27yr Old, 5'2 125lbs, 34B and Ready for a BA. Jacksonville, FL

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I have been wanting an augmentation for as long as...

I have been wanting an augmentation for as long as I can remember. I am the smallest woman in my family and grew up always thinking that the day would come that I would fill out. Even at a 34B I can't fil out a bra without padding, and even then I feel like I'm constantly readjusting! I feel self conscious in many of my tops because I feel like they're falling too far off me in the chest. I dont dislike my breast, but I dislike the way I feel with my current size.

I have a consultation tomorrow that I am very excited about!! I have a decent amount of breast tissue already so I'm hoping that my body responds well to implants.. My biggest fear is disliking my final look or ending up with complications- like a capsular contracture.

At this point in my life, my husband and I are thinking about having children, but this is something that I have wanted for so long.. And can finally afford. I think if I wait to have the BA until after children, I will end up waiting another ten years lol. I want to talk all of this over tomorrow and see what my surgeon thinks; I still plan on waiting until next spring to try and get pregnant if I have the BA now. I've been looking at all of your posts for weeks now and am so excited!! Any advice or words of wisdom are welcome! I am leaning towards silicone unders based on what I have seen other women with my similar shape on here get; hoping for a D cup. Wish me luck tomorrow!!

Consultation today!

I had my consultation today with Dr. Csikai; I really liked him and everyone in his office! I was surprised at the recommendations they made for my size. I am a 34B now and want to go to a D, I was thinking they would recommend 400cc maybe.. But they recommended either 450/475 or 475/500! I'm excited but nervous too that I'll go too big or end up regretting not going bigger. I have very little space in between my breasts now so I also told him I didn't want to go too big and end up with uni-boob lol! He didn't seem to think this would be a concern. I took some pictures with the sizers in, I know 25cc doesn't make much difference in the end but it's so hard to decide!

Here are my before's and sizers

Rice sizers?

So I've seen many of you try using rice sizers at home to help decide which implants to go with.. I bought myself supplies today to try them out!! I'm excited bc I really am nervous that I'll go with something too big or regret not going bigger. How do you guys feel like the sizers compared?? I'll post some pics later!

Rice sizer pictures

Okay! Here are pictures I took with the rice sizers in based on the 475/500 that my surgeon was recommending. I just think this is going to be too big.. I love the projection in the side angle, but when you see these things from the front- it's insane!!! Granted, I know that they will look much different under my muscles instead of crammed in my tank top.. But I worry if will look as different as I want it to. I definitely love the idea of going bigger and how my wish pictures look; did those of you who tried rice sizers feel like they look insane from the front, and if you still went with that same size, were they different than the sizers?

I obviously trust my surgeon, but I wonder if because I said I wanted to be a D cup, he got the wrong impression. I want a D cup.. But not porn star boobs lol. What do you guys think??


Today I went to target an bought a 36D (they didn't have 34) Bali bra without underwire to try on with my sizers.. It made SUCH a huge difference in the way I felt about them! I love the way the 450/475 sizers felt, and from what I understand, you should go one more size up from the sizer you liked the most if you're going under the muscle. If that's the case, the 475/500 that my surgeon recommended is spot on!! I was able to try on more clothes today with the sizers bc of the bra.. Everything felt more natural. Out of curiosity.. Do you guys put your sizers kind of below and on the outside of your natural breasts? That's what o did bc it was the only way to get to where I could see the sizers in my pictures. I think these look so perfect!! YAY!!! ????

Did anyone else..

Go to try on sizers at their PS and realize that they REALLY wished they were in better shape?? So many of you on here are so tiny in the waste, it makes me realize how much the ten pounds I slowly put on over the last two years really bothers me. So my new goal is to be back at my happy weight by the time I go for the new ladies! And once I've lost the numbers, I really want to get back in the gym and tighten everything up since I can't lift after the surgery. I'm down three pounds already :) my husband and I spent the day doing yard work yesterday so I'm extremely sore lol.. But it feels good! ??


So when I first found this site I thought I was just going to use it to read all of your stories and see everyone's progress; and now I see that I'm probably going to be much more interactive here than I initially thought! I changed my name to something a little less stale and put a little profile picture up. I think I was so paranoid about anyone recognizing me here but I have been on this site like crazy and have yet to see a single person I know! I really look forward to getting to know all of you wonderful ladies more and sharing this journey with all of you! I spend so much time looking at and obsessing over boobs, I think my husband's even getting tired of it! LOL!! I started wearing my sizers around the house when I'm home alone to get used to size more.. I've got to say, it's a lot of fun! Hope you're all doing great, I'll update again soon!

I have a date!!!

I haven't updated in several weeks now, not much to update without the surgery yet. I was putting off booking my date because we are going to TN and Ireland in April and I was worried about trying to do the surgery before in case I had any complications. But today I called put down a deposit for June 3rd!! I am so excited, I wish it was here already! My best friend works at the surgery center so I'll have her with me all day, then I'll be taking at least a week off work. I'm going to go into the office again to try on sizers one more time. Still checking in here to track all of you and your progress! Here's to the next three months flying by! :)

90 Days!

Just saying! I can't believe it's only 90 days away, and yet I wish this 90 days would HURRY UP! I'm still working to get more in shape before my surgery date.. Sometimes when I try on the sizers I feel like my torso just looks shorter and overall I look fatter.. lol. Its making it more difficult to make up my mind about size! When I paid my deposit the scheduler offered to let me come in any Wednesday afternoon I want and try their sizers on again; so I'm trying to get in shape a little more and then try on sizers again. In the mean time, I still love checking up on all of your updates and progress- so happy for all of you!! :)

Wish pictures

These are some of the augmentations that my surgeon has done, that I really like & think are similar to my breast size and shape.

70 days and counting..

I try to stay off RS sometimes, it seems to make the time go by faster lol.. But I still am counting every single day down! I went out last night and bought more bras for my recovery; specifically a front zipping sports bra which is what my PS wants me to have the day of surgery. I got an amazing Champion brand that is regularly 30-something at Kohls for $9 last night!! Woohoo! Then I went home and tried on my 400/425 and 450/475 sizers. I'm learning it's all about trying on sizers with a bra in the size you want.. Otherwise I always look smooshed and deformed lol. So after I tried them on I put pictures side by side to compare. It's amazing how little difference I see in the photos but how different they feel on. I figured I'd upload them here.. My PS was recommending 475, but I'm concerned that will be putting me at the max size I want.. And I won't be able to dress them down when I want to be more conservative. Another realself-er has been super helpful with my concerns in that area too so when I go back to the PS I'll definitely address that too. Hope you all are doing amazing!!!

39 DAYS?!! Holy BEJESUS!

I have really been ignoring my countdown calendar.. And trying not to be on here. My husband and I just got back from a 10 day vacation to Ireland that was absolutely amazing!!! And now I open my countdown to check my time and I'm only 39 days away!!!! I am officially in the "Am I seriously going to do this???" And "Holy crap.." Phase lol. I guess it's feeling real, and I'm nervous! Still checking up on my girls on here, I haven't seen many updates lately, keep posting friends!! I better start wearing my sizers more often and getting ready for my preop appointment that will be in 2 weeks! I just can't believe how fast this time is going :)

22 DAYS!!

I can't believe how fast my surgery day is approaching! I went in to the office today and tried on sizers again; they weren't even seeing patients today so it was just the receptionist and his scheduler. I had sent his scheduler some of my wish pictures, she's been working with Dr. Csikai forever so I really trusted her opinion. The bra they had me use today was much better quality than the first time so I felt like I got a better idea! I tried two different sizes on each breast since my left is a little smaller than my right but I won't know for sure if I need two different sizes until surgery day; he's going to decide once he's got me on the table. In these pictures the larger one is always right.. I can tell a difference but idk if it's because its a sizer and not under the muscle. Anyways, I'm rambling! I really like the way the 450/475 sizer looks, she she said I would need the 475/500 implants; just like before! I didn't get to try on the 400/425 sizer which I wanted to do, but I'm guessing it wouldn't be that much different to me. My BWD, by my measurement, is 14.5cm.. and the mentor HP diameter for 475 is 12.9cm. I wish I had realized in the pictures that I was standing in front of that weird chair lol, it's hard to tell the projection. I'm so excited! What do you ladies think about the size? I hope the next three weeks fly! Next up is my pre-op on the 24 :) :)

BLACK BRA- and other two week celebrations :)

Hello ladies! Can you believe I only have two weeks left?! So crazy! Well a few ago I was talking to my best friend who will also be my OR nurse, thank goodness :) we were just talking about random things about the surgery and she asked what color bra I'm wearing home. I had bought a white front zip sports bra a while back and she flipped lol! She said she always sees girls wear these beautiful, expensive white sports bras that get ruined with the betadine and blood. So I took her advice and ordered a black front zip bra off amazon- it just arrived!!! And it is so comfy! I only spent $17 on Amazon. I also did some research on stretch mark creams, mostly in the pregnancy circuit. I ordered the cream most recommended off amazon too! It was $36 but that was $12 cheaper than anywhere else, and it's 250ml! Plus I'm planning on starting a family in the future (I know y'all think I'm doing this all out of order lol) so I'll be able to see how well the cream works :) here are some pictures of the items and my Amazon order, in case anyone's interested!

Post op is done!! 9 days left!

I finalized everything today! I've paid, gotten my Arnica and Bromelain to start taking next week, and have my prescriptions to be filled! I'm excited he gave me the two supplements, I had considered ordering it myself bc they never mentioned it before today, so glad I didn't spend that money! I have prescriptions for an anti-nausea patch to be put on the night before surgery, Valium, Lortab, and an antibiotic. I also picked up the plastic "retainer" to wear in my cartilage and tragus piercings in the OR so they don't close. The scheduler told me to get them from a tattoo shop and I just randomly checked while I was in Walmart and they had them! Only $5 for four of them! My surgery is next Friday at 12:30, so I have to get to the surgery center at 11. I am so nervous! I'm still nervous about the size being too big but my surgeon assured me that I will look proportionate; I told him once he gets in there, if he decides they might be too big, I'm totally fine with him going smaller lmao! He said my sports bra and gauze bandages have to stay on for the first two days and then I can shower and take them off at that time. That's going to be so hard for me! I'm going to ask my friend to take a picture of them while I'm still in the OR so I can see them after lol! Ahhhhh, I can't freaking wait. So nervous! I'm going to be making myself super busy this next week!!!

Warranty Question

Did any of you ladies buy the extra warranty for your implants that covers CC if it happens? I'm getting Mentor implants and the scheduler told me yesterday it costs $200 and if I ever got a CC that had to be surgically repaired I would probably have to pay $500-600.. She said if were her, she wouldn't buy the warranty bc she doesn't see many of his clients come back with CC.. Just curious what you girls have done. I haven't seen anyone mention it though? Hope you're all doing great!!!

Three more days!

I can't believe it! I finally picked up my prescriptions today, and I also started taking the Bromelaine. He said to start that three days prior. The surgery center called to go over my instructions this morning; it's getting very real!! My husband had been having moments with my boobs before the surgery lol.. I've been considering calling and downsizing but I don't know if it's too late. I don't want to change a drastic amount.. Just to do 450/475. I don't know why but 475/500 just stresses me out! I'm supposed to go out to dinner for my father in laws bday the night after my surgery- I hope I'll be able to! They don't know about the surgery so I don't want to be obviously in pain lol. I just can't wait to be done- I never thought I would be so nervous! Hope all of you ladies are doing great! :)

Earlier time!! Yay!!

My scheduler called me and said they moved me from 12:30 to 10am!! So I have to arrived at 8:30, thank goodness! The less time I have to sit around and stress in the morning, the better! I'm so freaking nervous still about how I'll like the end result, but I think it's just normal heebie jeebies lol. I'll be happy when I'm done so I can stop looking at boobs on my phone all day! :p hope you're all doing great!! I'll keep ya'll posted!

Today's the day!

Holy crap! Did anyone else just feel like they were in total disbelief that this is happening lol?! I can't even be nervous bc I literally still can't wrap my head around the fact that I'm going to do this! I can't wait to be done.. Yesterday I cleaned the house, caught up on laundry; I went to my parents to help my dad with some stuff in the yard and then got in the pool for the last time until he clears me again! I have had my nausea patch on since last night.. He did say I could take a Valium this morning if I needed to buy so far I'm doing okay. I think I'm most nervous right now about how much pain I'll be in.. I hope I'm like some of you girls who just feel sore! Okay.. Time to get ready. I actually slept incredibly good last night! I'll post as soon as I feel up to it and let you guys know I'm doing! One last picture in my jammies :)

Ladies, I'm done!!

I'm so happy I did this! I haven't even seen it yet but I was so scared that I was making a mistake, I don't feel that way anymore :) I got home and my husband has been keeping track of my meds like the best fella EVER <3 I just got up and walked a few laps in the house.. Grabbing my ice packs bc I'm swelling a little more. Overall, it's not too bad! My back honestly hurts more than my boobs, I hate laying on my back lol. I took a few peek pictures but I haven't taken off my shirt and I can't take off the bra til Sunday! It's hard to even tell in these pictures, but oh well!!

Day 1 post op!

So far I can't complain! My whole experience yesterday was amazing, they gave me a little extra nausea me done just in case before I left. I've been taking my meds on time and have found that if I take my muscle relaxer an hour before my pain pill, I am mostly just using one pain pill. I've been icing, probably not as much as I should buy it definitely helps when I do! Other than the morning stiffness today I feel great! I start lifting my arms yesterday very easily , have been getting up and walking laps around the house, and this morning have massaging (more like just rubbing) the tight spots. I still havent seen them myself but my best friend did take a few pictures for in the OR and then I snapped some in my sports bra last night. I'm still planning to go out to dinner tonight! Just going to start getting ready super early lol. Tomorrow I can shower and take the bra off!! I'll add more pictures then. Hope you're all doing fabulous! :)

Second Day Post Op!

Good morning ladies! I ended up feeling good enough to go out to dinner last night for my father in laws bday, yay! I had my husband put a pain pill I his pocket for me incase I started hurting, and I didn't need it until right before we left :) Today was the day, I got to unwrap the girls and check them out!! They're still high and tight, but feeling a little better than yesterday! I took a shower which felt amazing!! And I didn't need any help, thank goodness. Here are my post shower pictures!! I've still been massaging and stretching, I only took my bra off long enough to shower and take pictures, now I'm back in my chair with my bra and ice bags lol. Hope you're all doing great as well!!

Three days post op!

Not much new to report here! I think they feel a little softer but at the same time some areas still feel incredibly stiff and swollen. I honestly thought they looked worse today but then I did a side by side from yesterday and can see a little difference! I tried to ditch my pain meds today but had to take a dose this evening and am feeling much better now! I haven't been doing much around the house.. Yesterday my parents stopped by and I had to hold my dogs back from the door which I'm thinking is probably why they're still so sore today. I showered today and swapped bras out.. Been massaging on and off all day. Have anyone else started massaging this early? My PS didn't say not to and it really feels better when I do lol. Tomorrow my mother in law is coming to pick me up for a pedicure with my future sister in law (btw the cats out of the bag to all immediate family, it was easier that way.. And I know a lot of you didn't plan on telling either but honestly everyone been really great about it!) right now I'm just lounging around in jammies all day bc all of my normal clothes still look a little weird lol! How are all of my RS friends doing?!! Love to hear from you all and make sure I'm keeping up with what I should be doing lol, when are you guys seeing a drastic change in swelling? I don't know about you guys but over all the last few days are super fuzzy in my head haha! Wishing you all the best!

Five days post, first post op appointment :)

Hope you ladies are doing great! Yesterday I went out with my mother in law for a pedicure that turned into a much longer day than expected; I thought i was going to die from swelling by the time I got home! I had been backing off my pain meds and muscle relaxers but when I got home I took one of each last night and iced like crazy!! This morning was my first post op appointment! He said they look great, that they will heal at different rates, which they already are, but I'm fine with that. We took off the steri-strips and he just said to do antibiotic ointment and gauze over my incisions and I have another appointment in two weeks! :) I haven't taken any pain meds today, just my Bromelain, arnica, antibiotic and ice. I've still be stretching, still been massaging, trying to do more each day to get ready to go back to work! I took my dogs out twice today (there's three of them, and they're BIG! Haha) but they went easy on me.. I think they know something weird is up haha. I haven't been wearing anything other than tees when I go out bc of how high they're riding still, but I'm loving the way they look so far!

Ten days Post Op

Good evening friends! Hope you're all doing great :) this week has been good and bad for me.. Been very busy and yesterday was my first day back to work. For the most part, I have been pain free, my biggest annoyance has been swelling and having a sore tail bone from sleeping propped up. Now the swelling is largely self inflicted I think bc I have been so busy I definitely haven't been icing as I should. I cleaned my entire house this weekend while my husband spent hours out in the yard; then we spent an hour planting new flowers in the flower bed another day, and then yesterday I was back to work for my first twelve hour shift. I don't know if I mentioned yet but I live in Florida and it is HOT, and humid. Every single time I step out of my house I instantly feel my boobs swell up lol, it's awful. I wear a mandatory brand of uniforms at work that don't breath well, so I always wear a long sleeve undershirt too... Well before my surgery I wore my sizers to buy three new tops for work that were the perfect size and of course the ones they send me home with are tighter all over, I could barely breath yesterday.. Not to mention i was sweating for mostly the entire shift so my incision and bottom of my boobs ached from the moisture and my upper boobs ache so bad now too, not my boobs themselves; my skin. My skin is sooo tender! I don't know why or how to make it better but it's killing me lol.. Today I'm wearing a super comfy cotton sports bra from Walmart (3pk for $10-&15) so they're not being squeezed so much, but there not a lot of support either. Yesterday I also had blisters from the paper tape; it's got to be from the sweating. So today my antibiotic ointment gauze are just place inside my bra over my incisions. I've been having tenderness on the outside and inside "edges" if that makes sense of my boobs; I think it's muscle pain, my PS said that the edges of where the incisions are can become painful. So needless to say, I've a rough past couple of boobie days. I'd gladly welcome any advice about the skin sensitivity or tips for how to deal with long/sweaty work days :( I am still putting stretch mark lotion on even though it hurts to touch my skin lol. I have a busy week ahead and three days of work in a row next week so I hope the issues I'm having clear up! Sorry my post isn't all happy as usual; i do still love my boobs and the size! Just having some bumps in the road. I'll keep you all posted! Here are a few pictures :)

For all my ladies with hypersensitivity!!!

As most of you know, the last week or so I have been struggling big time with hypersensitive skin.. Which is killer when I work such long hours and spend 99% of the time wishing I could rip all my shirts and bra off my skin lol! I've been doing a lot of research into this, I knew for certain this was nerve pain after talking with my PS.. But we didn't really discuss any way to improve my symptoms. I have a medical mind and like to understand WHY things are and what can be done to help improve; and I want to share it all with you guys! I've read several medical journals on this that all point to the exact same answer, and I'll include one blog written by a PS who explains it really well so you guys can read about it too if you want.

Essentially; the hypersensitivity is due to the stretching/bruising/breaking of nerves during the surgery. When the are stretched too thin that they bruise or break; the myelin sheath (protective case around each nerve) is either stretched too thin too fast, or remains in tact even when the nerve is broken. This causes the nerve pathways to misfire, get all jumbled up, and forget how to determine what a normal feeling to that area should feel like. This is why you experience burning and skin sensitivity when something like a shirt touching skin happens. This same PS wrote another article related to this for retraining your nerves by touching them as much as possible in a variety of ways; first starting with very smooth items (like velvet, silk, etc) then rougher items (like wool) for five minutes at a time 3-5- times per day to speed the process. I'm all for this! However.. When I'm working 12hrs; I need immediate relief so I can do my job without distractions.

SO.. I did some research for over the counter topical nerve pain ointments. I found one with excellent reviews! It's marketed for diabetic people who frequently experience nerve pain in their hands and feet.. It's sold at Walgreens.. It got 4.5/5 stars reviews from other people, and it's on sale right now for $19.99 instead of $30!! So I looked it up online, saw which store had it near me, and off I went!! FYI- it is not with "pain relief" items, it's was near supplements, on a bottom shelf, with 5-6 other products directed specifically to nerve problems for diabetics. I quickly did a search online of the other products, and none had as good of reviews, if any at all.. So I bought this cream! And ladies... IT WORKS!!! Now, I'm not 100% pain free, I still have some sensitivity even with the cream on, but I can tolerate it. I am in LOVE! You can apply up to four times daily. I applied it about six hours ago and just reapplied. It has a minty smell, almost like Vicks but not as obvious; and it takes a while to absorb, so this time I'm leaving my bra open a little to let it dry. I took a picture so you could see how shiny my chest is when applied. I also was concerned that by dulling the sensitivity I would delay the return of normal sensation; but this same PS even states prescribed lidocaine patches can help over time until back to normal, so I think this is okay. I'll double check with my PS on my next appt and let you ladies know.. But I'm definitely going to continue using this amazing wonderful cream!

**My disclaimer! My PS didn't recommend any of this; this is all based off my own research and knowledge of nerve pain. This cream is holistic, I am primarily applying it only to the top and sides of my breasts, I'm keeping it away from my incision and lower boob all together! I didn't have any issues applying it to my nipples too (even though they're not as sensitive) but I would have a damp washcloth nearby incase you try this and it isn't compatible with you! Some people have naturally sensitive skin to new products, so keep that in mind. And for the love of all things, you should BUY THIS! And if you have family with diabetic neuropathy, you should buy them this! It's not a 100% improvement, but it's pretty darn close!!

Okay. I'll get off my soapbox. I hope some of you that have been struggling like me get to buy this and get some relief too.. Let me know if you try it, I want to hear what you think! Here are the links to the articles and I'm attaching a picture of the box:



Yesterday was 15 days post!

And it was GOOD BOOB DAY! Yay! I had such a long stretch of bad boob days lol.. I'm thrilled for one full good boob day! Even today didn't feel like my morning boob was quite as bad as its been. I have had a major turn around since I found that cream last week. I usually have to apply it every 5-6 hours when I'm out of the house; not usually more than twice per day and it says you can do it up to four times per day. I haven't seen much change in the appearance of my boobs, but that's okay. I just keeping massaging and living life! I told my husband I've got to get better about massage the lower parts of my breasts too.. I have a little bit of numbness on both sides (mostly left) and it feel sooo weird to massage there.. I've been avoiding it and mostly doing top & sides lol. I have a few updated pictures and I also tried on a few bathing suits I ordered when I found out VS was scrapping them from their stores.. I'm still a little too "boxy" looking though lol. Today is my first of three shifts in a row, so everyone cross your fingers I'm more comfortable at work this week! Hope you're all doing great!! :)

24 days & my second post op!

Hey guys! Hope you're all doing wonderful!! I had my second post op appointment this past Wednesday; Dr. Csikai clipped a part of my sutures that had been poking out (mine are dissolvable) and he said they're healing great. He told me to keep massaging and that I could start taking breaks from bras if I want, also that I could wear any "soft" bra I want, or no underwire. The only real bra I have is actually a nursing bra from target, I didn't realize it was nursing when I picked up but when I tried it on it was so comfy I decided to get it anyways lol. And he said I could swim!!! I was most excited about that haha! My breasts haven't changed a great deal since my last post but they do continue to settle. The other day I realized the bottom of my boob was touching my stomach, I was so excited! They've never been big enough to have real "under-boob" haha! I've still been sleeping with a bra a night, mostly still on my back and just propped up with an extra pillow. The nerve cream I had shared before has worked wonders and I've even noticed that I don't need it as much anymore, which was such a relief! I brought the cream with me to my postop appointment and at first my PS looked worried that I had been using something but he read over the ingredients and said it should be fine. I've noticed that my right side seems to be settling a little bit fast than the left, which seems backwards compared to other posts I've read bc it's my dominant side and my bigger implant, but it doesn't bother me much! They're both softer every day it seems like, other than when I first wake up; and I rarely have difficulty working my 12hr shifts.. Usually I just get really tired of my bras hurting me than anything else haha. I go back to see my PS in three weeks! I'll keep posting updates in the meantime though :)

Five Weeks post-op

Did you guys notice the app had an update! I like the new layout to post updates! So I took the photos I'm posting two days ago, and yesterday was my true five week mark.. But nothing has changed from them until now anyways! After my last post op appointment I noticed my left incision had become very red and itchy, almost excoriated feeling. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I live in Florida and we're in 100 degree weather; and I work in an ER where I am moving and sweating a lot. I emailed my PS one evening about it and he responded to me within a few minutes and told me to come in the following day so he could check them out- he is phenomenal! So I went in the following day and he thought they looked okay but validated my concerns. He recommended I switch away from the triple antibiotic and try aquaphor to see if there's any improvement; incase the redness was due to me developing an allergy to the triple antibiotic. He also said if I wanted to try the scar strips I could. I bought both and tried the strips first.. I really liked them compared to gauze bc they didn't shift in my bra like gauze sometimes does (I stopped using tape with gauze after the first week bc it irritated my skin) but the bad thing is that wearing them without a bra is difficult depending on what I'm doing. If I'm sweating- they aren't staying put lol. So I've primarily been using aquaphor and no bra or aquaphor with gauze and a bra. I've seen HUGE improvements in the incision; it was dry and cracked from the irritation but my skin is hydrated again and back to looking normal! Most days that I'm off work I go bra-less at home and sleep in a bra at night, and if I'm in a bra for 12hrs all day at work I'll sleep without one. I still try to sleep on my back but I've been sleeping a lot more on my sides recently. My PS told me from the beginning that it was okay but I have been very nervous. Hopefully I don't do any harm by side-sleeping but I've been keeping a close eye and haven't see any changes. They haven't changed much since my last update; they're soft but I'm hoping they get even softer and drop a little more. I still feel like they're too rectangular depending on how I hold my arms.. So hoping that I haven't completely dropped and fluffed just yet! My next appointment is in a little over a week, I'll keep you all updated! Otherwise.. I love them! My husband loves them! No more sensitivity really, just occasionally; and my morning boob is almost non-existent. So happy I did this!

Dr. Csikai

I really like Dr. Csikai and his office staff! They were all incredibly nice and willing to answer all of my questions. I'm really looking forward to my augmentation with him!

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