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My consultation went well. I felt completely...

My consultation went well. I felt completely comfortable with the Doctor and his staff. All of my queations were answered. I feel as if the staff really cared. I am looking forward to the procedure and will definitely keep everyone updated!
I will make sure to post befores and afters.
Stay tuned for updates!!

pre- op and surgery date are set!

I finally have my date set!
August 25th for my pre-op and September 10th for my BA. I decided to go with the silicone. After much research, I decided the silicone is much nicer looking. Plus, I feel as though if I were to get saline and then lose may make the saline implant more noticeable since losing weight means losing fat and after all the breast tissue is mostly fat.
So, I am super excited and looking forward to September!
Before pictures coming soon!

the closer I get.....

I am 12 days away from my pre-op appointment and I keep having second thoughts about whether or not I want to go through with this....I mean, what if I dont like them this a normal feeling?

17 days until surgery

Im still nervous but Im very excited too!
I bought some natural slimming tea for any constipation after surgery....tried it ahead of works well. Anyway, here are some wish pics.

before pics

2 weeks until surgery

So, I went to the doctor yesterday my doctor did a breast exam. She found 3 lumps in my breast yesterday. I had to go first thing this morning for a STAT mammogram and ultrasound.
Results came back and they are just cysts. The doctor says they will go away on their own......whew!!!!

7 days till BA

So, 7 days to go. Got all my scripts, sports bras and supplies.
My profile- 5'7" 135lbs. I already wear a 32DD but breast are flat and deflated. I will be getting 550cc mentor (UM) in the right breast and 500cc in the left. Im hoping my cup size won't increase by much as we are just trying to refill/ restore emptiness. Should restore the round, firmness of a natural breast.
This week cannot go by fast enough!!

today is the day!

IV is in place! Just waiting for the doctor!
Pretty damn hungry too. Can't wait for this to be done!!
Updates to come!

5 Hours after surgery

So, I woke up from surgery, very uspet that they woke me! I mean damn...Best sleep ever hehehe....aside from that I had instant pain but, the nurses were great and gave me some pain meds immediately! I live yhe Nurses were truly great! Got home, ate Pizza, drank gatorade and still had some pain but took half a valium and I feel fine.
Check out these knockers! I love them already and they havent even began to drop and fluff. I will keep you guys updated!

day of

Loving my boobs!

2 days post op.

My boobs are numb and I have a good bit of bruising. Still very swollen too. Finally got to take a shower and feel like a real human again!

10 days post op

So, I still have this weird irritated (sunburn like) skin feeling on the sides and rib cage. My stitches have not desolved yet. My left still is lower than the right but the right has not fully dropped yet.....still waiting.....grrrrrr
New photos to come

10 days post op

550cc (L)
450cc (R)
Under muscle. Left has dropped, right is still firm and high. Waiting for the drop. But, I love them so far!
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