At Home Glycolic Peels-45 Years Old - Jacksonville, FL

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I just started a series (trying for 6) of at home...

I just started a series (trying for 6) of at home Glycolic Acid Peels. Yesterday was my second peel spaced 1 week apart. I left the peel on for 10 minutes and on day 2 the brown spots have emerged and some crusting has formed, I am using Eucerin and Coconut Oil for moisturizing. I left this peel on longer than the last and was fearful I may have burned my skin but today my skin feels less sensitive than it did at this same point during my first peel. There are a lot more brown spots though. which is what I wanted to happen as these should crust and flake off. I am concerned about the coconut oil clogging my pores but so far it is a great emollient.
My goal is to improve Rosacea, tone, texture, brighter complexion and mostly get rid of fine lines and crepey skin on my lower eyelids

Day 3- dark spots feeling scaly

This is day 3- Skin feels rough, crusty, tight , brown spots crusting. No more tenderness. I've been washing my face a couple times a day with gentle cleanser and kind of soaking it in warm water hoping it will promote exfoliation/decrusting my face. I then liberally reapply coconut oil. I've had a few whiteheads. I am assuming it's from the coconut oil. but no big deal.

Really starting to shed

yesterday when I ran my hands over my face it felt like large grain sandpaper with other larger "crusties". Today that is all starting to come off. I am no longer using coconut oil but Eucerin only. I also used a Tinted BB cream and powder when I went to work. I can see outcome of brighter, clearer skin.

8 days post peel

all the crusting has healed but my under eye wrinkles are worse than before. I know this is because the skin is still very dry there. I am wearing makeup pretty normally but it cakes in my dry undereye wrinkles ;( also started using Vitamin C/ HA serum again and put on a yogurt mask yesterday to loosen up dead skin cells. I'm going to do my next peel in 8 days.
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