29 Year Old 3 Kids - Jacksonville, FL

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Short discription for now... Surgery is tomorrow...

Short discription for now...
Surgery is tomorrow at7am! I am getting a Mommy makeover, breast augment and full tummy tuck. I have 3 wonderful children and I can't wait to get home to... I have been waiting years to get this and finally it is my time to shine. All my friends are sick of me talking about it and are happy I am going through with this. I will update tomorrow after it is done. Wish me luck!!

Still trying to navigate the website. (Day 1) post

OK I'm a little drowsy from my pain medicine. I just want to say thank you Lord for allowing me to get this surgery if it wasn't for you I don't know what I would do. OK so it's been like 4 to 5 hours since the surgery and I feel good no issues so far just a lot of soreness. I'm trying not to take them and try to wing myself off because I read somewhere you get too relaxed and try to do things your not suppose to do. I do not want to jinx myself but as of right now the pain is not that bad hopefully it'll stay this way. (Praying) That's all I have for now... It took me like 30 min to type this I've been nodding off the entire time... Oh yeah how can I forget. I absolutely love Dr.Hickman her personality assures me that I am going to love this new body of mine!!!!!!

I spoke to soon

Yesterday I had no pain today the pain is unbearable! I just wish it would go away! Going back to sleep I'll let you know how I feel tomorrow....

Before pictures

This is what I did look like after having 3 beautiful children! I think I deserve an upgrade.... Tomorrow I get to take a shower and get to take pictures!!!

Wish pics

These are what I would like them to look like.

paranoia kicked in.

Paranoia kicked in so I had to go in and see my doctor today because my pelvise was very sore and I didnt know if it was notmal or not. Everything else looks good and I have to come back in 2 days to get the tape removed.... Even tho my breast haven't dropped I still am in love with them!!!!!

Post 5 days

so it has been 5 days since my surgery. I feel like everything is going good no complaints. Just really ready to be able to stand up straight. My back is hurting a lot because of the bent over position and not being able to properly lay down when sleeping. Tomorrow I go see Dr. Hickman and hopefully she will let me know when i can take these drains out...
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