I Can't Decide Whether to Get 450cc or 550cc... - Jacksonville, FL

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I had my consultation last week and can honestly...

I had my consultation last week and can honestly say I loved it. I had a great experience, doctor was great she took the time to explain everything to me. All my questions were answered before I even asked them. She did measurements and said I was over the recommended length for a breast lift. I do not want a breast life, she explained that's fine I would have to go bigger (400cc-550cc) in order to fill up the skin. I have one child, breastfed so my girls are pretty droopy.

Being that I don't want a breast lift can I get some opinions on what size you girls recommend? 450cc or 550cc??

Having second thoughts, might reschedule...

Hello ladies,

I had my pre op July 1, everything went well and we decided on 525cc high profile, saline implants with a dual plane internal lift.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the big day but I am having second thoughts and will most likely be rescheduling. I have a two year old and I am nervous about how much pain I will be in and how active I will be. I won't have much help, but I will have people here with me. My cousin had her BA done and was with her two year old alone the next day. But as we all know everyone is different.

Although I do handle pain well I'm skeptical because I don't know exactly how much pain I will be in.

Decisions.. Decisions.. =/

Before Pictures..


I was prescribed...

1. Percocet ~ Pain
2. Flexeril ~ Muscle Spasms
3. Keflex ~ Antibiotic
4. Phenergan ~ Nausea

I Apologize...

Hey ladies,

I apologize to everyone. I did end up rescheduling the surgery. I was just too worried about the help and how my little guy would act. I've been rescheduled to August 8th and I am very excited. Sorry I didn't update on time.


Hello ladies,

Unfortunately I was diagnosed with a blood clot in my lung and was unable to undergo surgery. It was totally off guard and I was very disappointed but I am scheduled for January. Hopefully by then the blood clot is gone. Sorry it took so long for the update.
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