43 Years Old W/ Clear Correct, Used Invisalign 10 Years Ago. Jacksonville, FL

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Just started phase 0 about a week and a half ago. ...

Just started phase 0 about a week and a half ago. It took approximately five weeks to receive after first mold appointment. Clear Correct aligners are very different from Invisalign. There not cut around your gums following your tooth line, the go up on your gums which concerns me a little, and I will ask about it at my next appointment. They did cut my mouth up a bit, but I used and am still using wax to cure that. I will keep you all posted as I go along and receive my next set of aligners. I would love to hear other experiences as well...

It all makes sense now... Still going great!

It all makes sense now, after googling my concern about the cut of aligners and gum line, I found my answer on a clear correct blog. I can't post the link, but here are some of the points: *We’re trimming differently to make retention 2x - 4x stronger *"For clear aligners with attachments, the straight cut 2 mm from the margins was over four times as retentive as the scalloped cut / Based on these findings, we’ve decided to start trimming our aligners with a smoother contour and a larger overlap with the margins. This technique should improve the efficiency of the aligners / We expect the new aligners to move teeth more effectively, especially when performing difficult movements like torquing." *parts of the blog - BY CARL JONARD · SEPTEMBER 26, 2013
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