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I will be posting a couple of before pics soon but...

I will be posting a couple of before pics soon but I just wanted to ask anyone if they had advice about what to expect? I'm having local anesthesia only, and driving myself to and from the office. Basically, I'm having a trim method as opposed to the wedge because all I have is excess skin hanging. I wish I had a pic to post but I will in a couple of days....boy that's going to be an awkward pic to take!

The before pic

Sorry I have not kept things today down there but I'm going to wax before I have my surgery on Wednesday.

Goodbye to Flappy!

Getting a bit nervous as surgery is Wednesday. I have my shopping list all ready for tomorrow, plus gonna take some farewell pics to the old flappy-flaps!!!

Tomorrow is Surgery Day!!!! Last "before" pics

Pics are kind of fuzzy, but I can't wait until I can post the after pics!!!

Roughly Eight Hours Post Op, Everything Was a Breeze!

Everything went well! I had local sedation which I would recommend if you are not at all squeamish. The needles were very painful. I listened to my MP3 player and had on soft, sedating music so I focused on zoning out during the procedure. Even though I was numb, I could stel feel some light pressure and prodding, especially during the stitches but absolutely no pain. I'm sore tonight and very swollen and bleeding, but I have pads, ice packs, and meds. Dr. Wallace and his assistant are very caring professional people and I would recommend them!

Lots of swelling!!!!

Franken-gina is very swollen and purple right now as you can see in the pics. The pain is not so much, just lots of bleeding yesterday and less bleeding more purple today.

Day Four Swelling...

Still bleeding and swollen, trying very hard to stay off my feet as much as possible and sit on ice. The swelling has gone down a little bit. Not as much pain as I am just uncomfortable.

A lot of bleeding and fluid drainage seeping out of the stitches

The swelling is going down but I have near constant bleeding/spotting causing me to go through a lot of pantyliners. I've been keeping it clean with hygienic wipes and antibiotic ointment. Maybe this is normal? I'm still very swollen and bruised.

What types of "personal wipes" should I be using? If any?

I have the sensitive skin summer's eve cleansing wipes and maybe they are causing some kind of irritation?

Follow Up with the Doctor!! Re-stitched!!!

I got more stitches, which meant I had to be numbed again. OUCH! A needle in the vagina is never okay but I told myself I can do this, I can do this. SO now the sweeling is going down and the bleeding hole has been stitched up. It can only get better from here. Dr. Wallace is really good at making it comfortable.

One week post-op after new stitches

Still swollen, but not as bad. No longer bleeding as heavily. Here is the newest pic, so you can see it's not the purple monster it was a week ago.

Newest Pic 2.5 weeks post op

The swelling and drainage has improved greatly. The stitches are still there, but some are dissolving. By week six I should see the rest of the swelling gone. I've taken care not to exercise during this time b/c that increases swelling....but I'm no longer bleeding out of the place where the stitch didn't hold.

Seven weeks later....

Here is the latest photo. There is some separation on the right side, so in about six weeks we will be snipping off a piece and putting two more stitches in. Other than that, the swelling is steadily going down.

Iin about six weeks, I will have a tiny little revision

where one of the stitches separated and it healed a little crooked. It will just be a small snip and a stitch, then everythign should heal well...

Small tear in stitch after getting it re-sewn.

I think there was a lot of pressure with me sitting in my desk chair and the seeping fluid after getting revision...the stitch didn't hold. I'm going to wait and see how it heals.

My "after" photo looks like a lot of other women's "before" pics

My right lip healed with a separation in the middle. It kind of looks like someone took a bite out of it. Although my labia are a LOT smaller than before, they still stick out. I'm not sure if I should wait a year and have a revision to try to get it even smaller or if I should just let well enough alone. I might have to look into getting my labia majora worked on instead.

Six Months After Surgery

I healed very uneven. I have scar tissue bunched up on the left side and a sagging strip where the stitch didn't hold on the left side. I still have more labia minora tissue than I expected to have. Granted, it's a lot less than i began with....but I'm concerned that this will start to sag in another decade and I'll have to get a revision. Does it look like what you'd expect a labiaplasty to look like?

Ok so you can see how uneven I healed. The left...

Ok so you can see how uneven I healed. The left side had a separation, and the lower half is drooping. I think that I look like a BEFORE picture of a labiaplasty, not an after. I think it's just the way my body healed, but I still think I have too much labia minora. I just don't know if it's bad enough that I have to plan a revision, or I should just leave it alone. If the tissues stretch again over the years though I know I will have to get a redo. Compared to most "after" photos I see.....I didn't get the results I should have.....

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