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Have had big breast since 6th grade they just grew...

have had big breast since 6th grade they just grew overnight I guess... anyway I didn't really think anything of my breast being big until people made comments about them in middle school.. since then people would always joke about them leaving me depressed. Getting a breast reduction has been on my mind since high school. Have not had consultation yet waiting to be called for it. Hopefully they call soon

still waiting. ..

Still waiting to be called for my consultation... I see my Primary doctor Friday so I'll bring it up agian.

consultation date yay!!!!

Got a date for April 23... so excited!!!


Will try at get a few more up later tonight or tomorrow

another picture

I know it's just one but just took this morning real quick

more pics

had my consultation!!!!

So Dr Glassman seems really cool I was a bit nervous tho... but he basically said I'm a good candidate for the surgery and. I shouldnt have any problems getting approved he said he could get me to a C which is what I wanted. I would possibly have to have a FNG tho which is ok with me. He said I should know something within3 weeks. So excited can't wait!!!!!

so eager...

I have the urge to just call my insurance and just check on the status of my claim.... the wait is driving me crazy lol it has been a week today so I need to doctor said in 3 weeks I should hear something....


I called insurance just to check since I'm so darn impatient and they guy said I was approved for grafting... does that mean I'm approved for the reduction. I hope that's what that means.

approved and surgery date!!!!!!

July 1st yay!!!!!

so ready for this

I been ready for a breast reduction for years and finally get a chance to do so. I'm ready for the change even tho people keep telling me I'm not gonna look right or they are so use to seeing me with big boobs. I don't care what they say I'm getting it done. I have to pay 609bucks but it better than paying full price so I can't complain.

hope I can....

Get this 600 bucks up for my surgery...
I'm gonna be upset if I can't


So I had to reschedule do to family issues.... but I'm not rescheduling again! !!! lol I'm ready to get it done.. im doing this for me and I'm tired of putting everything and everyone else before me. New date is august 5

gofundme maybe???

I usually don't ask for handouts but I'm thinking about doing a go fund me page for my surgery just for about 300 my copay is 600. What do u girls think I really don't wanna cancel my sugery. .. idk what to do right now...

made gofundme page

Just scared to post it idk why lol... ughh

never mind about gofundme

I'll get it anotherway?

counting down the days

I don't have to much longer so excited... come to find out I could of had my surgery July 1st but that's cool gave me a lil more t o me to loose weight

I just cant't wait......

I can't wait to be able to buy normal bras, exercise more, go out a little more ( I don't go out much cause I am so self-conscious ) I cant wait for people to look me in the face and not stare at my boobs. I want to be known By my name and not the girl with the big breast. I want no my back or shoulder pain (back is hurting terribly right now) I want to wear normal shirts that match my body . All in all I just want to be happy healthy and comfortable with myself.

it's so close

And I'm soooo nervous.... thanks to my wonderful family for chipping in and helping me I will finally get done my nerves are bad yall.

6 days

I have surgery in 6 days omg!!!

hoping for a smooth quick recovery

I just don't wanna take to much time off work. Hope all things go well (which they will). Just nervous as ever never had surgery before.

surgery done!!

Surgery was a success PS said he took out around 10, pounds whoah I update with pics when I can and he didn't have to do FNG

can't stop

Looking an the beauties lol I'm gonna get a pic up soon guys. My energy has been blah and I keep falling alseep. Bout to go to sleep agian.

the pics

Here yall go I love them

hey everyone

Have not updated in a while. Everything is going well. I'm still not in regular bras yet so I have not been shopping for any. So hopefully after my appointment today he says I can start wearing regular bras. I had like two openings under my breastfeeding but they are closing yay!!!!! I look great in shirts finally. My cousins tells me I look weird I guess they are just use to the the huge boobs. I love my boobs so I don't care what any of them say I'm more comfortable and happy and my self esteem is getting better. I need to loose some weight but other than that I'm good. Have a great day everyone!!

wearing a regular bra

So I wore a regular bra no under wire for the first time 2 days ago and omg it was so uncomfortable. . So I'm gonna wait a little longer. for now I'll just wear sports bras lol. Still loving my boobs tho

love my boobs!!!

I love my boobs!!!!!!
That is all lol.
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