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YEESSSSSS, Im finally here! Ive been reading on...

YEESSSSSS, Im finally here! Ive been reading on BBL for about 8mon now. At first I thought it was cool, then came across Dr. Jimerson work via Instagram and thought to my self "wooowww this man has magical hands" Music has always be a passion of mines and is sumthin im pursuing. Image or that "perfect" look will get u along way. I came across this site just snooping for the basics, and just fell head over heels for this procedure and im dying to get it done. First I ill say Im far from insecure, Im a very attractive woman and single mother of a 4y/o. For the most part when im out and about or partying im sucking in my stomach. LOL. After the birth, my breast double in size, im a 34 DDD. Yes, u read it right...DDD. Over the past 10months ive gained about 18-20lbs, knowing that im getting this procedure I decided to keep my new weight. Currently I weight 131lbs. my measurements are 34-32-37....SAD CASE YALLL...SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS...

Soooo...Since Dr. Jimerson was my #1 Doctor, I had a consultation with him I believe in July via Webinar. The staff is EXTREMELY friendly, they really really nice. BBUUUTTTTT Dr.J BBL STARTS at $10,300. LAAAWWDD HAVE MERCY! Like I said, Im single mother and im far from balling out of control so $10,000 is my MAX (if u can afford him I highly highly highly recommend just going to him) So I carried on to do more research. Dr. Salama in Miami was the next choice, but his starts at $8,999. Once I add travel, hotel stay, and all necessary post op thing, that will be well over $10k.

Sumthing told me to just check here, Jacksonville, Fl. Home Sweet Home. and Boom! Dr. Desai....$100 consultation and his procedure starts at $8,999. No flight and No Hotels. I can recover in the comfort of my own home. I going to meet with him later this month or beginning of February.

Now the good stuff, my Financial Plan! I notice a lot of you inquire about this on other pages. I am Egg Donor and I get compensated $3,000 per session. I will include some of my taxes and personal savings. Im thinking about picking up a 2nd job, but im unsure yet. Im hoping to have this done in 6months. August at the LATEST.

Im also gonna film my journey as a documentary starting now until about 4-6 weeks post-op.I will upload it via Youtube. I think in the black community is frowned upon to have ur butt done. I think partly becuz MOST black girls have a natural butt and secondly becuz of ppl going to extreme lengths to getting it done the wrong way. Like going to someone's house or some back alley clinic letting chico or bookie inject peanut butter in ur butt. NO MA'AM! Coming from a Health Care Professional, Ppl need to take their health serious and go the correct way. Im not going to be that girl who is ashamed or afraid to show the world that Yes, I did have a Brazilian Butt Lift, I went to a professional, and I LOVE IT. I seen a lot of girls on here trying to figure out ways to tell their friends and family what they had done, or why they transformed over night. No, not this one

Im so excited to continue my journey with u bootylicious ladies, I look forward to talking to you and answering all your questions.

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Undecided Woman

Day 14
Hey my BBL ladies, so Ive changed my mind on staying home and doing the procedure. Im now unsure with Dr. Deasi here in Jacksonville. Im going back with my second choice, Dr. Salama in Miami. Ive seen enough pictures and read countless stories on him that im convinced im in good hands. The reason I switched is becuz I have extended family in Miami that said it would be perfectly fine if I stayed with them during my recovery time. (10days) also I can bring my daughter. Ill have the doctor I want, no hotel fee's, a caregiver, and someone to care for my daughter the days I will be down. SWEETTTT. Only extra expense will be plane tickets, which isn't that bad. The drive from Jacksonville to Miami is 5 hrs, cant drive that long sitting on my new booty plus a 4 y/o in the car. Flying it is... Does anyone know if Dr. Salama do consultations on Friday's? I can drive down there for my appointment and shoot back home the next day. HELP. Ill update once I make an appointment....

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