Brazillian Butt Lift Procedure - Jacksonville, FL

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I have chosen to go with James E. Hardy. I met...

I have chosen to go with James E. Hardy. I met with a few other surgeons and it was close between Hardy and Sophia Klirk from Posh Plastic Surgeons. But in the end I felt Hardy will give me the desired look I want. The reason I've decided to undergo the procedure is bc I've lost fullness after having my children. This past Monday I had my pre op app. Surgery is scheduled for June 20th.!

8 days after surgery!

First wanna start off by saying anyone considering Hardy, go ahead and schedule an appointment! I have already taken a close friend to see him and she has already scheduled her surgery date to have her breasts done. I'll start by sharing that I went to Hardy to discuss getting BBL, a mini tummy lift, and my breast implants redone. I was unhappy with the results of my last breast enhancement and plan on having this procedure done in near future. Anyone planning on this procedure feel free to ask questions bc I have a ton of info and suggestions. I thought I needed a mini tummy lift bc of the slight droop above my naval from my two pregnancies but he explained there was no need for mini tummy bc I didn't have sagging in my stomach and Hardy and my husband both couldn't see my concern about my belly button but all the same I didn't like it so he agreed to fix my concern. Then my last concern. My sad rear still had volume but wasn't happy and perky like it used to be and I started to have saddle bags under my booty which took away from the shape. He told me that the fat from that area was very ideal and I was happy to have him lipo it all! I had to work to gain so I could give him something to transfer so that was fun doing his "big mack" diet. Lol. He said he was gonna lipo everywhere he could to get what we needed. I had all my legs, flanks, little lower tummy and again main focus on the saddle bag area (lower outer leg). My surgery day was this past June 20th at the Plaza surgery center. I was a little nervous because off being asleep and its hard for me to feel secure so for me to feel at ease speaks volumes about this doctor. He lets you kno everything three steps ahead of any process so there is no surprises which is a comfort. For example, as he was marking me for surgery he explained that I'll meet him in the back in a few mins for surgery where he and the nurse on staff prepare you by spraying you with iodine and that then they put you to sleep. As I fell asleep Hardy was chatting with me and singing to himself as the radio played in the background and him patting my hand. When you wake they help dress you in your fitted garment and then wheel you out. My husband was there with me and I had already instructed him that I wanted him to set our back seats all the way back and I layed across on my stomach. I just was strapped in across my lower back. I suggest that anyone capable, to do this. You do not wanna be on your back end. Lol. I was already scheduled to meet Hardy a week after surgery which was the 26th. But I started finding myself short of breath Tuesday night and wasnt quite sure as to why. Husband called the office Wednesday morning and even though I thought it unecessary he insisted I come to St. Vincent hospital where he was doing his surgery that day. This is how I really new that all his patients are a big priority bc they did a routine c scan to make sure I hadn't developed blood clots in my lungs. After finishing my tests and about to wheel me out Dr Hardy was out in the hallway waiting with my husband. He patted me on the back and said he apologized for me having to drive over but he wanted to make sure I was okay. Then he took over and started examining my test results himself. Lol. Then told the staff that my c scan image looked great but he wanted to make sure and had them wheel me back in to do it again. Sigh. He had observed when I got up to use the restroom between tests I was breathing a little heavy. But what I believed what happened is I was overly tired and stressed Tuesday night bc we received news that a close loved one was about to be taken off life support and that really got to me. Then right before my c scan as me and my husband were waiting for testing we found out our loved one had passed. My husband explained this to Hardy while I was getting testing and Hardy was very compassionate about our situation. Rarely have I found people that care enough about others and get really invested with their patients. I also enjoy his staff. Some of the woman are more quite and reserved but all of them are friendly. Will post more about results in few days!
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Im very pleased with Hardy so far.He is very informative and has a calming demeanor. My main focus is results not so worried about how I'll feel after surgery.

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