A Really BIG Mistake - Jacksonville, FL

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Hi, Well long story short I was young and dumb...

Well long story short I was young and dumb and I got a really huge tattoo. I didn't like the small one I had on my back so I end up covering it up. Then I kept adding and addding and ended up making it so big that it wrapped all the way around me. I have a large, very black tattoo, but fortunately its over 13 years old so hopefully it can fade faster. Now that I'm older and wiser (not much but more than before), I want the darn thing off so I decided to get laser tattoo removal.
I went in for my consultation and I was told that the tattoo has to be broken up into multiple sessions and that it would take 15 or more treatments. The facility has the picosure and the enlighten lasers which are the best in market especially in removing black ink.
Right now I'm human guinea pig for both laser so they can compare the two laser, but I was given a huge discount and I'm able to go in until the tattoo is gone. So I bit into it and did my first treatment on my sides on April 30 then May 13 for my back.
I'll post pix...I'm just a little ashamed of that thing now.


1st tx

1st tx on my sides then 2 weeks later my back received it's 1st tx

1st tx

Numbing cream is a blessin h along with a chilled roller. Afterwards it felt like a really bad sunburn.

1st tx back

Here's my back after the 1st tx post tx. It feels like I got a really bad sunburn again. Left side got the picosure and my right side got the enlighten.

2 tx sides

Had my 2nd tx 6/2 for my sides. OMG, it hurt so bad. I think the anesthetic wore off too soon. I'm not sure if it's due to my skin being fresh and tender from the 1st treatment, but by far this treatment hurt badly. I was biting on my seatbelt on the drive home because of the burning sensation was horrible. *note to self bring ice packs for drive home and invest in sencond skins and chill them for comfort.

Besides my small rant about the immediate pain that occured1-3 hours post laser, I'm as good as new. I'm walking around without my sides feeling they are on fire. I feel swollen by its manageable. I still have the bandages on. I'm waiting to get home from work before removing them to see the results.

2nd tx post 24 hours

2nd tx post 24 hours

2nd tx post 24 hr

Post 2nd tx, 2 weeks

Post two weeks on my 2nd tx 9n my sides. I'm not sure if this coloring is normal or I'm scarring or what. Has anyone else's tattoo turn into funky colors? I'm spotted from white to light blue to dark gray, and normal skin color patches. Granted I had a bit of scarring before but I think the colors changing is what causing more worry than anything.

24hrs 2nd tx of back

Omg, the numbing cream didn't work. I feel I was being cut by a scalpel. Well this is how it looks after 24 hour of tx.

TX3 sides

So much post pain, so many blisters. I'm so overwhelmed that I don't know whether to continue or to give up. Will it get better? I hear that they increase the intensity when there is less ink, so will it continue to be just as painfull if not worse? Once I can manage the pain I'll remove the banadage and give you so post tx pix.

3rd tx 24 hours post

24 hours post the worse pain from all the treatments I had so far. The blisters are massive and I have extreme swelling I'm feeling like this is not normal. This has never happened before so it's very traumatizing.

4th Tx

August 31 my sides after the healing

4th Tx

My back after 4 tx, the lighter side is enlighten and the darker side is picosure. We're comparing two lasers overall for the short and long run.

Once it fades

Once it fades it's so much more tolerable. Granted extra numbing time and and some oxy helps but the less ink the less the snap, crackle, and pop. I don't get as itchy, but I still get significant amount of blistering. I see the best results when I do blister, the gnarly they are the better, but fortunately I haven't scared during this process. I am tender afterwards but the results are there. I'll post my tx 6 of my back once I heal.
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