HP Smooth Silicone Mentor Memory Gel Implant and Lift 500cc - Jacksonville, FL

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Hi ladies. I am so excited to announced that I am...

Hi ladies. I am so excited to announced that I am soon getting my implants!! I have wanted to have this done since my first child was born.   Well. 3 children and 8 years later, I'm finally going to do it! Now is actually more perfect than ever because I have had my tubes tied, so no worries on messing the new girls up! Lol. I hope to have them installed ;) by no later than mid March. I am very excited since I have been so embarrassed about how they look after 3 kids, and nursing 2 of them. I was a full B before having kids, and a very small, very flat/saggy B now. :( But I don't have much longer and I can barely contain my excitement as is. And I have several weeks (at most) to wait! I hate to see how I will be the last week. Haha. Probably won't be getting much sleep I'm sure. Well, any comments or questions or even advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hey. I'm back! :) Still waiting on my tax...

Hey. I'm back! :) Still waiting on my tax return so I can get the girls installed. Lol. I can't wait. I'm so excited! I talked sister last night and she told me she is getting a pair this month too. Eeeeeeee! I'm I the only one who wants them so bad that I dream about it every night? Haha. Well, taxes should be back soon and then I'll make my appointment. Whoo hoo!

Well. It should only be a couple more weeks till...

Well. It should only be a couple more weeks till I set my appointment. I just got over a terrible cold and have to wait until I have no more congestion before I can have surgery. I'm going to wait until then to say the appointment. I sure don't want to lose any deposit because I'm not totally well and can't get put under. So excited tho! I can't wait! Whoo hoo!
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I chose Dr. Csikai because out of the 7 consultations I went to before and after him, he was the one whom I felt most comfortable with and he we very professional. I was very pleased with the way he took his time to talk with me and explain every detail that I asked about. I am confident he will please and all of his work looked amazing. I also love that he originally quoted me at 6,200. (I have to have a unilateral lift) and when his staff found out I got a quote for the same procedure for 4,750 from a different PS They spoke to him and called me back offering to do the procedure at the same cost. And what's more, he told me if I was unhappy with the results for any reason after the surgery and my implants had settled, that he would revise them at no extra cost to me! Now that's what I call confidence and great business. I can't wait to get my boobies! EEEEEEEEEE! Procedure: HP Smooth Silicone Mentor Memory gel 500cc unders with crescent lift on one side. ( A mouthful I know. Lol. )

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