Getting Invisalign Soon - Jacksonville, FL

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I have been wanting braces for a long time and...

I have been wanting braces for a long time and have finally decided to go through with it. I do have a couple questions for those out there that have gone through the process. My consultation appointment is on 10/11. Do they give you a price and approximate treatment time at your consultation?

I have some crowding in my 4 upper and lower teeth in the front. Looking at my pictures whats a good estimate on how long you think I'll need?

Ok, I went to the Orthodontist this morning and...

Ok, I went to the Orthodontist this morning and was able to get wayyyy more information than I got from the dentist. They took photos and x-rays and were very detailed. The ortho said that invisalign would work but I will need to wear a special appliance for 3-6 months to fix a cross bite I have before I can start my invisalign treatment. I was pretty disappointed with that. I'm so ready to see results! She also talked to me about Damon Clear braces which would fix my cross bite while straightening my teeth without the need of the special appliance. So now I'm not sure what to do. She said the treatment time would be the same with the Damon Clear vs Invisalign Braces but I would see results faster as far as the crowdedness of my teeth goes since it fices that aspect before fixing your bite. I wanted invisalign because I thought the treatment time would be shorter, but she said it would be 2 years either way. I guess I have to weigh the pros and cons and make a decision. The price is exactly the same. She explained I would probably get a better result with the Damon Clear braces since she has more control over how they move my teeth. I'm really just not that sure what to do. I posted a question and pics in the Q&A section asking how necessary it is to correct my cross bite. It's not noticeable at all. I'm not sure what the problem with this is. But it is what makes my treatment time the same with invisalign as it is with the Damon Clear Braces. But I really like the ortho I visited. They were just sooo detailed and seemed to really know what would be best for me but didn't try to pressure me into making a decision right away. I'd like to go to another ortho so that I will have something to compare their prices to since she was like $1,000 more than the general dentist I went to about Invisalign, but this quote included the retainers and the general dentists' didn't. Not sure how much retainers normally are.

One last thing. My dad mentioned the local University (Jacksonville University School of Orthodontics) does orthodontics for like 40% cheaper obviously because they are still in training. I'm not sure I feel comfortable with someone practicing on my teeth ya know. But they did mention the instruction oversees all of the work and he is some kind of award winning orthodontist. Does anyone out there have any experience with getting ortho work done at an ortho school?

So I've decided to go with ceramic braces...

So I've decided to go with ceramic braces instead of Invisalign. After going to a few consultations I've determined Invisalign isn't for me. I'm going to be going to my local Orthodontics School for treatment and will get my Radiance Clear Braces by American Orthodontics on 1/5/12. Has anyone had these before that can share their experience with me? Also, I read when people get ceramic braces they only get them on the top front teeth and get metal ones on the sides and bottom. I have also seen people get them on the top and bottom , which is how I want mine. Has anyone had any bad experiences with getting ceramics on the top and bottom?

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