How Accurate Are in Office Sizers Vs. Rice Sizers Vs. Real Implants Behind Muscle? Jacksonville, FL

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Hi girls, im scheduled for ba April 13, 2015. Had...

Hi girls, im scheduled for ba April 13, 2015. Had my consult and kinda ended up more confused on sizing. This whole time i have been set on 450cc silicone. So at my consult i tried on 450cc sizers ( tear drop style, even though mine will be round silicone Mentors, thats what they use for trying on at my Doctors) anyways i was shocked how huge 450 looked on me vs 450 rice sizers i made at home. Side profile was fine, the problem was how much side bood it gave me and even made me look heavier. My doctor said rice sizers not too accurate but i cant help but think the sizers at the office are way of what 450cc silicone really looks like. My stats for ref are 5"2 1/2, 120lb (sometimes less) 32inch breast, 28inch breast band, 26inch waist, 38 hip rear. I currently wear 34c ( can fit on some B's but feel tight) bra as that is what feels best on me but look more like a B. On sude note the surgical type bra that they made me use at the consult felt very loose so that might have something to do with how those sizers looked. My profile pic is me with my 450cc rice sizers, pink top is 425cc rice sizers and white top pic is consult sizers. What is your opinion on how accurate these sizers are? Or maybe i should think going smaller. I like how 450cc looks on girls my size. Note i was a 34D while pregnant, in past but now kinda saggy small C large B. Would like D look at least.

Prior post typos

Sorry for typos on prior post, typing from phone, i meant on side note.

Side profile of doctors office 450cc sizer

Withought sizers

This is how i look withought sizers and padded 34c bra.

Pre op was today, FINALLY!!!!!

Short update, went to pre op app today payed in full, filled out final paper work and went over my size concern with my Doctor, in the end we choose 450cc silicone HP, under the muscle, crease incision. I trust my doctor and his opinion is that is a great size for me and for the look i want. He also reassured me that they wont actually look like the sizers i did not like at the prior consult, that was just so i could get an idea of the fullness. So 450's here i come!!!!!! :). So happy!! Cant wait!!!

Forgot to mention....

Got my prescription slips and vitamins for before and after. Also i have a question regarding the patch prescription for the nausea, the nurse mentioned those can be around $100, im self pay so if any of you guys know where i could get that for less it would be great. Maybe genetic.. Idk

Got meds

I was able to get my meds for less at walgreens with RX discount card :)

Another prior pic

Really hope im gonna love these 450's.....!!!!! :)

On here we go!!!!!

Finally got the guts.... Sorry for all this sadness...

Surgery April 13 ladies

Ok so i have yet to mention this but its an amazing coincidence that my sister in orlando fl 2 1/2 hrs away from my got scheduled for her BA on the same time as me, same time, same size implant, and its was not planned at all, thats sooooo crazy!!!!! To top it off our post op app is on the same day, almost same hr, feeling like it's all so meant to be. Only im wortied of being to big and she is worried of being too small. She really loves big boobs jaja and is having a hard time with dr saying biggest implant she can get is 450cc silicone. She has a profile here on realself profile name worrysome.

The day is here!!!!

Finally, surgery day. Im here waiting in waiting room very anxious :) have faith in God everything will turn out good.


Finally the other side and im loving the boobs :) got silicone mento 450cc left and 476cc right. So glad now i dint go smaller.

Day of surgery pic

Love love love :)

Surgery day pic

Looks smaller than i thought. But still love them.

Sorry dint load pic right... Here it goes

2nd day post op pic

Coulnt help trying on this bathing suit at target :) still bloated but i expected that, it should go down soon.

3rd day post up pics

4th day post up pic

Feeling good :), still bit bloated though but dropping and swelling on top down. Did not have to much swelling to start with just pressure.

8 days post op

Hey guys!!! Feel like i havent updated in 4 ever even though its only been 4 days. Today i have my first post up visit but i can honestly say that for some reason as of this morning i feel like theres been such a positive change in how my body feels, almost like back to normal yayyyyy!!!!!! I dont really think i have much swelling anymore and they are def getting softer but still have a while before tightnes settles down. Sooooooo happy i went with the 450cc silicone hp and that my PS decided to put in 475cc on my right breast because now i believe that i would have been upset if they were smaller. My PS actually said we could do 500cc right before we went in OR and i said no :( boooooo, i regret it. But still loving these and i guess 500cc would of not made that big of a difference . My right were the bigger implant is, is still riding a bit higher and tighter but my PS said to expect that because that was my smaller boob and bigger implant inserted there, plus im right handed. They should even out as they heal. I will update later when i get out of my post op app, see what the Dr thinks :) meanwhile here are some pics of progress.

9 days post op, feeling blue :(

Just feeling sad because i really really want my right boob to catch up with my left. Its higher still and looks smaller even though its the bigger implant.... Gonna stop looking at them so much for couple of days see what happens. Meanwhile heres 9 days post op pic leaning over.

Tried on some lingerie... and PS update.

Coulnt help my self again and since im on the search for bralet type bras, why not? One was a yes and the other a no. Also very important went to see my PS yesterday since i coulnt make it to my app this past Tuesday and everything is going great, i have dissolvable stitches and right implant is bit higher than left but that was expected, it should still drop some more, going back to PS in another 2 weeks.

Forgot to liad pics oooopppppss...

16 day post up pics.

Hi girls!! These were taken 16 days post op, just finally had the time for a small update. So far i feel completly back to normal. Have been able to do lower body exersises, lunges, bridges, ect. Right implant which is the 475cc one still sitting bit higher so looks a bit smaller than the left breast which has the 450cc. But really happy so far i know it takes time so it should get better, somedays they feel big and other days small, lol. I guess its the perfect balance :) .

More update pics from today

Ok so since summer is comming up and i cant tan because of the scars and the sun being evil.... I have been on a quest to find a good self tanner and im really liking my results from 2 i have tried this week, results are in this new pics... As you may have noticed from prior post im usually caspers sister, lol. I also wanted to share pics of progress and new bras which im really liking :) .

1 month anniversary!!!

Well today is the 14 so officially 1 month post op, congrats to my sister for that milestone as well :). My implants continue to change ever so slightly but i am happy that finally my right implant seems to be catching up a bit to my left, yay!!!! Finally. Im feeling completly back to normal and can even sleep on my chest now if i want but i wont, im afraid to damage them, haha. I dont have any regrets about my surgery and im loving everyday with my new remodeled breast. I will leave you ladies with few 1 month anniversary pics, nothing special but this is were they are at now as in progress, also i have never shown my scar pics so today is the first scar reveal day. :)

Bras... Small dent

Hi gals, cant believe its been almost 1 1/2 months already. So far i still feel back to normal little sore in the mornings but getting better each day. A few weeks ago i noticed what seemed to look like a small dent on the cleavage area on my left boob, its not that noticible but i can def tell its there. I had not mentioned it before on here or to my PS but now i think im gonna bring it up to him at my next follow up appointment see if anything can be done about it, maybe a filler, idk. If opening scar again is necessary than i dont know if i would want to fix it cause its not that serious i just wish it wasnt there because cleavage is the area that gets exposed sometimes. Im finally back to wearing underwire bras sometimes and believe me it was soooo hard to find D's with small bands, but i did get a few. Every manufacture seems to be different size so i had to play around with what felt good to me. What do you guys think about the dent is this common or is it not even noticible and im exagerating like my close family members seem to think? Lol. I uploaded a few pics with bra specs for reference also pics of the "dent".

Over 2 months update :)

Hi, its been now over 2 months and pretty much i think im not really gonna see much changes anymore, My PS said maybe a bit more settling and softening but nothing significant. I am so happy with my boobs now even though they are not perfect twins ( they never were) i would be perfectly ok if they were to stay the way they are now. My family and friends say they look big but naturaly big mealwhile my husband is convinced now 90% of woman need BA's ( lol joke, kinda) he just loves them now even though he was not really for surgery at first, he liked me the way i was but now says that this looks great too. I def feel more confident. About my boob dent that i mentioned in prior post, i spoke to my PS about and just as i though its my anatomy and theres really nothing much to do about it, he said even if he used filler its just a temp fix, so i told him just leave them as is, as im 1000 times better then before any ways :). Im posting some updated pics along with this post to show progress. Hopefully soon i will post better ones but heres what i have for now. I also played with the implants at my Doctors office and shook the saline one for the ladies that are concern about the schoosh sound the saline implants make. I have silicone so i also played with that one a bit... Any ways hope it helps.

Videos not loading....

I will try later to load the vids, lets see if i have any luck later.


Silicone and saline comparison

Explicit - Click to view


Shaking saline

4 months ......

Wow cant believe its been 4 months, time flies. Its been a while since i update so this one is over due. So far im still very happy about my boobs, but i did slow down with working out and started eating more after the surgery so i gained almost 10 pounds.... Yikes. Sometimes ok with that other times i feel chubby. I have noticed that the boobs can make me look bigger when im wearing loose tops which kinda sucks beacause all the stores now sell mostly layering tops, which im not crazy about, they make a lot of girls including me look bigger then they are... Not good. I sometimes sleep on my stomach but mostly my sides. Last week my boobs were aching a lot during the night, i started to worry a lil bit cause i wasnt able to sleep well because they hurt but it went away after about 2 days so i think im ok. I have noticed that within the past 2 weeks they have gotten very soft which surprised me because i really dint expect anymore changes but this one was well welcomed. Im loading some 4 month pics, tried on 2 old dresses and had a lil bit of fun doing it :).

Forgot to load these..

1 year

Hi, its been a very long while since i post and since i just went over my one yr surgery anniversary i wanted to share how its been going since my last update. I have been blesssed to have zero complications and feeling i would say is about 80% what it used to be. Mostly they look natural unless i have wear padded bras. I am now very much liking none padded bras as im just self conscious person i guess. I do see myself prob down sizing in a couple of yrs to about 350cc since i dont like how my breast look in bras with any type of padding in clothing cause i feel i look fatter, bit top heavy and would prefer something a bit smaller, shopping for bras is hard when ur 32ddd and when i do find a bra it's usually padded and when the bras are thin nipple will show and i hate that. For now just enjoying what I currently have though :)
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

I am so happy to have choosen Dr. Csikai for my surgery. He is very knowledgeable in what he does and is very sweet doctor. From the moment i walked in the door into his beautifully decorated office i felt comfortable almost like right at home, everyone else at the office was professional and efficient. All my concerns and questions were adressed and i love my results. I truly belive he is the best in this area and one of the best in the state. Definitely recommend Dr. Cskai, he is a great PS.

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