Chocolate Lady and Her Booty Dream - Jacksonville, FL

Hello ladies! I met with Dr. James Hardy 2 weeks...

Hello ladies! I met with Dr. James Hardy 2 weeks ago and yesterday I made my down payment in order to lock in that Booty of my dreams date which will be the 8th of October! I have always been busty on top and flat as could be in the back! I wore silicone butt pads for the past 8 years! I hated it!!!

Almost 2 weeks away!

I can't wait!

Wish pics

This is what I am praying for......

Here is what God gave me

One of the lists given

My pre opt was awesome! Dr. Hardy allowed me to meet one of his BBL patients and her ass was perfect. She was 4 months post and spoke good things about her surgery! She said there wasn't much pain and when there was she had her meds! I asked Dr. Hardy to post more pics to help the future BBL ladies see his work and he has posted some! :) I feel confident that he will do his magic! 8 days away from my booty birthday! A star will be born! Lol

Excited and nervous

Can't sleep.... I should've taken that ambien like they told me I could!! Today is going to be my booty birthday.... Saying goodbye to the flat life!

Last picture pre op!

Bye Bye Flat ass! Hello big booty!

Waiting for the Surgery

Some crazy emotions flowing but there

I finally have an ass

I will post pics tomorrow! Dr. Hardy did a great job!

Here she is

Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hardy was laid back and understood my frustration. He told me he could make my request a reality.

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