Im not ashamed to be a Duran or Yily doll

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Hi I've finally set my date for my bbl. I've...

Hi I've finally set my date for my bbl. I've decided to go with Dr.James E. Hardy
of Jacksonville, Fl. I felt very good about the procedure, until me and my hubby talked about it today. I still want it, but I have a feeling he really doesn't want me to have it. He much older than me and you know how that can be, anyways I was quoted $5,940 I hope its worth it. I will post before pics to compare to when I get me the new me. Oh does anyone know how much 4grams of fat is in cc's?

Another year and no booty

I am not new to this just getting back to RS. I for one know how addictive RS can be, I spent hours and hours for months on hear after discovering it on m make me heal matter of fact I never visited mmh again. Well I was suppose to get my surgery last year but decided to expand my families business. 2014 is my year I'm ready hubby is 100% on board he is very supportive. I'm searching and have my mind set on Dra. Yily in ?the D.R.

Yily or Duran doll in the making

MsI have seen some bodies by both Yily and Duran and man they are drop dead gorgeous make you wonna cry. I am 28 years old 5'3 175 lbs. Initially I only wanted ?the bbl with lipo to waist, abdomen, and back. Once I saw ?the doctors in DR work and prices I was thinking get what I really won't and only do it one time. So now I'm interested in the Bbl with liposuction to the abdomen, back, flanks, inner thighs, arms and pits and waist, and also a breast reduction. Yes I won't it all.

Just added some pic I like and wish pics

waiting for a date

For ?the last few days I've sent emails to Duran, Yily, and Baez. I have gotten a quote from yily and Baez, but nothing from Duran and that's who I really want. I'be contacted Jazmine with Bella Vita Consultants and she responded asking me to fill out ?the client agreement and send it back, but in ?the email I never received a link to ?the client agreement or any info on where to find it. I even searched her web site before emailing her back to ask where to find ?the client agreement, that was about 4 days ago. I emailed yily to ask what dates she had available about 4 days ago as well and haven't heard anything from anybody. I see what you ladies mean they are hard to reach. I'm ready to move forward but in a stand still because they won't respond to my emails. Somebody please help me. I need to know how to contact these ladies, how to send my deposit and lock in a date, also what meds can I get now. I honestly dream about what I'm going to look like afterwards and outfits I would look good in I dare to not wear now. I'm working out plan on working out til my time come hopefully that will give me better results. Right now I really have no juicy news so until next time.

Has anyone else had this issue

Has anyone else had this issue with Dra. Yily. I sent her a very detailed email of what I wanted which was a Breast reduction, liposuction to ?the abdomen upper and lower, back, flanks, waist, inner thighs, and arms with a bbl I want a big butt with a small waist. She gave me a quote that covered lipo to ?the abdomen, back, flanks, waist, arms and arm pits with a bbl. She left out ?the breast reduction and lipo on Yvette inner thighs and added in ?the armpits. I emailed her back two more times with a detail list of what I want exactly and both times got back an email that didn't list everything I wanted in ?the quote. I'm so anxious, I think I'm going to start buying some things I need that may take my mind away from Rs for a little while. If I don't go through with it this year it just isn't meant for me. Until next time.

I want to be a Duran Doll!!!! or yily

I'm going crazy wanting to be a Duran doll, I seriously about to start email stalking her. I tried emailing her twice no response at all I'm about to up that shot to two a day yeah crazy isn't it. What about whatsapp, I downloaded it but I'm illiterate when it comes to ?this new tech shit somebody help me please. I've google her, tried face booking her damn what ah chic gotta do( in my ghetto voice). My husband told me last night that I've been on my phone and computer non stop from ?the time I wake up til ?the time I go to be or suppose to be sleep. I felt bad, because we have a 1 year lord I hope I haven't been neglecting my family they are my everything. So I'll cut back some, I'll just get on RS when he's not home or when I'm at work or at ?the gym. I know what y'all thinking, but come on y'all know how it is.

my valentines from Dra. Yily

We'll as you know I've been waiting to hear from Dra. Duran even inquired some help and still hadn't heard anything. I promised I would not be on RS so much and I did so, but valentines night as I'm out with my hubby I get an email from Dra Yily which was a quote for everything I had asked for and detailed instructions as to what I needed to do also dates she had available. I figured since she just emailed me let me email her right back with my questions and concerns and I may get an answer and yes I did we emailed one another back and forth from about 7pm to 11pm. I started to think maybe this is someone trying to scam me, because I couldn't believe this doctor is emailing me at 10pm. I asked her would my husband be able to join me during these procedures she said he could either wait back in my room or he could wait in ?the waiting room on ?the forth floor. My quote is 3500 for lipo to ?the armpits( not arms), abdomen, back, flanks, and waist with a bbl. It is an additional 300 for inner thighs, which I will be getting done, additional 700 for breast reduction and lift I'm trying to get approval from my PCP to have it done in ?the states but if not I will be getting it done there, also an additional 1000 for a tummy tuck. I hadn't considered it to much but my hubby asked why wasn't I getting ?the whole package deal if a mommy makeover is what I really want. So I may get a tummy tuck. My deposit is 300 to lock in my date and soon as I get off RS I'm calling my bank to find out how to do ?the wire transfer. I have been this.king should I stay at a recovery house or a hotel and if I stay at a hotel do I need to hire a driver and nurse. If any of you dolls have stayed at a hotel please let me know what you experience was like and where you stayed you know all that good shit

Im comfirmed for May 6th 2014

I finally got an email back from Yily confirming that she got my deposit and that I'm scheduled for May 6th. I was about going crazy today I almost booked my flight and hotel and started to show up on Yily. I'm not staying at a recovery house my choice and I may stay at Barceló for a few days. As of right now I'm going to stay at Aparta hotel plaza del sol. I know what ya'll already thinking it is not the crown plaza or Hilton. I don't want to waste money on a nice hotel to lay in bed most of the day. I'm going to spend my money on shopping. I may visit the beach, but I'm not supper excited about that I'm a Floridian beach baby. I want to have the procedure and come home to my family. I'm about to book my flight and hotel I also have gotten most of my stuff I will post a list of what I have tomorrow if there is anything I need ladies let me know. Until next time.

My list so far

all my meds through doc office.
5 maxi dresses
3 pair sweats
3 long skiirts
6 tank tops
1 granny robe (button up front)
9 pairs granny panties
4 packs kotex pads
surgery take
burn cream
Arnica cream
boppy pillow
lipo foam
2 pair house shoes
2 pair flip flops
tooth brush, paste and mouth wash
spray bottle
cocoa butter
travel size lysol spray
germx sanitizer
surgical scissors
gatorade dry packs
viber app
google translator
flight itinerary
hotel reservations
wire transfer
emails from Yily
still need to get passport
drivers license
chap stick
extra spending cash $500 so far
will get sew in for hair and have shower caps
fajate faja
I will be taking some nice dress clothes as well
hospital bag (things i will need there)
2 suit cases for hubby and I things.
1 travel on bag of things i want to keep on me at all times likd meds.(bags do get lost sometimes stolen at arports)
nutrigran bars
whey protein shake
I have more stuff just cant think of all of it right now, well until next time.

not surgery take but tape.

Damn phones, but I see we have have typos.
Time to start my countdown, i cant believe im actually doing yhe damn thing this year.

International calling for reassurance

Okay so I added international calling to my monthly boost mobile plan which was only an extra $10 a month. I called Yily's office this morning and was put on hold for about 10 minutes so I hung up and called back and her assistant Yira answered and said yes I was confirmed for May 6th. After hearing that I feel I can go on with my daily dos and not be stuck on realself or googling realself stuff. So I've confirmed, booked hotel and flight, shoped for all my must haves. I and hubby will be applying for our passports this week. I have a doctor's appointment this Monday which is March 10th and I'll know if I'm good to go. Im really thinking hard on the tummy tuck but I'm ordering my abdominal board anyways.

I havent told anybody but my husband

Still I haven't told anybody. I want to tell my mom, because I tell her everything and my twin sister, but I know my sister would tell everybody and they would all be trying to talk me out of it. My mom would not approve of it and would also try to talk me out of it and that would just put a lot of stress on me that I don't need. I just told my family we are going on vacation. I made the mistake of telling my family last year and not food I regret that. At our family gathering the other day my sister was talking about the fat grafting to the butt (bbl, she clueless) and said we gone go it it next year arent we I wanted to say im geting mine in two months, but I played it and said yup. My sister inlaw was also.talking to my brother about it last year and I mentioned to her I was scheduled with a local doctor. I saw a side of my brother I never saw he was like ya'll crazy ya'll don't need that why ya'll want to be like them girls on tv ya'll beautiful just they way ya'll are I guess that was good.enough for my sis in law. she gone flip when she see me. Im just ranting on no excitement yet so until next time.

38 days til take off 39 days til new body

I cant believe In 39 days I will be in DR having surgery for my new body. I have decided to not go with the tummy tuck, if I need one afterwards I will schedule to have one done locally. Im still waiting to hear from my doc if Ive been approved for a breast reduction by my insurance company, if I dont hear anything by the day before I leave Im just going to have Yily do it. Passport is buggin me I hope it comes soon. My doc didnt know what some of the meds Yily proscribed where so she did give me.the ones she knew. Im going to see if she can subscribe me something for pain. I have really been going through alot,thats why I havent even looked at realself in a while, my relationship is going down hill and I hope its not all because I want what I want. My husband seems to think Im doing this to attract more men, hell I already attract more than I can handle and not interested in any. Im doing this so when I go shopping I wont spend 5 hours going to 10 different store, picking up and.putting back shit just to come home.with nothing or something loosely to cover everything, because I dont think I would look good in anything I saw that evening. I have been doing that for years. I really dont have a bad body just average with little booty and and some gut. I have cloths Ive never worn because to me It doesnt look good on me. I am human and a woman so yes I welcome all the attention Im very flirtatious, but would never go beyond a little smile or something really innocent. I love my husband very much. I cant wait til this is all over and we can move on. well I havent packed a damn thing so Im going to.start packing this weekend because, next week up until end of April is going to be very busy for me.

How much Extra money to bring

I am staying at a hotel, Im not quite sure of ho much Extra cash I will need. I have to hire a nurse for a few days atleast 4days, I have to pay abby for trips from and to clinic and airport, also provide food. Im going to probaby get two massages, but my husband is a licenced massage therapist, he can do the massages for me. Does any vets have a clue of how much extra money they spent.

Good and Bad News

Okay I have good and bad news on the same damn day, I got my passport today yay came back pretty fast and I am so excited. I've also heard that a young lady passed March 26 one.of my docs patients, an that scares the living crap out of me. I told my husband and he was like baby its gone be okay, then said well I might as well tell you now, my passport was declined. Omg really I have already booked our flight and hotel now I have to change everything. He like dont.worry about the money,damn the money Im worried about my safety, and security. I never imagined taking this trip alone. At this point I am still trying to change things to accommodate me going by myself, so ladies I am looking for a buddy, but dont be suprised If I dont get the surgery once I get there. Anybody need a buddy/roommate for May 5-16

Summerbooty26 is back

Its been a long time since i have even vistied this site, but summerbooty26 is back. Its like I just up and disappeared. I know some were thinking damn what happeded to summerbooty26, did she back out, did she go through with it or what happened. Well Ive always been cautious about things like this, you only get one life and I love my life, also what about all my love ones, so thats why I didnt back out I did the damn thang, honey child yes I did. My experience was great, I met alot of wonderful people. Im loving the new me and have so much to tell you all, because its been 6 months and so much has happened. Oh yeah Im not gone do yall dirty of course im poating new pics as soon as I get them out my old phone. Until then all of you new booty queens to be feel free to ask any questions.
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I've decided to go with Duran or Yily.

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