STRONGLY Considering out of Country Procedure for Lipsculpture with Fat Transfer

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Okay, I have VERY stubborn belly fat. Yes, I have...

I have VERY stubborn belly fat. Yes, I have tried all kinds of diets and work out routines. I have gained 30lbs lost it and gained 23 and lost it so I am just not as happy with my body as I would like. When I start to get a flattER stomach, I do not like the rest of my body. I have been looking in Colombia for doctors. I would rather liposculpture rather than traditional liposuction. (I have reached out to three different places) Dr. Hoyos looks to have fantastic work. When I sent an email, the lady responded with a quote of $11,000. Saying that the doctor wanted to do my arms and legs and back, AS WELL as what I was inquiring about which is Liposculpture of my stomach, fat transfer to my butt. I DID NOT ask or want anything done to my arms legs or back. IF I wanted to pay $11,000, I would stay my butt here in the US and wait for Dr. Miami and it would still probably be a little less than that. Anyway, it has been very difficult picking a doctor. I am hesitant to go to another country to do the procedure, however I think it would be best. I just want to be safe and satisfied. Any words of wisdom of going to Colombia for liposculpture/fat transfer and any recommended Doctors that haven't been very hard to communicate with????

What I look like now

Which Doctor? Help!!

I have reached out to probably ten doctors in Colombia. Most of the doctors are in Bogota, one or two in Cali. Some I think are flat unprofessional. Some I get a sketchy vibe. And some I get no response back!

Right now, I am waiting for Dr. Plazas in Cali, to contact me back because I believe he is my first pick.
Alfredo Hoyos was orginially my first pick but his international assistant is horrible. Quoting all kinds of outrageous things.

If Dr. Plazas contacts me back this week, and has the date I want. I will be going with him.
If not, it is between Dr. Humberto Morelli and Dr. Rafael Gomez. I really like Dr. Morelli's work on IG and his website. He's been super responsive and answering all my questions. I just cant find any reviews on him and he's some what newer. His looks are also very natural which is good, but I don't want TOO natural. Dr. Gomez is certified and everything checks out on him, I just am not sure if I like his work as much. Anybody have any good input? Thanks!

Paid deposit

I have decided to go to dr. Plazas in Cali, Colombia. I have paid my deposit. Only 5 weeks until surgery!! I have a friend going with me but won't be staying the entire post op. So I would like to get a personal nurse in my hotel for the first four days then maybe move to a recovery home when she's gone.

Which recovery house?

Anybody who had Dr. Plazas, what recovery house did you stay at? And did his assistant suggest one to you? I have heard the ladies speaking of mostly three, Alba Diaz, sophisticated solutions (something like that) and beautisleep rh.. and there has been bad reviews for all of them. So I'm not sure which to choose. The one that his assistant suggested, their website isn't very helpful and she wants me to send over a $500 western union deposit... idk about that.


I'm going to have Sx with dr plazas in 10 days! Super excited, super nervous. I picked this doc because I work with a girl who had gone to him and she looks amazing. One of my Guy friends sister went to Dr plazas and she looks awesome. I contacted 15 doctors in Colombia. Got quotes from almost every single one of them. Did research on about every one of them. I talked to at least 6 RH. I didn't want to stay in an RH at first but it's the best place to get post op care.

2 days post op

I am two days post op and am in soooo much pain. I get my first massage today which I Know will hurt but I just know I'll del better after. I'll do a full update and review later. But I made it to the snatched side or more the swollen bloody side!!
Dr Plazas

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