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I am new to this site and decided to join so I can...

I am new to this site and decided to join so I can make connections with other people looking into or have had a Brazilian Butt Lift. I met with Dr. Hardy earlier this month for a consultation to see if I could get a butt augmentation-fat transfer at my size: 120 lbs/5 ft. He was very polite and after doing a body assessment told me I could get one. I decided to pay for the procedure in full and scheduled a pre-surgery appointment to talk about how I want it to look (which is going BIG!) and I scheduled the actual procedure for March. I am nervous not only about the pain but if I will get the desired results I am seeking at my size. Feel free to share with me your reviews if you have every had a FT BBL. Do you know anyone around my size that had a successful lift??? This is the beginning of me sharing my journey with you all!!! I will be posting before and after pictures.


No major update. So far I am stuffing my face to gain some weight so I can get my desired results. At this point I have gained about 11 pounds and I feel "blah" but I have to keep reminding myself it is all for a reason. My goal is to gain a total of 20 pounds to put me at 140 pounds. Don't get me wrong, I love the eating part but this HUGE stomach is so not cute lol. Thank you all for your kind words One more month to GO!!!

Wish Pics


Ugh Looking at these wish pics just make me want it more. I am not sure exactly what I am going for but I want something big, curvy, and liable to cause whip lash! Yes I said WHIP LASH!! LOL. Me and my wife are on two different levels: She's a health nut and already in amazing shape but is working out even harder because she hates her big sexy gluteus maximus and I am trying to gain weight to achieve a huge gluteus maximus (so unfair). Only if she could give me hers!!! In the meantime I am sitting here sulking while eating 4 subway cookies, sweet tea, chicken and potatoes. Let me get up and run to the store to pick up a few cans of Ensure. 5 more pounds to go. Just 5 more pounds to go. Oh, on a brighter note my Pre-Surgery has been pushed up to the 12th of Feb!!! Yayy!

Pre Surgery Appointment

So yesterday I went for my Pre Surgery Appointment. During this meeting I tried on my body suit, signed paperwork, and met with Dr. Hardy again to discuss my desires. I bought pictures as well as looked at his portfolio. Nice work! I explained to him I have gained almost 20 pounds so let the suction begin!!! LOL. The staff was very nice and as usual he was very soft spoken and nice. OH WEE I am getting excited!!!! 2 weeks to go before my SURGERY DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My surgery is in 4 days!!!!!!!!! Surprisingly I am not anxious at all. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing (shrugs). I have gained the 20 pounds I was looking for, I just hope he can now suck it all out so I can get my flat stomach back. I have heard good things and bad things about people who have went and got this procedure, LORD KNOWS I PRAY for positive results. Well, I will probably post pre surgery photos and definitely post surgery photos. BIG BUTT HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ugh, I am so ready to get this surgery on the road!! I have my transderm patch on, filled all my prescriptions, and have post-surgery "proofed" my house. I will be posting pictures hopefully later today or soon after. Hoping for the best!
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