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I have somewhat large but very asymmetrical...

I have somewhat large but very asymmetrical breasts, and I'm tired of being constantly obsessed and embarrassed by them. I'm tired of saying "I hate my boobies" to my husband every other day. I'm ready to take control and do something about it.

Hey, ladies. That's not how I wanted to start my...

Hey, ladies. That's not how I wanted to start my first review. I decided to work on it throughout the day and had just typed out a couple of thoughts I wanted to make sure I got in. Next thing you know, my 2 year old ran off with my mouse, clicking indiscriminately, and somehow pressed the Submit button. Aghhhh! So let me try this again...

Hey, everyone. I'm 43 years old, 5'6", and around 150lb. My surgery is scheduled for June 12, and I couldn't be more excited. I've been reading all your reviews and comments on this website since I found it a week ago, and I can't tell you how much it has helped. I almost feel guilty posting and complaining about my breasts because (thank you, Jesus), mine are large but not painfully large. They're just so incredibly asymmetrical. I don't even know exactly what size I should call them, but I currently wear a 36DD bra. It's too large for one and too small for the other. I dislike them so much. Dislike isn't even the right word, but I hate to say that I hate them. You know what I mean. I can't stand the fact that one hangs a full inch or more lower than the other, and let's admit it, ladies, there ain't nobody who finds that sexy. The weird thing is that until I was around 24, I was a B cup, and then KABAM my genetics kicked into overdrive and I ended up with this. Regardless of how much I work out and how thin I get, they're still too big and too lopsided.

So for our 20th anniversary this year, my husband said that if I wanted to get them reduced, I should do it. We both knew that it would take a miracle to get our insurance to pay for it (DENIED), but we're doing it anyway. And as excited as I am, I also am feeling very guilty. I feel guilty because of the cost. I feel guilty because, although I sometimes get headaches and shoulder pain, this truly is more cosmetic than anything else. I feel guilty because of what my husband is going to have to do during my recovery. And I really feel guilty that I'm almost volunteering to miss time with my 2yo for several weeks. Is this normal to feel like this? I've read so many posts from you ladies who say that you want to be able to run after your children, which you just can't do now. That's not me. And so the guilt weighs on me. I'm not fearful at all (at least not yet, anyway). But I can't help but wonder if I'm doing the right thing for these other reasons.

Anybody have any words of advice? My husband has been so supportive (and with the end result being small, perky boobs and no longer having to hear me moan and whine about them, who could blame him?). But the rest of my family just doesn't understand. Whenever I try to talk to them about it, I get a lot of "hmmmm's" and "are you sure you want to do this?". I know they'll kick in and help when needed, but that only adds to my guilt.

Aghhhh. I can't wait until I'm on the other side of this and can press my Worth It button. I don't remember who it was now, but when I read the review of the lady who wore a tank top without a bra for the first time, I almost cried with happiness for her and for myself that I was finally going through with it. These mixed emotions are killing me :)
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