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I am going through the stages of testing to get...

I am going through the stages of testing to get approved for sleeve surgery. I am at 327 lbs, and have been overweight most my life. I need to do this do to chronic joint pain, I know it will just get worst, my mom had her hips replaced at 49. Just nervous and embarrassed I have to do this way. Looking for some support.

waiting game

I have my last appt. and that is with the nutritionist. Then they send it for review to insurance. I have aready started telling some people and I have been looking at smaller clothes, I can't wait to wear some thing that does not have an X in front of it, I really liked New York and Co. clothes

Date scheduled, The end of a new beginning

The other day I met with my surgeon and we scheduled surgery for August 8th. A lot of emotions are going thru my head, but I know it's for the best.


I had my surgery August 8th. I am home, a little sore. But the hardest part is drinking or eating anything and taking my meds crushed are awful. The morning of surgery I weighed in as 310. When I started this whole thing I was 328 lb.

One week post surgery

I am under 300!!! 298 lbs. So I have lost 14 lbs. since surgery. I have been doing ok. Its been hard finding things to eat blended while watching others around eat. I am getting bored with all the dairy food, and want more flavor. It has been tough, it definitely is not an easy way out.

Feel Great

Have now lost a total of 68 pounds, 50 lbs from surgery 3 months ago. Started going to gym to tone up.

11 months post op

Doing awesome. I hit my big goal, under 200. 199 lbs to exact on my 35th birthday. I went to vegas for my goal trip. I am finally in large, no X in front of it. As of now I have lost a total of 129 lbs. It is hard, I still fall in to bad eatting habits. The big thing I do is stop as soon as I feel full and eat protein first. I do not want to strecth it out and want to stay health. The biggest problem I have had is hair loss. It has finally slowed down, but I take 10,000 of biotin daily. I use to have really thick hair ( I guess I should be glad I had that before), now it is pretty thin. Good luck everyone and don't get down, it will happen just give it time.
Dr. Lynch

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