20 Years of Saline Implants

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Hello everyone at Real Self and thank you for all...

Hello everyone at Real Self and thank you for all your pictures/support.
Surgery schedule for 5/6/16. At this time I am very nervous so let me begin my story.
At the age of 28 I had my first BA of saline implants under the muscle. I went from AA/A to a full B cup with 250cc. At first I took some time to get used to them. I felt shy/embarrassed but then got used to my BA. About a year later I met my husband got married and had two children. I breast feed my first child for 2yrs and then my second child for 4yrs. I decided to replace my first implants in 2006 since I had them for a total of 10yrs. My second set of implants were bigger because I told my PA that I wanted them to be rounded/fuller(stupid me). He then replaced them with 375cc moderate profile saline but filled them up to 425cc which brought me to a full C cup. In the last few years I feel that they have gotten too big and they have changed in shape. Initially I got my BA because I was really really super flat and was embarrassed. Everyone in my family including my mother was D/DD so here I was the ugly duck.
I was originally scheduled with my first PA who performed both surgeries to have them removed 3/2/16 but at the last minute in the hospital I panic and left. By the way I traveled to the Island of Puerto Rico, took time off from work to have this procedure done. PA was very upset with me and it became a mess. Basically he didn't support my removal decision on my pre-op appointment which was 36 hrs. prior to the surgery date and made me feel uncomfortable telling me that I was not going to look good and should put a smaller size with a lift. The whole experience was horrible never been so stressed and depressed.
I came back home and found another PA which I immediately felt comfortable. He said he will remove my implants but advised me that it will be shocking to see myself especially after having them for so long (20yrs). I am terrified to do this but I don't want anymore surgeries down the round as I mentioned before I am 48 going on 49yr. Awful!! My husband has never seen me without implants so it will be shocking to him as well. I don't think I will take my top off for some time. I hope my skin retracts...

Anxiety kicking in...

Getting very anxious as my surgery date gets closer. Only 5 days to go! Having mix feelings but trying not to think about it. I keep telling myself there are always options down the road.


Flatter than anyone on this site. Even my doctor told my husband that he didn't think I was going to be happy with my results and that he would probably see me back again to re-implant. My husband didn't want to tell me this because he didn't want me to get upset:-(


Hello everyone! Recovery was easy no pain at all. Emotionally it's been awful. After I saw myself for the first time I almost passed out and felt sick to my stomach. All I have is loose hollow skin. I don't even have breast tissue. Completely gross. I have ups and downs but I am glad to be implant free. I hope it gets better because I can't even fill an A cup. I don't mind being flat so much is the loose skin that's getting to me just hangs at the bottom of a bra and nothing else to fill. Squishy Jello.. Tomorrow is my 1 week follow up appointment and he will be removing my stitches. Will see.

1wk post up

Went for my 1 week post up and had my stitches removed. Doc said everything looks good and my nipples have good symmetry with no sinking. He did mention if I am not happy with how much my skin retracts and firms up I have the option of a mini lift with just the aerola to take off excess skin and make them firmer, but I hope and prying that won't be necessary.

1wk post Lt. side

2 Weeks Post Op

4 weeks post op

It's been 4 weeks now with no regrets. They look bigger in picture than in real life. Still hoping for skin around the nipple to shrink. One feels bigger than the other. I am wondering if one capsule had more tissue than the other. Regardless I am thankful that I had no complications and I am healthy.

4 weeks post op

Forgot to add picture.

Back to MD for a none dissolvable stitch.

I went back to my doctor because I had a stitch that was bugging me and did not dissolve and while I was there I asked him what can I do for my breast to improve in appearance. Of course he suggested a small implant but I denied that. Then I asked him about inserting a little fat for shape and fullness and he said no, not worth the surgeries and money because it is a none lasting procedure as compare to an implant. Lastly I suggested if he could lift my nipples and he replied yes, that he could due a crescent incision (on top of nipple) raised the nipples and get rid off some of the stretch/extra skin. (he said NO need for full lift). I told him YES but in a few months. He would do it under local anesthesia since he's just lifting skin.

6 weeks

I am actually smaller than what the picture shows barely 34 A and empty on top. Wanted to post more pics but they keep posting sideways.

2 1/2 Months!

As you can see I am only a 34A and I can't even fill it out. Also I have extra loose skin that needs to be removed. When I raise my arms or bend down you can really notice it and it looks gross. I don't feel comfortable but I am living with it and trying to see if it will improve but I really doubt it will so I am either considering a mini lift or a very small implant no more than 200cc. I will wait until October or the end of this year to decide if I will do anything.

Tank top no bra

Can't take it anymore!!

Went shopping today for bras because I only have one but unfortunately couldn't find anything that fits me. Every bra fits awkward with my flabby/stretched out skin. I think is because I'm so small that all I have is a pinch of breast. I am considering in re-implanting to a very small implant enough to have a B cup. I am sorry but it is impossible to feel sexy especially when I am aging at the same time. Don't qualify for a lift either because there's only a pinch of breast tissue, would be left even smaller than an A cup which I currently don't fill up just loose skin. :-(

Not Happy!

Going to have surgical procedure as I do not feel too comfortable with the look of my breast. Have no breast tissue left only extra skin as you can obviously see in these pictures. Decided to have a small saline implant of 200-230cc placed to fill out the skin. I was considering having the extra skin removed but I was afraid that I would not be happy and then be left with scars. If I am not happy with the small implants then I will go back and have the extra skin removed with a lollipop lift. I will admit I am feeling guilty and maybe at the last minute I will just have the lollipop lift but I am afraid I will be completely flat. Maybe at a later date in my life. Anyway surgery is scheduled for November 4th...

New Implants!

Hi everyone! It's been a long stressful journey only to go back to the beginning. I did wait the six months but I did not see any improvement in my loose skin and it made me feel like an old lady. I am loving my new implants and have no regrets. I feel happy and sexy again. They're still swollen and I am hoping the get a little smaller. Originally we planned on a 250cc implant but my doctor had to fill them up to 290cc in order to fill up the skin. I was a little upset but I am happy that he didn't go up to 300cc. I think I will be a large B cup when they settle. The brallet in the picture is a size small.
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