How could this much asymmetry be acceptable??!!!

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After breast feeding my son (which I don't regret...

After breast feeding my son (which I don't regret breast feeding) I was very disappointed in how my breast looked. He is now 8 yrs old and I am still not comfortable with how my breast look. Especially naked. With clothes I don't look that bad because I'm not flat. I wear a 34B. But they are pretty saggy. So I have scheduled my preop for Nov. 20th. And surgery for Dec. 5th. Yes I am very scared but more so of the outcome. My biggest fear is being too big. I have specifically told my PS that I want to be a 34 C. Honestly all I really want is to have full and perky boobs. Not big necessarily. So on my consult Dr. suggested between 325-350cc. But when I see other women with 350cc they usually turn out with DD which I don't want. I'm freaken out about the size so bad!!


Going with Saline under muscle.

Excited, but Very Scared! - Jacksonville, FL

Forgot to mention:
I'm 39, happily married and two children. 14 and 8 yrs old. ;-)


Here are pictures of me at the Dr. office with 300cc implants. What do you guys think? Then I went home and made some rice sizer of 300cc and took some pictures as well. So I guess my PS is right on the money when he says that he will be using anywhere between 320-350cc since he'll be going under the muscle. ;-)

Here are the rice sizers I made...

Here are my 3D pics...

My Dr offers 3D imaging before and after just so that you can get a better idea on how the sizes will look. I thought this was awesome!! He made 320cc and the other 350cc. What do you ladies think? I don't see much difference.

A few wish pics...

Cold feet.....

Is it normal to have cold feet so close to surgery date? I question if this is the right thing to do. I fear complications and what if I don't like the outcome and instead of helping my self esteem it gets worse!! I would die!!

Preop in 2 days!!

I'm so nervous and excited!!

For some reason...

I've been contemplating going with Silicone. Anyway today is my preop and I will make my final decision. I'll let you girls know what I end up choosing.


Ok so I have my prx, instructions and blood workup order. Also at Dr's office I brought a recovery kit with Bromelain and Arnica in it. Nurse said that will help me heal faster. She gave me 2 postop bras. Im finally getting really excited!!!! Dr and I finalized cc's. So far he said between 315-330 should be great. Gave him my wish pic and he said he will get me as close to it as possible. No miracles right?!?! Lol
Anyway hope the next two weeks fly by. Oh and I decided to stick with moderate profile Saline. So excitied!!!!

My fear...

I have this fear that I might regret choosing Saline for my implant choice. Yet I see many women happy with Saline. I know Silicone feels softer but I'm not worried about that. I guess my fear with Saline is of having visible rippling or just for them to come out looking very round and fake. Silicone just freaks me out even though I know they are very safe. I'm a VERY indecisive person (which I hate). Help me girls if you can. Even though I know this is a very personal decision. I guess the other thing that holds me back is the money part. I don't work and my loving husband gave me a certain amount of money to get this done and I feel bad asking for another thousand dollars. I'm torn!!

OMG! 9 more days!!

Im super excited and very anxious. I hope everything goes well with no issues. Thats what we all want right!?!

Mini panic attack!!

Ok what is wrong with me?! I'm have such anxiety as the days get closer and closer. This is all I can think about. It's driving myself and my family crazy!! lol Ok so I called my PS office today and asked for one more appt with him for tomorrow. Why did I do this? Well I still have my doubts of what type of implant I want!! Can you believe it!??!!! I knew I was a little obsessive about things but didn't know I was this bad. lol My husband is so patient with me, poor thing. I keep on going back and forth between Saline and Silicone. I HATE IT!!! I keep on reading and going on UTube about Saline versus Silicone. I have some sagging so I guess what I fear about Silicone is that it won't give me a nice lift like maybe Saline will since Saline tends to look more round on top, if you get what I mean. I REALLY have to make a concrete decision by tomorrow since I will be going on Vacation tomorrow night and won't be back till next Monday which is 3 days before my surgery. I feel bad for my PS, he's been so patient and great with me. He must think I'm crazy!! lol
Anyway ladies thanks for all the support and advice and for just reading my boring review. I just needed to vent a little. Thanks

Ok so talked to PS.....

He advised I stick with Saline. He sees how apprehensive I am to Silicone. Plus he says that with as much breast tissue I have I will have the same outcome either way. So I guess I will be a Saline girl!!!! Yeah!! I feel good about it. So here are some before pictures.

More pics

Tomorrow is the big day!!

Hello Ladies!!! So tomorrow is the big day and I'm freakin out!!! I'm excited but more nervous than anything. I just pray and hope everything turns out ok. I think what I worry about the most is the pain. Not sure how much pain I will be in. Everyone is so different. I have one friend that had her surgery on a Tues. and was back to work on Friday. Then I have another friend that tells me that she did not feel back to normal for 2 months!! So we will see how my recuperation will be. My husband took the rest of the week off and my mom will be coming out of town on Sunday for a week. I just hope that by the time she leaves I'll be feeling better. Usually I heal pretty slow for things. :-( When I had my hysterectomy it took me forever to feel normal. Anyway got my prescriptions and started taking Arnica and Bromelain a couple of days ago per my PS. Brought me a pineapple that I will be munching on all day today. I've also been drinking "Green Machine" juice smoothie. So yes I am prepared. JUST NERVOUS!!! Anyway let me calm down and think positive thoughts. Thank you for all of your support. You guys have really helped me out a lot through this process. Will post a pic tomorrow when I get home from hospital. Oh my surgery is scheduled for 7:30 am and its only about 20 min. from my house. So I should be home before noon. Please send positive vibes my way. :-)

YES, boobs!!!

So I'm on the couch watching TV taking it easy. A little dizzy so my update will be short. But I feel pretty good! So happy about that. Dr ended up putting in 360 on my left and 370cc on. He tried 330 through 350 and he said the still had some sagging so he had to go up a little. He assured me they will not be too big. I hope not!!!! Will update again tomorrow. Oh here is a picture...


I have this ace bandage wrapped around my boobs REALLY REALLY tight. Driving me crazy!!! Do any of you know if I can switch it out for the surgical bra my PS gave me? Instructions given to me does not talk about that. Just says I can take a full shower by tomorrow. Thanks

Finally a shower.

So my hubby helped me take my first shower after surgery. It was heaven. Looks like I have frankenboob going on right now too. But most importantly I feel great!! I was so worried about thd pain but dont have much. I took my last pain meds for lunch today. I'll be switching to Tylenol tonight. They are very high and tight butI think the size is just right. Im actually very happy he was able to put more than we had originally planned to. LOVE the size. Even though they look kind of crazy at this point. Here are a few pics.


I cant beleive how good I feel.

This recovery has been great SO FAR. I hope it just keeps on getting better. Took my second shower today and it was so different showering with boobs!! Lol. Love it!! I am so happy with the size. I think its perfect for my frame. I hope I dont loose too much size when the swelling goes down. Here are a few pics...

They are ginormous today....

Feeling pretty good today. Just high and very tight. When I let my bra loose this morning, I was scared! OMG They are huge!! I know they are just very swollen. Hoping they dont stay this big. Anyway I got dressed and walla... They dissapeared. I'm glad I can hide them under my clothes. But dont get me wrong I love the size just a little less swollen would be nice. Cant wait for my postop on Wednesday to see what my Dr thinks. Happy healing everone!!!

Settling down slightly...

Here are a few pics with a sports bra that I brought from Aerie. Love it!!! Have better range of motion today. Drove for the first time. That was a little uncomfortable. Oh one thing, when I move my left arm up I can actually hear a lot of gurgling. Is this normal?!?? Sounds so weird. Like bubbles or something trapped in there.

Got my implant cards!!!

Had my first postop appt. today. PS said that everything looks perfect and as it should. Yippee!! He was very impressed on how well I feel and look. All he said was to start pushing down on the implant a few times a day and to go half day without wearing a bra. That helps the implants drop. Next appt is on the 27th. Nurse changed out my tape and gave me some to change out every 3rd day. Happy Healing everyone!!!!

Small Concern....

Hello beautiful Real Self ladies!!! Just wanted to update a little this morning. Since a few days ago I had noticed that one of my boobs is slightly lower and smaller or just different looking than the other. From my angle when I look down at them my right side looks smaller. My left looks perfect to me. When I look at myself in the mirror I can really notice that my right side is lower. Of course it worries me a little. I know its only been a week and there are so many changes to come I just worry that they will end up looking different. Should I be concerened?!? Here are some pics I took this morning. I love my boobs so far just a little concerned or should I be?

So happy with my new girls!!

I have to admit I love looking at my new boobs! They make me so happy! I hope everyone else is healing well and loving their new additions. Or like my husband likes to say, his new "investment". Lol Here is a before and after pic.

Short and sweet update...

Feeling pretty good. Still have tightness especially my right side. Less swelling and slowly settling down a bit. I still feel that my left boob is a bit bigger and rounder than my right. My right boob's nipple looks slightly lower than my left. BUT still very happy with my new "sisters". I don't consider mine twins but sisters is close enough for me!!!

Feeling soo much better today!!!

Hello my beautiful boob sisters!!!! Hope everyone is happy and healing good today. Today I woke up feeling much less sore and tight. Thank God!! Just for fun I tried on a 32D bra and it is soo small it looks comical!!! Haha Lol. Anyway here is also a shot of me lying down on my side. Love the cleavage!! Sorry girls, Im just so happy I had to share.

I hope they dont shrink anymore!!!

I read where some women get smaller and others actually bigger after D&F. What do you girls think or if you've been there let me know what actually happened. I just ask this because I absolutely LOVE my size right now and would be sad if they got smaller. (How ironic when I was so scared of going too big) lol. Anyway just for fun I went to VS yesterday and got measured at 32DD!! Thats crazy! But obviously didnt buy any bras yet only a sports bra because it was on sale. Even the sports bra I brought is a 32DD. anyway here are some pics....

Sorry here is the VS bra....

2 week update today!!!

Can't believe its been two weeks!!! I kinda wish it was a month by now! Lol. Anyway I feel really good in the mornings but after lunch my body tells me I did too much. I just feel very tired easily. My left boob hurts more than my right, its bigger to me and rounder. My favorite boob is my leftie!!! My right boob doesn't really hurt much but it feels higher and tighter and a little smaller. :-/. I hope they get more even soon. I know I can't judge them so early on. I'm still not sleeping completely comfortable which sucks!! Cannot sleep flat on my back yet, too much pressure. Side sleeping hurts so I just kind of sleep propped up with a few pillows. Besides that I LOVE my boobs. Just hoping they don't get any smaller. I would be soooo sad!!! Noooo please.!!! Here are my two week update pics...

Feeling better every day!!

Here are just some fun bikini pics!! Happy healing to everyone

A little worried today....

So I've always thought that my right boob looks smaller than my left. Well this morning when I woke up I always check on my breast making sure everything looks good, I realized all the swelling is totally gone and they both look so much smaller. So sad!!!!! Now I don't mind the size of my left boob but my right boob is even saggy and feels empty now. :-/. Feel a little disappointed and sad today. Not sure what is going on. I can tell that my right smaller boob the implant is still higher on my chest than my left. So is this the reason why it looks and feels less full than my left?? I'm just thinking that maybe I just needed to go bigger in size to fill all the sagginess I had. I was so worried about going big that maybe my Dr didn't put enough cc's in there just not to scare me about size. But wouldn't he know that I would be more upset if they still sagged?!? Thats the whole reason why I got a breast augmentation in the first place. I'm feeling down today. :-(. I see my PS on Friday. I guess I will address these issues with him then. :-/

3 week update (22days)!!!!

Had my 3 week follow up appt today. Dr is very happy with the way everything looks. Everything is looking normal and as it should. He says everything will even out by the third month and he says I will be even more in love with my results then. He says they just get better and better everyday. I told him that I was having a little boob greed (lol) and he just said that in his opinion the size he gave me is perfectly porportioned to my body. Im happy with the size. But wouldnt have mind if they were a little bigger. Oh well maybe next time around. Here are some pics.

My first bra!!!!

Dr said I can start wearing a regular bra at 4 weeks which for me will be this Thursday. Im so excited!! So I oredered a few online from VS wireless only. Here is a pic of my favorite one....32DD!!

Forgot to post this pic...

My $2 bralette!!

Went to Aeropostale and found this bralette type top for $2!! Love it!!

4 week update!!!

I can finally sleep comfortable on my back. YESSSS!!! My nipples are less sensitive than last week. And looks like my right has dropped a lot more than my left now. So they look more lopsided :-/ They both are a little sore on the sides still. Better start massaging my left more now. And I still feel that they are smaller than I wished. :-( Still love them better than before for sure!!!

Maybe now I can win a wet T-shirt contest!!! Lol

5 weeks in 2 days.

So I LOVE having bigger and perkier boobs!! But I wish they were slightly bigger. About 30-40cc's more. :-/ Oh well. Maybe next time. And I think they look more even than before. What do you guys think??? I still feel that my right boob is smaller less full but MAYBE that could be because my left boob is still a bit higher. Idk. Gotta give it time Im sure. My next postop appt is on the 28th. I need to start being happier about size and enjoy them a little more. I guess its because with clothes you cant really tell I had an augmentation. Just looks like I have a padded bra. My husband thinks they are perfect. Thats a plus!! Cant wait to start working out in a few weeks. Here are a few pics and one with a wireless bra I got in Target in a 34D.

More bra shopping...

Pink bra is a 32DD and beige one is 32DDD!!!!! VS sizes run small. But they make me feel good about my size though. :-) I think thats's their selling strategy. Lol

Not a good day for me...

Im not sure what is going on with me today but I am so depressed about my breasts. I do love them but I just wish they were a tad bit bigger. And maybe I wouldnt even be thinking this if my right breast was the same size as my left. My right breast feels emptier and looks smaller than my left. It is drving me crazy!! I really am trying to be patient and just wait for my next postop appt but I know that I'm going to need some type of revision. Either to lift up my right breast to match my left which if he does that I wonder if then they will look the same size. Or a revision to make me a little bigger on both. Im kicking myself in the butt because even though I love my PS maybe I should've gone with the other Dr I saw. He really was convinced that I needed 400cc but I was just so scared of going too big. But now I realized that 400 wouldve been much better for my body. I have big arms so when I turn to my side I need plenty of projection in order for my boobs to be seen. Right now its just ok. My Dr did give me exactly what I asked for minus the asemmetry. I was scared of going too big so I think my PS took that into consideration. Am I just being greedy? My husband thinks they are perfect BUT he did warn me from the beginning to go bigger than what I was thinking. I guess he knows me more than I know myself. I REALLY do want to be happy with them 100%. But I'm not. :-/. This sucks!!!

6 weeks out but.....

still asymmetrical. :-(. Not too happy right now. First, I wished they were just a little bit bigger but now I would just be satisfied if they were even. Patiently waiting for my next postop next week.

Trying to be sexy....

Took some lying down pictures. :-)

7 week postop!!!

Just wanted to do a little update. Had my 7 week postop appt today. It went really well. He says that my left which is the higher side is actually needing to come down more. So I have to massage the implant down and he said that he can feel a bit of scar tissue at the incision so he feels that is the reason why its higher. I have to massage the scar also to break it down to help the implant move down. Then we talked about me going a bit bigger. He said that he can go back in and fill the implants a little more if I wanted. But I have to wait 2 months. Seems reasonable. He will be doing local anesthesia and tapping into the valve and fill me up to 400cc on both!!! Yippee!! Cant wait!! Even though he said I might get used to the size and may not want to do by then. But we will see. Oh and he is going to charge me $900 to do that which I think is reasonable. I love my PS!!

Back to working out!!..

8 weeks today!!!

I cannot beleive its been 8 weeks already!! Well I feel great. I would say I'm 90% back to normal. The other 10% is just because it still bothers me if I use my chest to lift something really heavy or something like that. But I feel great. My boobs are slightly still sore. Morning boob is very minimal. My nipples are still a little sensative. Under nipples to insicision it is still numb. My right side more than my left. Dr. said it can take months to get full sensation back. As far as the asymmetry I think they are a bit better as you can see in the pics I will upload. As far as the size, there are days that I'm really happy with the size but other days I wish they were bigger. I do still think that my left is slightly less full or a bit smaller. Im just really OCD!! Lol. So I can really tell. Maybe its not even that noticeable. Yes I am VERY happy with my breast even though they are not perfect. But the more I read other peoples stories usually that is the case. We cannot excpect perfection but they are close. Will I have them fixed in a FEW months?... probably yes but we will see. For now I am quite happy with them. Having fun playing dress up and buying way too many bras. Lol My bra size varies from either 32DD to mostly 32DDD fits more comfortable. Hope everyone else is enjoying their boobs too!!! HUGS!!!

Before n After pic

11 1/2 weeks already!!!

Just a quick update. I have been feeling great and back to normal. I have to say I love having boobs!!! I've had no issues with them whatsoever. I am still slightly asymmetrical but that doesn't bother me as much as that fact that I feel that one is a little less full than the other. My follow up is next month to see if we can fix that issue. As long as there is no complications involved I will proceed with a small revision to fix that. As far as size goes, I sometimes love my current size and other times I still wish they were slightly bigger. Not too much. I might end up going to 400cc. We will see if I change my mind or not by my next appt. Here are a few pics...

A few more pics...

Not sure if I mentioned this...

But I am still numb from under nipple to incision on both breasts. My right is more numb than my left. I just want to know if any of you ladies are still experiencing numbness at 3 months postop. I have read where it can take months to get full sensation but it still worries me a little. I hope I get all of my sensation back!!! :-/

Going bigger!!

Had a postop appt yesterday. Everything healed perfect and I feel great but I still want them a bit bigger plus my right side is smaller than my left and it is driving me crazy. How greedy!!! Lol. Anyway my PS said no problem. So I scheduled for April 24th for small revision. Its just local anesthesia and filling my implants more. He will be putting 30cc on my left and about 50-60cc on my right to even them out. Im a bit scared but he assured me it is a very simple procedure. I can drive myself there and back home. Best wishes to everyone having surgery soon!!

Forgot to mention...

When my PS pulled out my before pictures from his records he did see where my left breast was bigger than my right preop. He said "I'm not sure why I put more Saline on your bigger boob the day of surgery. I tell you what I'll just charge you $300 to fix it." I said YES!!! That was very nice of him even though I have to get recut. :-/ Oh well.

8 more days for revision

So Im having my asymmetry fixed next week. But I find myself questioning if I should just fill my right boob to match my left or if I should go ahead and fill them both back up a bit. Sometimes I feel really good with the size I am. Depending on the clothes I wear. Other times you can barely tell I got a boob job. I really never wanted big boobs. It was more just to fill my saggy boobs up. I still have a week to think about it. But no matter what I choose to do Im still very happy I got an augmentation. I love having nice boobs!!!

Revision yesterday....

So I had my revision yesterday. Went in telling my PS that I really wanted them to be more symmetrical and maybe a tad bit bigger. So to recap my left breast had 370cc and was the bigger side of the two. My right had 360cc and was the smaller of the two. Now while he was in the OR he started off by putting 25cc on my big side and then go to my smaller side and start pumping until he felt they were even. Well he put 40 and started going up until he ended up putting 100cc!!!! According to him and the two nurses there they were looking pretty even. As soon as I saw my boobs I noticed that the side he put 100cc more is now slightly bigger!!! Here we go again!!!! Then I started to feel them and that's what upset me the most. The bigger side now feels like a bowling ball!!!! It is so tight and taught and feels so fake!!!! On my left where he just added 25cc it feels just right. Not too hard or soft. I am not a happy camper. I'm not sure if I just have to give it time or what. My postop is next Thursday. We will see what Dr says. I dont think I will be happy if this stays this way. The assemetry doesnt bother me as much as the hardness of my right boob. It is ridiculously hard!!!! I cant even imagine trying to have a mammogram on that boob now!!! Ouch!!!!! I am so depressed right now. They do LOOK better but my right side FEELS horrible!!!! :-/

What I've learned.

I just want to put my feelings out there. Especially to those who have not gotten an augmentation yet. I've learned a few things in this journey.
1. Go with an experienced physysician even if he's not so personable. Experience speaks louder than just a nice Dr.
2. About size. You cannot get too caught up in cc's. Even the PS himself will not know how a certain size will look on you until he cuts you open and starts sizing you in the OR.
3. Cc's are not as we imagine them to be. For example a 350cc compared to a 450cc is really not much bigger. It might sound big but in reality it is not.
4. Every body will carry the same cc's differently. Don't go so much by what size your friend has or by what size looks nice on someone else. It might look different on you.
5. Don't expect perfection. Nobody is perfectly symmetrical. There might be a slight difference in size and that is ok because god made us naturally like that and we should accept it.
With all this being said I do love having nice boobs. I just would have done things differently had I known the things I know now. I don't regret having my boobs done but like I said I would have made different decisions. But we live and learn. That it why I love this website. It has helped me out a lot and also I would love to help other women out there going through the same thing as me. Best wishes to all!!!!!! Will post pics later tonight of my progress.

Comparison picture

Here is a before picture I took the morning before my revision and an after picture I took today. Let me know what you ladies think. To me they look better proportianate to my body now more than before. I'll take a better picture tomorrow.

At the pool...

My son wanted to go to the pool so I figured I take him, try on a bikini and just watch him. Wont be going in the water.

More pics

Another comparison pic

First comparison pic was from right after surgery. This one is as of today. Looks like swelling has gone done and looks much better. I really do think this size is perfect for me now even though it was not too far from before. It basically just gives me more upper pole fullness.

Boobie blues

It's weird how our bodies react to any type of incision or cut. I've been feeling so depressed about this revision. My right boob is so hard and tight and is actually now slightly bigger than my left and that has me worried and depressed. I just hope it gets better in time because if it doesn't I think I will be considering switching my implants to Silicone already. Obviously they will feel more natural and now I have a taste of what a hard saline implant feels like it is scary. My only other option would be to just have my PS put in a bigger implant on my right and not overfill it so much so it won't be so hard. Whatever the case I have to wait 3 months to get any type of revision again anyway. Very confused right now.

Very depressed today!!!!

Not sure if I should have had this revision. I think I made a mistake. My right boob is soo hard and tight. It is not swollen at all. It is just too overfilled. My next postop is on Thursday and I will be addressing all these issue to him. Not sure what solution he's going to have for me this time around. Im loosing faith with him. :-(. If it remains this hard I am definitely having yet another revision and maybe with another PS.

Postop appt

So I just got out of my appt with PS. I told him that I was not happy with the feel of my right boob, too hard. He said that he just wants me to be happy so that if in two weeks I am still not happy he would revise me for free. He would take out about 30cc from my right boob. That sounds ok I guess. Still adjusting to them. Not sure what I will be deciding but I will give it the two weeks. Who knows maybe I'll take out from both sides again. Not sure about size right now. In a way Im glad I went with Saline just because it is so adjustable and since I am so indecisive about size I guess this works for me. I just dont want to keep on getting cut. :-/. What do you ladies think??

Comparison pics as of today

Its been 1 week since my revision. Still not too happy. My right boob is still hard. Gotta wait 2 weeks for my next postop to schedule for another revision. What I've learned is that the bigger you go any imperfection your boobs might have are more noticeable. My right boob has always been smaller and lower than my left which was noticeable before my revision but after revision it is way more noticeable. So yes I do regret going a little bigger in my case. So now I have to wait about 5 more weeks for next revision which sucks because I have to have wounds for the summer time. :-/. I just hope this is the last time I get cut for a long time.

These things are ginormous!!!...

Second Opinion...

So my husband and I decided to get a second opinion by the PS I so regret not going with. He has a lot of experience and is one of the best in my area. My appt is tomorrow at 4:30pm. Will let you guys know what was his advice on what to do next. I just want to be happy and move on to more important things in life.

Second opinion....

Ok ladies. Here it goes. This PS is one that I had consulted with before my BA. For some reason I just felt more comfortable with my current PS because he had performed a lumpectomy on me and it went great. Anyway enough of that, this PS is very honest and told my that the reason my right boob is so tight is because obviously I'm way overfilled AND because my right side pocket is too small to fit the extra 100cc that was just overfilled with. He also noticed that my crease do not match each other and that would be something he would have corrected. (Why did I not go with him from the beginning!!! Grrrr. He just seems so much more knowledgeable). Anyway he suggested I either have my current PS take out some saline from both but that my right will still be a bit firm or I switch to Silicone since there are no issues with hardness. He said he would do 400cc left and 425 or 450cc on my right for Silicone. He did not push me in any direction. He was just suggesting what he would do. Anyway he quoted me 3,500 if I wanted to switch out to Silicone and to fix my pocket. Im really not sure at this time if I should switch or not. I just spent $3,950 plus $320 for overfill. Not sure if I want to spend more money like that. My only other option I think would be to have my current PS put a bigger implant on my right since I have about 50cc difference in size. But even still according to this new Dr he says my pocket is too small he might need to address that too. I just dont know if my current PS would be even able to fix my current situation as good as this new PS sounds like he would. I wanted my next revision to be my last for a while so I dont know what to do. :-(. Gotta think about it and talk to hubby about it. I just feel so bad having him ditch out more money for me. He says that he is willing to do it to make me happy. (I love him!!!!) But I cant be so picky about things. Anyway my next appt with current PS is on the 15th to decide what I am going to do. Maybe then I will bring up if he would put a bigger implant on my right side for now. Maybe in a few years down the road I can switch to Silicone. IDK!!!! I just don't want to keep on having to get recut so many times. It cannot be good for the body. What do you ladies suggest???

Warming up to size now...

I guess I was a bit swollen for about a week after revision and I was freakin out but I'm kind of liking the size a little more now. Too bad they feel like rocks on my chest!!! Lol. Anyway what do you girls think about the size?

In so much discomfort and pain!!!

I haven't really expressed how bad I've been feeling in detail ever since I had my revision. It has been 2 weeks today and I literally have lost 5 pounds!! I'm down to 112. I haven't been eating good because I have no appetite. I haven't had a good nights sleep either. Every night I wake up around 3 am with excruciating pain and pressure on my right breast and I can't sleep anymore passed that. I've been so depressed!!! I've lost trust in my current PS and I'm really sad about that because he's a nice guy. Just think he lacks experience. By day two from initial surgery I know he had made my right side way smaller than my left but I patiently waited to see the end results. But I secretly knew I needed a revision. At my last appt before revision he realized it by even showing me a before BA pic stating that I did have more breast tissue on my left to begin with and wasn't sure why he didn't put a bigger implant on my right. Morning of my revision while he was marking me up he said that he would be adding about 50cc to my right and 25 to my left. In the OR he ended up putting 100cc to my right boob!!! My implant is a 320 implant that according to manufacnow my right is bigger. Manufatures suggestions states that implants should not be overfilled by 20% which would equal to 385cc in my case and with good reason because you will have rock hard boobs. Not fun at all!! I have been in constant pain for the last two weeks and it's been emotionally draining. Just needed to vent guys. It's been really rough.

Emailed my current PS...

I emailed my PS explaining to him all my concerns and letting him know that I am not satisfied with results. He did respond back very concerned and offered to fix me and no cost. But to be honest I just dont feel he was a good match for me. I feel that I needed a Dr with more experience in the field. That was my fault. So I've decided to move on and found another PS that is very experienced to do my revision. Hopefully my last for a while. I will be starting a new review with his name soon.

Still in pain!!

Just wanted to update a bit. Well things are still the same. Not happy with assemetry and uneveness. Also have a lot of pain on right breast especially at night to sleep. I guess the pressure when I'm lying flat makes it worse. I just pray every day that someone cancels before my revision scheduled for July 10th!!! With new PS of course. Here are some pictures as of today. My right side is bigger and lower. Plus they feel VERY hard!!! Hate it!!! Can't wait to fix this situation. So depressed lately because I dont know if they will ever look normal and feel nice. I hate that I picked the wrong Dr to work on me.


If I had to give just one advise about picking your PS, I would definitely say that the most important things besides reviews are years of EXPERIENCE. More than 10 years of doing breast augs would be best I think. If a PS has plenty of years doing this and you haven't found negative reviews then thats a good sign. That is one thing I regret with this whole experience. Not picking an experienced PS. We live and learn right. Some us just have to go through the bad. :-/. Best wishes to everyone.

Implant revision review

So I will continue my journey under "Implant Revisions". Check out my review with my new PS. I hope only for the best for all you ladies and your up coming surgeries!!!! :-) XOXO

Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Im not saying he's not a good Dr., but I do think he needs more experience. First BA and revision I have been asymmetrical. Not sure how that can happen with Saline implants. Also overfilling a 320cc implant to 460cc is not a good idea in my opinion. I'm not the Dr so I figured he knew what he was doing but apparently some women don't mind having bowling balls stuck to their chest. He did offer to fix me for free but I just did not feel comfortable having him work on me a third time. I just feel he was not a good match FOR ME. Now I have to get a revision with a different Dr and pay a lot of money for it.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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