd day of pre-op...

On the 22nd day of pre-op one thing I will not miss...

Not being able to wear the matching set of lingerie. The top yes.. Those God forbid thong like panties... Another story..you mean I will be able to see the whole panty and not just the bottom under my pouch?!?!

I don't think my husband is ready for what's coming...good thing my tubes are tied...smh Lol. Come on 08/08 Urgh!!!!

On the 21st day if pre-op...

On the 21st day of pre-op one thing I will not miss...

The shirt tug...

Ever try to run across the street cute? Could be raining or stop light changing colors and you hold your shirt down at the bottom and do your cute run or skip cause you know people in their cars looking. Now to the naked eye it appears that you don't want to breast to fly everywhere but to my fellow muffin toppers you just dont want your muffin top to jiggle and flap Or the wind to blow your shirt up. At this point my breast could slap me.... Someone pass the duct tape and Saran Wrap that should hold muffy down until the 08/08... Smdh

On the 20th day of preop..

On the 20th day of pre-op one thing I will not miss...

The Muffin Top Shift

I don't know about anyone else but I am ready to fit back in the true size.. Often times my legs are fine in a size 12/14 but oh boy factor in muffy and I have to go up or get the pants with the elastic in the sides. If not then you have that God awful muffin top shift. You know where it's shifted up and now you have a roll under your bra. Just look like a watermelon in your mid section. Smh. I can't speak for anyone but for myself. Pre-op 07/29 and surgery 08/08. Come on already!!!

On the 19th day of pre-op..

On the 19th day if pre-op one thing I will not miss...

The sit, the suck, the tug and the wait

I will be so glad when I will be able to sit down on the front row, take a picture without having to sit up completely straight like the Eiffel Tower, shoulders completely back. Then suck in all your stomach even with your current girdle on. Then gently tug on your shirt to make sure nothing is sticking to you and then waiting for the photographer to make sure everyone is captured in the picture. Come on and just take the picture... I told you I wanted to stand up in the back row anyways. Lol. 19days never looked so great. Come on 08/08. Have a blessed day ladies.

On the 18th day of pre-op...

On the 18th day of pre-op one thing I will not miss

The Curse of the Stomach..

So I was just thinking..and remember this is just me thinking out loud. When I was pregnant, and people knew I was pregnant my stomach was a "blessing", "you're just glowing" and you are more beautiful today than you were any other day and you were HUGE!! So now I ask..who changed the script?? So I still have a belly and because there is no baby in me (which by the way contributed to the stomach deformity today) I'm not longer "glowing"? Remind you that many of us were "finer than sliced bread before children... if I may say so myself lmbo) But what happened?? THE CURSE OF THE STOMACH..no stomach and you're considered fine, medium stomach and you're thick, big stomach or overhang and your considered fat. Thank God I have great self esteem even now 'cause BABY.. come 08/08 and beyond..Let's just take a moment of silence out now and just pray..Ladies enjoy your Sunday. Happy healing to those who have crossed over and bless the ones whom have upcoming surgery and guide every surgeons hands. In Jesus name. Amen.

On the 17th day of pre-op..

On the 17th day of pre-op one thing I will not miss...

Stretch marks

I do NOT like stretch marks. Mother natures way of permanently marking you and reminding you that you were big one point in time in life. Really?!?! Be blessed ladies.

On the 16th day of pre-op..

On the 16th day of pre-op one thing I will not miss...

The safety pin shirt...

You ever put on a shirt that you knew fit comfortably the last time you wore it? Now it seems that it's a bit snug around that third or fourth button and it's slightly open when you sit down. You know either have to safety pin that close, put on a new shirt or don't wear it at all. Keep in mind you only have 30 minutes before you get to work at this point or have already set your mind up to wear that outfit already pressed and all. So what option do you choose? Lmbo. You can tell by the title which one I chose. Lol. Have a great day ladies. I'm soooo ready. Next Tues 07/29 pre-op then 08/08 it goes down.

On the 15th day of pre-op..

On the 15th day of pre-op one thing I will not miss...

My stomach touching my upper thighs when sitting

Not going to go into detail with this one...If you have a muffin top then clearly you understand. Somethings are best when left alone. I wish they could past a vote that women receive at least one complimentary mommy makeover in our lives. That and a complimentary credit score refresher. Sometimes just want a "REDO" button on certain things. This tummy tuck is my "REDO" to me. LMBO Ladies enjoy your day.

On the 14th day of pre-op...

On the 14th day of pre-op one thing I will not miss....

The Etcha Sketch stomach

Some mornings do you ever wake up and look at your stomach in the mirror and just want to wipe the mirror and start all over. I promise you these stretch marks remind me of a Etcha-sketch pad growing up. You know the red square and two white knobs and for the life of you, you can never draw a straight line so you shake it up and down to start all over. Well I've shaken everything and the stretch marks are still there. This is another "REDO" wish list. Really. Have great day ladies.

On the 13th day of pre-op..,

On the 13th day of pre-op one thing I will not miss...

Not being able to see my toes or touch them because of muffy. I try do miss them.

Have a great day.

On the 10th day of pre-op..,

On the 10th day of pre-op one thing I will not miss.

My occasional back problems.

I think my stomach contributes to it often times.

Well I'm rounding third base. Sorry I haven't posted lately I've been extremely busy. I think that's an understatement.

On the 9th say of pre-op...

On th me 9th day of pre-op...

Today I go the the dr for pre-op. Praying all is wl and no issues. Surgery is next Fri 08/08 which I've already told myself is my 3rd birthday. My first was the day I was born. The 2nd was when I got saved and now this surgery. Ain't God good!!!

Anyways...I think now I can start shouting about what I can't wait for after surgery.

First thing I can't wait to wear is...

Those panties you see in the clearance section that are typically colorful and only in sizes that you couldn't possibly wear. Because all the panties in your size thanks to your stomach are granny panties. But wait... They now come in satin. Just great now when I sweat they sticking to me. Smh. I'm coming clearance rack. I'm coming. Just you wait and see.

Pre-op appt today..

So I went and had my pre-op today and I will have to have hernia and diastasis repair with my TT and arms. I think all went well. My mom went with me since she wil be my caretaker along with my sister who is a RN and daughter. I received all my prescriptions and will pick them up tomorrow. I also order my lift chair tomorrow. All my questions have been answered and I have peace.

On the 8th day of pre-op..

On the 8th day of pre-op one thing I can't wait to wear...

Sheer lingerie without holding my stomach in... I think I might even throw in some angel wings and heels and model like I'm Heidi Klum. Lmbo

I'm going to have to send the kids away for a looong weekend. My husband truly don't know what he authorized. These later years together will be the best ones. Who says growing old together won't be fun. I love my husband.

Lift chair ordered

Lift chair ordered today, renting for month. Picked up prescriptions (antibiotic, nausea, Percocet, anti yeast pill, anti inflammatory) that I received yesterday at pre-op. Also picked up the following items that dr suggested: Dulcolax, fleet enemy, dial antibacterial soap, fan (he advised to stay cool to minimize bacteria forming) since I am hot natured don't want to freeze my family out so got one to poin directly at me and he also suggested to drink Gatorade an water from now until date. Also not to diet but to make sure to eat protein, take vitamin c & multivitamin. I also take iron. Additional items I bought today were body pillows, regular pillows, button up pajama, nail polish remover to soak off nails (dr recommends to take off even though they are low. So I'm going to follow his instructions).

I got my time....

I just off the phone with surgery center and was advised surgery time 900 and to arrive at 745 next Thursday 08/08. Now it's surreal. I am just laughing to myself no one can take my joy today. I can not wait.

On the 7th day of pre-op..

On the 7th day of pre-op one thing I can't wait to wear.. A razorback workout set with the matching hat and tennis shoes. Now initially when I wear it I wouldn't not have worked out., I may be in Walmart. I'm going to have my iPod on my arm too. Someone is going to compliment how good I look and what type exercise routine do I do. I'm going to simply reply "thank you it's genetics." Lmbo. Like my grandma says, "Baby something's you take to the grave." It will just be our secret. Why not when I was exercising about to kill myself with Muffy no one said anything. Gesh. Have a blessed day all.

On the 6th day of pre-op...

On the 6th day of pre-op one thing I can't wait to wear is a jumpsuit. Ladies, I saw acid washed jumpsuits in the store the other day. My daughter thinks it's new but little she know I was wearing that back in the day with a crop top, one suspender unhooked, my salt and peppa earrings ( you know the ones with your name one the big hoops) and bomber jacket and my hair in a mushroom. Listening to LL Cool J Around the way girl or Hos song I Need Love. In my room with the fan in the window, God forbid you slept on front of the fan and woke up with sore throat. LMBO. I'll let her keep thinking it's new. But I've been there and done that. What do our kids think?? Your mom has swag and was the junk. How u think I got your dad??? Duh!! Lol. Ladies sorry for going down memory lane. Enjoy your day and be blessed.

On the 5th day of pre-op.,,

On the 5th day of pre-op one thing I can't wait to wear..,

A standard bath towel without the opening up front. I want it to fit all the way around. Lol.

Be blessed ladies.

On the th day of pre-op..

On the 4th day of pre-op on thing that keeps happening...

Now I'm starting to dream about the procedure and my outcome. It just hit me last night when my husband and I went out that yesterday was the last Saturday with Muffy. Next Saturday she would be gone. As I was checking myself out in the mirror as you walk up to the doors of the building, I thought to myself. OMG this upcoming week will be a game changer. I am approved for four weeks of leave from work so I definitely want to make sure I do not rush God healing process. I think I am mentally ready especially after reading many of you pass overs journey. But I am also the type that don't get nervous until I actually start getting wheel back to the room. I'm anxious, excited, prayerful that all turns out right and safe and that God watch over me, the surgeon and everyone else in the operating room. In Jesus name Amen. Enjoy your day.

On the 3rd day of pre-op

On the third day is pre-op on thing I can't wait to wear...

Upon my return to work.. A pencil skirt with that really thin leather belt. You know the one that cut your circulation off when you sit when you had muffy. Yes that one AND my shirt tucked in with NO fluff. Get ready, get ready, get ready.

On the 3rd day of pre-op

On the 3rd day of pre-op one thing I can't wait for....


Come on.. Also got a call yesterday pushing my surgery time up from 9a to 7a. Thank you Lord.

What time is it??

Today is Wednesday at 704am. In exactly 48 hrs I will be in surgery. My life will have changed yet again. And another milestone in my life would have been met. So with that being said. I make myself a muffin top vow. I vow not to get in this position again. I vow to not consider myself and continue to put others in front of me, excluding my family. I vow to not feel guilty to pamper myself on occasion. I vow to take better care of myself and not let go so much. I just vow to continue to serve God and be the best Me that I can be. I finally vow to not miss out on opportunities to reconcile certain relationships, be slow to speak and always ready for reconciliation. Now school will be starting in couple days if I could just get me kids to make a vow not to wait until the 11th hour to tell me about a science project and we are in Walmart at midnight tryin to turn it something decent. That my children knew about for weeks. Smh. Sorry got distracted. Be blessed.

Finally on the day befor surgery...

On the day before surgery on thing I thought I was going to do...have a relaxing day. Yeah right. I have done laundry, cleaned, went thru my check list, finished off the kids stuff. However I didnt take the day off work so I won't get off until 2300. Which I guess it's not bad because I will be busy until then and by the time I get off then only 8hrs left before surgery. I got a call from the drs office confirming everything. So in my mind I decided that my last meal before surgery would be Red lobster and a piece of cake. You would think I was walking the green mile. But all that was fictions. I am eating a grilled chicken salad with jumbo water and a brownie. I guess it's okay. Anyway ladies my pre-op journey has been a pleasure and eventful. I think mentally I am jus at the point where you don't want to spend noore money. Not one red cent. Lmbo. God is in control, and I will see you on the flat side. By the way I am wearing this dress that ha the touching on front but today it looks a little crooked. Oh hell just tilt your head and it will be straight. Lmbo. Be blessed.

Day after surgery...

I have been in and out today. Extremely sore. I've have town sections. My last was my son who was 11pounds 7oz. And I must say this is far worse. it's the fact of knowing you have no control of your body. One minute it's you let stomach, then your sides, then the gas pains, I did have a bowel movement which gave some relief. Overall would I do it again. Yes. Why?? Because most things in life worth keeping you have to fight for or thru. I haven't seen my stomach yet but when I say my family have been a god send. They have kept me on top of my meds, my walking and etc. their support is appreciated and I love them dearly. Finally I do not know what I would have done without thi lift chair recliner and walker. Anyways I'm going back to sleep. I haven't seen anything yet and pre-op on Tues. Will keep you posted.

Day after recovery...

A little energy to post

Okay so I know I have been posting daily pre-op so now it's time for me to begin my post op journey. Here is what I have learned so far:
Day 1 I remember arriving to surgery center at 615 (got a little lost) then going to intake, bein taken back, got drawn in by dr and then getting the love and happiness cocktail by the anesthesiaologist. I remember being wheel to surgery but couldn't tell you what the room was like or anything I was out in a matter of minutes. I can recall waking up around 1p and thereafter in recovery. I wasn't in pain just yet but the tube area was hurting when someone moved them. So dr taped them down. The rest of the day I was out. I remember both my sisters taking turns keeping me up on my meds and hydrated. I didn't have much of an appetite. I do remember gettin shot of Hepburn to prevent blood clots was a new prescription I had to get the same day. I am anemic. Back to sleep. And I wasn't able to tolerate soup i vomited three times which was excruciating. So remember to have a smaller pillow to compress your stomach for vomiting, sneezing, coughing

Day 2 let the pain begin. Now I am one who can tolerate a lot of pain but this is totally different. My sister, the lift chair, the walker, the 4" toilet seat raiser, the fan, and several pillows were my friends. In addition to the meds. I had to allow my drains to hang instead of tape up so that the gravity will allow them to drain. The first day my left was hardly draining. After my sister dropped one of the drains then it started to drain. Kept drinking lemon water with real pineapple and alternating with Gatorade. I was able to tolerate some tomato soup in the day then some mashed potatoes and broccoli and cheese soup later. I am also staying on top of my iron pills, nausea, multi vitamin. When my muscles hurt I take the Valium. But when it's straight pain I take the Percocet. My sister and daughter did awesome job of giving me bird baths so I remained fresh. Although I had chux pad on the recliner (the blue hospital pads) I also had to have my right arm gauze retaper. The gauze filled up so my sister replaced the gauze and retaped the arm. My mom came by and made dinner for everyone which was great and then my husband and two sons came home from out I town tournament around 930pm

Day 3 goal to stay on top of pain and not try and be superwoman. All of the I am woman hear me roar... Yeah not today. Trying to control and minimize the pain as much as possible. I'm not draining as much today so far as in the previous days. My husband has been great. Well this is all I can remember and advise you of my journey thusfar. Unknown everyone is different again this is my journey. I go for first post op on tomorrow Tues. The fan is great to minimize my sweating even with ac the fan is great I do NOT want an infection so I don't want any moist areas. sundresses are great as well. Hopefully I will get put in my binder tomorrow. I have stage one and two. I will be able to get more specifics on what was removed.

Here are some pics

Swollen and bandaged up but trying to look on the brighter side.

Morrow pics from today

First post op appt

Okay so in sure many people are excited about their preop. Me not so much. It was very uncomfortable for me and my tube area was very sensitive near my va jay jay. The bandages didn't hurt but the cleaning around the tubes, the belly button and incision was quite uncomfortable for me. I may have reared up. He cleaned me up with Bernadine put strips over insicion and gave specific instructions in how to care for would to prevent infections. I am able to get in shower starting today. I want to use the Bernadine enough to soak on the tape around inductions and lipo arms area. Use blow dryer to dry come plenty about 20minutes. When I bathe make sure to have back toward drain and pre lather everything before getting in water so u are not just soaking the tape away. Keep compression shirts on for arms and also need to squeeze my tubes more in stripping the drains prayerfully they come out next week. I have a stage one garment that hooks and zips my middle couch area is Velcro to remove so should be easy to use the ladies room. I am in a lot of pain and going to take medicine and go to sleep. Be blessed.

No pics

I truly am not up to showing pics today hopefully in a day or two the pain was a bit unbareable today at the appt. And honestly I wasn't trying to look I just wanted to leave and lay down.

Ok final update today...exhale

Okay so today i recvd approval to shower. This is a hour long process that was well worth the wait. Okay I figured out my discomfort was my tube on the left side pinching the garment. So I did the following with my daughters assistance:

Peeled off all my clothes lightly.
Layered my bed with the chux pads
Got the following supplies in the room. ( gloves, betadine, glass bowl, gauze pads, cotton balls, qtips, hair dryer, lanyard, and tape)
Okay dr advised that before showering to generously soak the incision strips with betadine an around tubes and belly button to prevent infections. So I laid there and soaked all incision areas. Used the blow dryer to dry all areas including belly buttons is extremely dry. Now after doing that we finally made our way to the bathroom. Dr suggested that I lather primary out of shower and then have back to shower and rinse off. I sat in shower chair as well. Used the lanyard to hold up both tubes around my neck.
After bathing and drying off completely I repeated the betadine steps yet again including blow drying all areas from moisture. I had my daughter tape gauze over the tubes to help prevent it from irritating me and moving.
Finally the compression garments that I started with are stage 1 briefs and they zip hook and Velcro in the middle. So I laid down on bed and getting into compression garment was much easier to get in then at the dr office. Put on the compression shirts for my arms, the tank top, yoga pants. I actually understand what a pig in the blanket feels like. Lmbo. With all this going on I feel more secure especially when coughing. I took couple of pics but extremely swollen.

Today is an okay day

Swelling is still here which is to be expected. Went to dr yesterday to ensure everything draining okay and healing as expected. Since my blood was getting lighter and staying dark he calls in office to see for himself. All check out in addition to Mother Nature beginning. After looking at incisions I am healing great and have a small bruise inside of belly button and apply prescription ointment. I am walking without walker now but still not at 100%. Next appt not until next Thursday. Prayerfully tubes can come out. Well see. Will post later ladies. Be blessed.

Pic update one week yday

I am still stollen and tight. Still baring with the design. I don't want to Tish anything but think this will be a lot better once the terrible two are removed. Anyways other than ointment for BB nothing new going on. Next week i can get upgraded into my full body compression. I am rotating between my stage1 brief and 3 panel binder and keep on my compression shirts the support feels good just can't wait to be able I lie on my sides and stomach to sleep.

10 day post op

Hopefully drains will come out this week on Thurs at drs appt. Swelling still here, BB still healing and drains still in.

The drains a blessing?? Go figure

Okay so I am 11 days post op and will be the first to tell you that these drains are the pleasant but they all serve a purpose. I've read numerous posts where people had one drain, or they was drainless or thy got tubes out within the first week. And in my own way I was thinking why not me. Of all the people I have to be the one to have two weeks. I can't say that they are hurting just irritating and in the way. Well here's how I feel they have been a blessing to me today. Since the surgery me left has drained but newer as much as the right. When I went for first Followup the dr was not able to withdraw any blood so everything was fine. Well today are 1 I woke up to full bottle on left side. 80ccs then at 230 another 40ccs. Only 5ccs on right then zero at 230. I consider this a blessing because if my drains were out and my left side decided to reach its peak can u imagine the discomfort and more importantly how much the dr would have to drain with needle. I say all that to say this... Let's not rush our bodies an dr's understand and have their reasonings for gongs. I thank God I don't rush or question my dr. As much as u pay and the physical/mental changes you go through in this process. I want to make sure that my healing goes smoothly the FIRST time. I don't want any setbacks. I massage away from my incisions and still swollen but I do feel some sort of relief on left side which I thought was normal swelling. I wanted to be one of the post that go in flabby and instantaneous flat. I am going to get there but God just confirmed AT HIS TIMING. Be blessed ladies.

Just my thoughts

I'm glad my journey was able to help someone. We often don't look at ourselves as motivators and encouragers but in our own way I guess we are. I wanted my journey to be truthful, honest, the good and the bad. I did not go into this wanting to be a video vixen body afterwards. But I did want my results to be as positive and one that me and my husband can share together and intimately. So I know that if there is a droop or a wrinkle or a lift that I may still need after all this. Well it's just going to be that. I have no intentions on being the next beach body queen. Nor do i honestly think I am going to invest in any more cosmetic procedures. Because I LOVE myself but didn't like my muffin top. And I am 100% certain that my husband who loves me unconditionally before the surgery will be satisfied with whatever results. And to be honest I am not looking for any additional unwanted attention. But if this sparks me and my husband relationship a little more then yes I'm for it. But with four kids... I don't have noore money. God bless those who go one to complete their full body makeovers. But this was a one stop shop for me and what it is... Is what it's going to be. Just my thoughts.

Tubes are gone..

So today was the day. I got my tubes out and stitches out from my arms and under breast from lipo. I noticed a smell and it was a yeast infection. I'm going to count my small victories. There is much swelling on the right side but no fluid was pulled out. Dr believes that I am one of the ones whose tissue is swollen. He provided me a foam board to sleep in only with me garment, rx antibiotics and put me in the stage 2 compression garment. I feel okay and this garment could make the Huntchback of Notre Dam ergonomicallt straight. I feel secure. Oh well everybody heals differently and shaped differently. And today is only day 13post op. I am not going to add anymore unnecessary stress to my body than what it already is. I've been going to the bathroom a lot since in this garment as if I'm a fresh orange getting juiced. Mentally I have to remind myself the tubes are gone and quit reaching down their for them. I'm able to stand up a lot more and per dr stay on back and elevated as much as possible and stay dry. I will post pics ASAP in garment. Ladies be blessed and at the end of day God is in control and you can't have a testimony without a test.


Here is me at day 16 in compression garment swollen tissue and all. Not going to complain and know that God will show up and show out in the end.

Minor Setback but moving forward

Hello all it's been a long time since I posted. Well a week or two ago I developed a yeast infection at my incision line above my vagina. Then I was swollen and thought it was swollen tissue. Well I took all the medications for it not to have worked. Last week I went for another followup visit on Tues 08/26 and once dr saw incision area again in addition to being able to have aspirated 550cc of fluid out he scheduled me for emergency surgery the following day. I under went surgery in 08/27 and was admitted. I was discharged on yesterday Sat 08/30 my birthday. Come to find out that there were two strands of bacteria my body one of which was resistant to to the IV antibiotics. And removed blood clot. After several different ones and cultures the drs were able to find the correct one that it reacted to. So I am currently on two antibiotics, a probiotic, pain pill, and continue use of my iron pills, multivitamin and vitamin C. I follow backup with dr this week. Now to the average person this would be a huge setback but I consider it a blessing. Why? Couple of reasons. The first my dr. Most drs would have continued to just write a prescription after another (guessing game). So his sense if urgency, not to mention his personal calls he made in the evening and on weekend to check on status before deciding on surgery. Not many drs do this. Secondly, what we thought were boils about to form was blood clot. I don't even want to imagine how detramental the results could have been if not treated or if it had traveled. During the course of my hospital stay the communications between dr on call and Dr Palin regarding my course of treatment was great. The hospital staff was wonderful in my care. I will attach before pic and after. Today I am on schedule with all medicines and taking it easy. I have one drain. I am blessed to have had this procedure done now while I am still in healing process than to have healed and go through again. I believe everything happens for a reason and I know that GOD is an awesome GOD. And he still has his hands on me. I would rather take longer to heal and have healthy results than heal and go through again. All of these problems have nothing to do with the procedure or dr. My body is just different and heals differently. So now understanding that everyone is different I am okay. I believe I am making progress and will keep you all posted. The pain this time is more incisional pain from where I was reopened than the all over initial pain initially on 08/08. Be blessed and happy healing everyone.

Happy Labor Day

Today I'm feeling okay. I am able to stay dry in the incisional area which was extremely important per dr. Since I live in Florida the sunshine state where you can barbeque at Christmas in flip flops and shorts. Lol. I think I'm doing better now because I dont have that tape on incision this time. It appears a thin clear adhesive was on it. My own diagnosis is that the tape may have trapped moisture underneath on incision. Again just my thought of my body. Now this is strictly based on my tv medical certifications via Grey's Anatomy and House. Lmbo. My appetite is not really that great. I've been eating soups and soft foods. But today I truly wanted to blend up a rib and eat thru my tube. Lol. It's not just the tummy tuck that's curving my appetite remember I still have the lap band installed in me. I call tomorrow for Followup and will keep you all posted. Here is how I'm healing today. It's funny because in the beginning I was all gunng ho about flat stomach. Now I'm just ready to heal 100%. If there is a pudge or crease or wrinkle then I will be okay. Just tired is bring sore and ready to move forward. The other day my husband said you know I married you and muffin top not a skinny girl. I had to laugh because men can't really handle seeing their significant other in pain and I truly understood what he was referring to especially once he found out I had to have the second surgery. I reassured him that although muffy is gone. I'm still the woman he fell in love with and married. Then he asks the dr " when is she going to be flat" hold on now you just talked about muffy now u want me flat? My husbands response was priceless and true. He simply said.... We paid a lot of money for this. Lol. Well baby you got a point. Ladies all I can say is be in tune with your body, be in constant communication with your dr ( my dr advised he doesn't care if I call everyday or come in office everyday and I have his cell phone number and office mgr cell phone number). I truly would not trade him for the world. Since I am going through this procedure I am glad that I have God, my family, and my drs staff. Be blessed ladies. P.s my husband thought he got off easy with my bday but baby when I heal. It's payback. Thank you to all of you who have been checking in on me. Your geniune concern and thoughtfulness does not go unnoticed and very much appreciated.

Post Followup from second surgery

Went to dr today and healing coming along and incision area looking better. Drain still remains and will revisit next week. I am now able to use ointment on incision before bath (to soften up any crust that may have formed) and then use Johnson & Johnson body wash directly on incision (run across incision line). Still swelling and extended antibiotics another week. I feel like I need the big pill box with the days of the week on it. Anyways for the most part I think in progressing. Each day I believe gets better and better. Just wish I could hit fast forward button on healing. But I know patience is a virtue.

Small Milestone.. I'll Take It

Well everyone it's been awhile since I've posted..no sense of me flooding your inboxes with rambling or no updated report. So today I went for another post op appt and I got my drain removed. Yeah!! Oddly enough when I put my compression garment on, it was a sigh of relieve. The compression actually felt great and gave me back my posture. I promise you this garment is so tight and compressed at times you can probably see my carbon footprint on the environment. Lol. I still have raw area in belly button and received some form of seaweed cloth that helps raw areas heal from inside out. Also still to continue antibiotics and stitches (both dissolvable and plastic) are still in and to continue the ointment on incision line to prevent and loosen any crust thaty have formed and bathe with Johnson and Johnson body wash on incision line and Dial on everything else. So prayerfully this is the start of new beginnings and the swelling starts to subside. I'm at the point when I see myself I don't see any difference yet but give me at least a week and prayerfully I can see difference and will post pictures. Ladies enjoy your day and today don't let anyone steal your joy. In fact bless someone today with a smile,a kind word, a meal, a call, a prayer or blessing. Whatever The Lord lays on your heart. I assure you God will give you double for your trouble. Be blessed.

First day out.. Blessing and a curse

Okay so today is the first day since my surgery that I have went out for a day with plans to shop with my sister. Especially since the only times I have been out the house is for doctors spots but nothing else. So needless to say my hats go off to all domesticated women and men who can find joy in staying home raising the family and etc. don't get me wrong I love packing my kids lunches and making breakfast in the morning and helping with homework when they get home from school. I actually miss it since I work third shift for the railroad and usually sleep when they leave and vice versa they are sleep by the time I get home. So that part I love. But it's the time on between. BORING. We'll back to the subject at hand , so my sister come and pick me up and I had the nerve to actually try on pants today. Stretch pants as my doctor said no elastic yet because still swollen. We'll I did that and it was actually a blessing because this is the first time I reality hit that muddy was gone. But shortly after was the curse. I went to Walmart and laid my iPhone down to was my hands, left the bathroom and forgot my phone. Not even 5min went by before I realized I didn't have it. And wouldn't you know someone took it and of course they didn't turn it in. What was I thinking?? I guess I am one of the few that still would turn in other people property if I found it but I guess everyone is not. So had to go to sprint store and buy new phone because I didn't have my Findiphone app turned on. Right. Anyways I have 14 days to keep this 5c but by then the 6 will be out so thank you thief for forcing me to upgrade anyways. Urgh. I just despise a liar and a thief. Any who.. What goes around comes
Around they'll get theirs plus I had code on phone so good luck wherever you are. Be blessed ladies.


Forgot pics.. I'm going to be in stripes shortly Jukegirl like you. Lol

Finally back at work

So I returned to work on this past Monday. Whew I survived an entire week. Today is Friday and we were granted "Jeans Day" today. This week is the first week that I have worn normal clothes and buttoned pants. I am still numb and I feel that I am truly progressing. I have to remember that my results may be a little slower than most because of the second surgery that I had to have on 08/27-08/30. So technically I am only approx. 5 weeks of healing this week. I have been off this sight for a while because honestly, I was depressed and seeing others progression while your stagnant or if you have had set backs may be a little discouraging. Although I am EXTREMELY happy with all my real self sistas. And I was tired of friends and family telling me that in 6 months you are going to look good. What the hell?? Mentally I was just at the point I wanted to be closed up, stop hurting and start the healing process. Well, I am still swollen, numb, have burning sensations everywhere I was lipo'd and etc. but I feel it is an expected pain. But I am actually glad to be mobile and back at work, I have been gone since 08/08 almost two months. I am still wearing all compression garments, it's weird though I feel more secure and better in the garments than without. I will post pic of me today at work. I was laughing everytime I went past a mirror...Is that a skinny belt you wearing?!?!? You mean its not the WIDE belt with the flower or feather on it. LMBO. Well I'm taking one day at a time and walking 5 miles a day. My husband has also been enjoying this transition in the later part now..as he was frustrated with the stumbling blocks. You know men truly can't handle seeing their right hand down. Anyways ladies, thanks to all who have kept me in their prayers. I still have a ways to go but will get there. May God add a blessing to your homes, cover your families, increase your finances and for many of us...hold our tongue. LOL Love Ya!!

Pic Week 5

Skinny Belt Finally

okay ladies I said one of my wishes were to wear the skinny belt without it hiding in a love handle. I think I pulled it off if I may say so myself. Love you ladies be blessed and give someone a hug today.

Skinny Belt Finally

okay ladies I said one of my wishes were to wear the skinny belt without it hiding in a love handle. I think I pulled it off if I may say so myself. Love you ladies be blessed and give someone a hug today.

Here's pic

Skinny belt pic
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

I met with Dr. Palin and his staff for my consultation in March 2014. I previously visited another doctor here in the area and had an appointment with a third. Once I met with Dr. Palin and his wonderful staff my heart confirmed that he would be the one. My consultation (not like the previous dr) last approx 1hr and 30 minutes. Dr. Palin's thoroughness, explanations, attention to detail and patience sealed the deal for me. I knew that he would be the doctor performing my TT. I canceled my third appointment and advised previous doctor that I it wasn't a good fit for me at this time.

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