Skinpen Treatment - 2 Treatments-waiting for Result. Jacksonville, FL

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I have mild acne scarring for 3-4 years now,...

I have mild acne scarring for 3-4 years now, specially on my right cheek. I tried eCO2 laser back in March 2014. The doctor said I only needed 1-2 treatments. However, after my first treatment, I had to move to Florida for a job opportunity so I could not get my 2nd treatment done. I do not know if my 2nd treatment would help my scar better but after 1 treatment, I do not see any much improvement.

Here in Florida, I went to a clinic and they recommended Skinpen, which they said a new medical pen from Bellus Medical would help improve acne scars and said that since my scars are shallow and superficial, Skinpen would work. Also, they told me I need 6-8 treatments with 4-6 weeks apart to achieve the result I want. It's 375$ per treatment. I think it's expensive but I would pay for it if i makes me look better.

Thus, after doing some research, I went ahead getting the procedure done. My first treatment was at the end of October 2014. It was not bad at all since numbing cream was applied before that. Just like any other procedures, my face looked red like sunburn for a day or 2. After that, peeling happened. I bought the Hydraulic Acid Serum from the clinic to apply on my whole face after the procedure. After 4 weeks, I did not see any improvement but I did not expect it since it was only 1 treatment.

I went back on November 29th, 2014 for my second treatment. This time they used a deeper needle, i think 2.5mm on me. It was a little more painful, especially on my forehead since it's boney. The same thing happened just like the 1st treatment but more peeling. I guess that was due to deeper needles. But again, I do not see any improvement yet. Well, actually it helps with some pigmentation around my mouth. My next appointment will be next Saturday, January 17th 2015. I'll update more on that

After 4th treatment

I just got my 4th treatment done last Saturday. I'm patiently waiting for the result. I don't see the improvement I want yet but it guess it takes time. I just went back from a consultation at another medical spa for a different opinion. It's a huge medical plastic surgey center called Ponte Vedra Plastic Medical Surgery Center. The practitioner said that for me to get the result I want ( at least 70-80%) then skinpen is not the option. I wasn't too disappointed because ablative eco2 didn't improve my scars so of course skinpen wouldn't. But I still gave it a try as long as it improves the texture of my skin overall. She recommended a new hybrid laser called the Halo by Sciton. I never heard of it. With that laser I will need 3 treatments and its $3,000 for the package. She took pictures of my skin and said would discuss with other practitioner as well as drs to decide the best procedure for me. So right now I will keep getting my Skinpen treatments done until I hear anything from her. Maybe 3-4 more treatments to at least see what the optimal result that they are talking about is.
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