32 Years Old with 10 Year Long Implant Journey! - Jacksonville, FL

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My journey has been long & emotional. I...

My journey has been long & emotional. I started out with implants when I was 21 & got what I did not want. I asked for a big C, small D & came out with over an F!! I didn't want to be as lopsided (almost a full cup difference on each side) but came out just as lopsided. I've had 5 revision surgeries from 2006-2013. While they are finally similar in size, they are totally different. One is rock hard and the other I can feel the entire implant and valve. I've had a significant amount of health issues over the last 2-3 years that no doctor can diagnose. I had a consult last week to explant. Love the surgeon & having surgery tomorrow!!

Explant ?

Had my explant done this morning! Still out of it and tired from surgery. However, all went well. I go in the morning for a quick check up. I haven't looked at them at all. They're all bandaged up and I'm too tired to even mess with them. Maybe tomorrow!!

First post op appt

All went well! Removed bandages & reapplied. Drains stay in for a few more days. He said I can start wearing a sports bra tomorrow or Saturday. But, for now, he wants me in this ace bandage wrap. They were pretty smooched down and sad looking. But, I expected that. I'm actually quite happy with how they look, considering how big and overfilled they were. I had 350 implants but one was overfilled to 500!! & the other was 420ish. The 500 was the size of a softball! He removed all the capsular contracture stuff and said all is looking well so far!

Day 1

Today has been ok. The drain on one side has been bothering me most of the day since he cleaned it at my appointment this morning. I just got done with a shower & that was great! I was able to really get a good look at them & they're ugly as all get out. Lol but, because of this site, I know it's going to improve. I know it'll be a few weeks and/or months before I'm looking "normal". They have been compressed by implants for so long and then I've had a super tight compression bandage on them so of course they are deflated and smooched down. I've had implants for so long, I have forgotten what real boobs are even like! My areolas have already went down! My PS couldn't even believe it!

Day 4

I showered again today & actually went to lunch. Excited to get the drains out tomorrow! I am now in a sports bra so I think everything will start settling down and filling out. Right now they look so deformed but I am confident that they'll start to look better over the next few weeks. Time is on my side!

Drains out!

Today I had the drains removed! Praise God! They were so annoying! I was able to drive myself to the appointment and have very little pain today. My doctor is happy with how I'm looking so far & said that my nipples should pop out and I shouldn't be concave at all, but only time could really tell. I go back in 3 weeks, which will put me at 1 month post surgery. Looking forward to he next couple weeks & how they change!

Day 6

Today was a great day! Went and ran a bunch of errands and was completely fine. Picked up a few products that people had suggested buying. Got them all applied to my breasts & feeling good! I can tell that they are starting to "relax" more now & I'm very happy so far with how everything is turning out!

9 days out

I'm feeling better every day!! My stitches are still underneath with the tape stuff over it. My doctor advised to let it stay on until it fell off on its own. I can tell it's really starting to heal because it's been itchy. Not in pain at all. If I over do myself throughout the day they are slightly painful. But nothing crazy. They are starting to fill out more and more every day!

2 weeks explant!!

Looking back to the day after explant to now, is like Wowzers!! Every day there's small changes and I'm not obsessing over them nearly as much. They are far from perfect, but they are all mine! And it feels good to be natural and free!

4 week appt

Wednesday will be 4 weeks since my explant! While they are not perky and full, I am completely happy with them! My right has always been my bigger side & clearly still is. I'm still applying my creams, probably every couple days. I can't even begin to tell you how good I feel with them being out! I sleep so much better too! My scars are getting better also. I'm not one to really care about scars so they never bothered me anyways. Pretty sure this will be my last appointment!

3 months

3 months out is coming up so I figured I'd share an update. I am feeling great and very thankful for my decision to do this. They have changed so much & I expect them to keep changing.

Feeling good!!

An interesting picture to show with implants, 1 day after explanted & then 3 months after explant! So much change over 3 months!
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