42, Almost 43. Mother of Two. Ultherapy on Lower Face & Jawline/under Chin - Jacksonville, FL

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My profile & jawline was never defined unless I...

My profile & jawline was never defined unless I was a size zero. At 42, rather than starving for it, I'm happy I found a healthier alternative. Ultherapy. I also always had a tiny fat deposit under my chin. As you can see, I've also had a full face, which is key (in certain areas) to a youthful glow.

Subtracting fat deposits, tightening & defining my sagging jaw is my goal & hoped for results. I refused to be under anesthesia (too risky being a Mother) for elective reasons, so I chose a less invasive procedure than mini-face lift. It's been 3 days since my procedure.

I won't complain tirelessly about the pain, however, I will adamantly STRESS you use any & all pain medicines available. Get a driver for the ride home. I couldn't use any drugs due to severe nausea that lasts for days afterwards. I cannot use any narcotics whatsoever. Use pain medicines! On a scale of 1-10, pain is at times an 8 WITHOUT meds.

3 days out: swelling, tenderness, instantly more defined jawline. Using Advil. No change in chin, except swollen. Jaws are swollen. I look like a chipmunk.. But I realize any results will take up to 3 months or more.

I will later post more updates & ugly before picture.. Then after picture, as I see further tightening & definition as well as MUCH hoped for fat loss under my chin.

Tuesday after.. 5 days.

I see a small difference today.. Swelling is 50% gone.

3 weeks

Will post ugly before pictures :(

Before, sad to say..

Love the results so far!
Only 3 weeks out from procedure.


If you're worried about the sagging or undesired fat loss, ask them to explain what each pass of the machine is doing and which areas it is targeting. For example, the deeper layers where the fatty tissue is, ask if that will be used under your eyes OR just the tightening setting. I'm presuming you want just tightening around your eyes. In a fatty area like under the jaws & double chin the machine should be targeting the fatty layers then tightening it with the second sweep of the machine.



4 weeks & there are no more lines on my check like there were before.. I don't need any Juvederm in my laugh lines now. It tigh

The skin is overall tighter! I look 5 yrs younger so far.

Chin & jaw looks like it did 5-7 yrs ago..

I seriously do not know what happened to those people with bad reviews. But I'm amazed I didn't have to get a facelift or lipo under chi, to see these results!

Less fat, tighter overall. Still lax area where thyroid is & could not do.

Almost two months.
Less fat & much tighter face.

Side by side

Side by side

3 moths

3 months


Garcia Institute

Very patient, professional & comforting.. Was willing to listen to my needs during the procedure.

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