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Circumstances have finally aligned and I find...

Circumstances have finally aligned and I find myself in a position to restore my body to my pre-pregnancy measurements. I am 49 and have always exercised. I am in good shape but have fat pockets on my waist, inner thighs, lower abs, back of arms and arm pit area. I am scheduled to have these areas lipo-suctioned and have a fat transfer to my breasts. I have two children. I breast fed each child for two years and I went from a full 34B to a deflated 32B after nursing. I am hoping to be back to a full 34B at the least and a 34C if I can get there. My procedure will be done with local and sedation which is my preference. I am scheduled for Oct, 9 2015 with Dr. Kirk in Jacksonville FL.

I purchased a Brava and have been wearing it for a week. I am trying to wear it as much as possible for the next 4 weeks. The first two nights were very uncomfortable but I have adjusted how I put them on so now wearing Brava is just a nuisance. I will try to update weekly.

I am not in a relationship so I am on this journey by myself. Hoping to find a buddy for mutual support.

Will update with pics soon.

Before pics

More on BRAVA

I started wearing Brava a week ago last Friday. The first two nights were agony and I really didn't think I was going to be able to continue. The silicone was so sticky that I couldn't get the seals flipped outwards enough so I was very uncomfortable. Since I started wearing on Friday night, the Brava customer service was closed so I couldn't call them. They should really have customer service on the weekends since results depend on wearing it properly. I have since placed two calls to customer service and so far no one has called me back. I did figure out how to make this more tolerable but I seriously don't know how anyone could do this for an extended number of weeks. I am 9 days in and can't wait until I never have to look at it again. I have been wearing it the obligatory 10 hours every night, from 8:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. and trying to add additional time when I can during the day after my kids are in school. Yesterday I kept it on 15 hours and trying for that again today. I am definitely fuller when I take it off in the morning and for a few hours after, filling a 34B bra.

My skin is not happy. I have a rash from the domes that itches. I am prone to eczema on my feet so during the day I put some of my eczema ointment on the rash to calm it, along with some anti itch cream. Last night I put some first aid gentle tape over the worst part of it and had no trouble with getting a seal and it was more comfortable without the domes in contact with it, so I may do more of that this week depending on how the tape comes off. Also, after a night of Bava my nipples need their own zipcode. It's ridiculous, I hope they don't stay this way. They are very sore and I find it hard to wear any kind of bra at all or have anything touch them.

So for now just trying to get through day by day, hour by hour. Looking forward to being able to go into a store and buy a bra or bathing suit without it gaping open at the top.

These pics are after 1 week of BRAVA use. These are taken about 1 hour after the BRAVA came off.

Two weeks pre

I am into my third week using brava. ugh I have been very good about wearing it and I am seeing nice swelling. I fill out a 34B now most of the day. My true band size is 32 so I guess 34B is equivalent to 32C. I am starting to cycle as best I can. I only have the sportbox so I have to draw the air out manually and reattach the box to keep it. I measured almost 36" today compared to 33.5 before I started. My skin is a mess and I can't wait till I am done with this.

I am normally and very fitness and health conscious but when preparing for surgery I always kick it up to the next level. So I have increased my workouts, am being extra careful with my diet, eating lots of fruit and veggies and super foods. I am taking vitamins and iron and drinking tons of water.

My domes are not as sticky as they were at first. The silicone looks a mess to me. I hope they will last another two weeks. I never did get a call back from Brava customer support. I think these domes are boderline too wide for me. Just have to grit my teeth and can get through this week, then I will be in the homestretch.

One more day

I couldn't wait to get the Brava on this evening, to get my hours in so I can get it off. This is my last night to wear this in my house. Tomorrow I check-in to the hotel and that will be my final Brava night. I can tell you that I am as excited to be done with brava as I am about having the procedure itself.

My skin is still a mess, especially if I try to cycle at all. I am using the scar strip under the domes and that is the only way I am getting through it.

I had my pre-op appt last Friday. Dr. Kirk's office is beautiful and she has very cozy furnished rooms, well I only saw the one, instead of the typical cold sterile exam room. She seems very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. I am a bit nervous but mostly just excited to finally get this done.

Post op Report

I had my surgery on the 9th, so 5 days ago. I didn't take my computer with me to the hotel and I have been more busy than I had hoped to be this week which has made me tired. So this is the first chance I have had to update.

Everything went well, I had my inner thighs and flanks lipoed for donor sites. 200ccs were put in each side and a little extra added to the right side for symmetry. I had thought more would be put in but I was too out of it to ask about that at the time. I also had fat grated to my hands and a bit in my face. The other area she addressed was smartlipo on the armpit fat roll between my bra strap and arm. The procedure was done in her office operating room under sedation and local. It started about 9 and I was back at the hotel around 12:30/1. The ladies were all very nice and helped me with my transportation since I didn't have anyone with me. I am bruised and sore but have been able to get around pretty well. I have been taking pictures but have just been too tired to upload from my phone. I will get to it this weekend as the next two days will be busy too.

Pre Op pics

Ok I have finally uploaded pics

Post Op Pics

24 Hours Post Op

Was able to take the compression garment off 24 hours post op to shower. Not much bruising showing.

1 Week Post Op

So I had my i week check in with Dr. Kirk. She said she took out as much fat as she could get. She said to expect breasts to go down some but not that much because I was on the thin side, my fat cells were also thin and thinner fat cells have a better survival rate. Also there is better fat retention with smaller amounts of transfer.

After a week, I can say that I look curvier, my waist looks tiny and my legs are going to be a much better shape. My thighs do not rub each other when I walk now, at least in the compression garment, and I expect they will swell down even more. I can already tell a difference in how my pants fit. I seem to be a large 32D right now. They are starting to soften and have gone down a bit but not much. I like this size but I think since my hips and legs are going down that my breasts will still be in proportion if they go down a bit. I have some bruising on my lipo areas, mostly on the legs. The soreness is resolving but I am feeling like my tissue is very tight underneath my skin. I am trying some warm compresses and stretching to help loosen it up. I have been walking everyday and I am less tired as each day passes. I am going to start some light no impact exercise.

2 weeks post op

Today is 2 weeks since my procedure. Breasts have softened and dropped into a more natural shape. Size is holding at 34C/32D. I hope I can keep it all because this is a very proportional size for my body. I am still tender in spots on my legs. My flanks never did hurt very much. I think both areas areas are still swollen. Most of the bruising is gone, only one left on my hip. I still have marks from the brava though.

3 Weeks Post-op

3 weeks and two days post surgery today. Breasts seem like they have gone down a bit, they are very soft now. I still fit the 34C bra although it is a bit loose. I have one 34B bra that fits but others that are too small so I think the volume has not changed much but because they have dropped they appear smaller to me than they were, if that makes sense. The right side had more put in and has lost a bit more volume, is now slightly smaller than the left. So I don't know if they are just still in the process of healing and if the left side will lose more. What I d know is that, mentally I am tired of obsessing about all this and need to let go. I am starting to get over having the thought first thing every morning that they have probably disappeared but it still happens.

The lipo areas are not bruised but since I took a break from the compression garment for a couple of days, it was just so hot, I think they have swelled up some. Probably salty food didn't help either. I purchased a couple of high waist-to the knee compression garments that are more comfortable than the one they gave me (which was made for someone 4 inches taller than me and I had to fold it over at the top end). The ones I bought have seams inside which are also uncomfortable so I have been wearing them inside out.So I am starting to wear them again to control swelling. My tissue is loosening up, seems to loosen with gentle exercise and stretching and tighten with harder exercise and being still. My inner thighs are still tender to touch and some of the lipo incisions are sore but some of them not at all.

I am glad I had the armpit area done. The fat roll I had there was really awful and limited what I could wear. It was expensive to do such a small area but I have wished for that fat to be gone for many years and although it doesn't look tight, it looks much better. Just a note if you are planning to do this area, roll on antiperspirant is in the early post op days is much more comfortable to use than solid.

Will get some pics later today.

Bra Measurement Experience

So yesterday I had to be in the mall for an errand and ended up with an hour to kill. So I found my self in Victoria Secret looking at bras, just out of curiosity. The lady offered to measure me so, yes. I had on my one 34C bra which is an unpadded maidenform. She did the measurement over clothes and said I should be wearing a 32C and brought me one to try. I felt it was too small and she asked to checke the fit and agreed. She brought me a 32D, tried it on and had her check the fit again. She said I was still coming out of it and I needed a 32DD.


So she brought me a 32DD and it fit perfectly. After I picked my jaw up off the floor I ran around and grabbed about 8 different 32DD bras of all kinds, soft, lined, unlined, push up, light padding and heavy pads. Every one fit perfectly. In severe disbelief.

So I have heard that VS does some vanity sizing so maybe I need to be measured and try on bras other places and I will. But I was measured at VS as a 32B about a year ago and have been wearing VS 32B bras right before the procedure and wore 32B sizes in Maidenform, Lilly of France and Wonderbra. So with everything being relative they are saying I gained 3 cups.

How is it possible that I went up 3 cups with only 200cc put in? How is that even possible?

BTW I didn't buy any bras because I am not quite 4 weeks post and didn't want to jinx it. But I can say that was the absolute only time I have ever enjoyed bra shopping in my life!!!!

4 Weeks Post Pics

Pics from last Friday when I was 4 weeks post. Breasts have settled but not lost much volume. My left side is slightly larger. But overall I think they look nice and full. Hoping I am done shrinking. I have a pic here in a 32C bra which is too small. I wish I had thought to take pics in the store the other day when I tried on bras. I will try to get some.

9 Month Update

Finally got back for an update.
The week after my last post I lost a cup size. I think it was swelling going down. I have remained a 32D since then. I have not had any post-op issues, no lumps or pain and my scar marks are mostly faded away. The size discrepancy remains.
I had my annual GYN exam and mammogram last month. I was nervous about what they might see or notice that my size was different from last year. But it was quick and easy and I didn't have the usual dense breast tissue retakes that I almost always had in the past.
As far as the lipo, I think most of my fat came out of my legs. They are not enirely smooth, there are some lumps and uneven areas. They look better in some positions than others, for instance when my knees are bent the inside knee area looks pretty hollowed out, almost overdone and there is some extra fat still on my mid thigh. They are definitely smaller and clothes fit better. I am glad to have the upper thigh fat pockets gone but I have a lumpy cellulite-look that I didn't have before. To be fair several years ago I had a small bit of thigh lipo with a different doc for face injections that left me with a scooped mid thigh that this doc was working around. My armpit rolls are much better, one is visibly fuller than the other though. My flanks and back are smaller and don't have any lumps but I still have love handles.
Overall I am happy with the changes, my clothes fit better and I am glad I did it. I was not able to keep my 6mo appt due to scheduling issues but hope to get back there soon.
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