38 Years Old 2 Boys 19 & 15 So Ready for This Much Needed Mommy Makeover to Rid This Apple Shape - Jacksonville, FL

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I have finally found a doctor I am comfortable...

I have finally found a doctor I am comfortable with after my debacle last year I have since relocated and found the right guy for the job. I have also lost 40 lbs trying to lose 10 more b4 surgery.
Current Status:
height: 5'4'
weight: 180 lbs
waist: 39 1/2
hips: 40
This was the first doctor who didn't look at me within the first five and said you need to lose weight then come back. He really went into detail and explained to me why my stomach was protruding even after losing 40 lbs. He asked me to suck my stomach in and said thats not intra abdominal fat your muscles are the problem after having 2 sections with two 8 lb plus boys and 4 other stomach surgeries my stomach muscle have had it. Dr. Hardy took his time and was ready to mark me up to show what he is going to do do to make my pop he told me my butt is fine. He answered all 10 of my most important questions. he really made me feel comfortable and the conversation was not rushed at all so after meeting with 7 other doctors he was the only DR who took the time to really examine me and for that he is my guy.
I booked my surgery today

Pre-op in next Tuesday

Hey ladies my Pre-Op is Tuesday and I'm getting excited I just got my basic supplies for surgery in 12 days I'm also trying to lose these last 10 lbs so I will be doing the master cleanse for the next 10 days leading up to surgery can't weight

I actually did a review in the mommy makeover...

I actually did a review in the mommy makeover section but they don't show results at my current weight and the tummy tuck side does. So since I'm having a tummy tuck done as well as my breast lifted with implants. I decided to post here as well so other young ladies that may have a shape similar to mine can follow my journey and I'm looking forward to following you guys as well now to the nitty gritty.

I am 5'4'  at my highest weight I was 220lbs  Had my consultation Aug 8th 2016 with Dr. Hardy here in Jacksonville, FL and weighed in at 181 lbs yayyyyyyyyy.  Today I am 177.5 I'm thinking this is the smallest I am going to get with 10 days left so I am going to continue to eat right and do my T25 and call it a day so hopefully by surgery I'll be at the least 170 lbs which is fine since I actually like being on the thicker side. My stomach went from a 42 inch waist to 38 1/2 as of today but when I lay down I measure at 35 inches.  my hips measure 40 inches which is fine with me. I asked Dr. Hardy if he could suck all the fat out and place it in my butt he said there is no need for that since I had already lost the majority of the fat and I have very little left. He stated that once he lipo my back, tuck this gut, and lift my girls my body will pop lol! I am definitely going to hold him to it. since I was actually suppose to have this procedure last year but I didn't feel comfortable going with that Dr. anymore and I have relocated since then, it also gave me a chance to lose more weight and I actually feel good about Dr. Hardy. My Pre-op is next week on the 7th and I will post my new weight at that time and then again right before surgery. I have received most of my recovery supplies from amazon the rest should be here by next week but, that is the stuff I will need after my scares heal so I'm good I pretty much just took what Twinn22 had in her diamond box that she posted a few days ago. So thats it for now wishing everyone the best and can't weight to be on the flat side.

Pre-Op went well today

I had my pre-op today with Dr. Hardy I must admit when I got there I was fine I was 15 mins early even though I had to fight traffic. But, I must say when they put me in a room and it was time to sign consent thats when It hit me and I wish I had a friend with me. It took me forever to sign all the paper work and consent forms I got nauseous and had to take several deep breaths just to get through it. I manage to get everything signed then it was time to try on the garment that they will be providing me and got to try out some new boobies then it was picture time of the old me. I must say Dr. Hardy really calmed my nerves I kept asking him had I lost enough weight he said yes, you have done the hard work now its time for me to make your body pop lol! he told me to suck in my stomach again to reassure me that I am going to be fine once he tighten the muscles he then measured my breast and went on ahead to explain the total procedure which is tummy tuck, lipo, breast lift, and breast augmentation surgery day is Sept 13, arrival time is at 10am and surgery is at 11am can't wait.
my weight today: 174.5
My natural waist: 35
my belly button waist: 37.5
hips: 40 which is fine with me I will continue to eat right and walk at least 4 miles a day up until surgery to see if I can get down just a lil bit more before Tuesday.

Today is the day!!

I was a bit nervous last night slept very little and my stomach is off the glass this morning so I'm go chuck that u to nervousness I have about an hr ride to get to the doctors office bout to weigh in at home to see where I'm at then do a last scrub down and me and my bestie go head out here are my final measurements

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 176
Natural waist: 36
Fullest part @ navel: 37.5

Nurse said I was the most prepared

Patient they had lol! Also the most excited and nervous ha e me a Valium to calm my nerves lol! Not to much longer and I'll be be seeing u guys in the flat side

Feeling pretty good

Loving my results I have come along way. My PS gave me a garment VS a binder I'm wrapped with an ace bandage garment needed to be washed here is a b4 and after

More pics

My boobies

Week 1

With all the swelling and drains in it was rough I know I look a lil odd and was a bit concerned since I didn't looked like everyone else does in there pics but if u look at my before pics I look so much better and with time it's only going to get better so I'm pretty satisfied

Week two

Drains came out yesterday and so did the medical tape from my scare looking much better I do have 3 small areas on my incision that's still healing but the cut is actually where my c-section scare is so its pretty low happy about that and I got a belly button ?? I'm finally starting to take shape yayyyyy so yes this apple chick finally got a waist and no more looking PREGOooooo! I still have a lil swelling I wear my garment 24/7 and when I'm not in my garment I'm wrapped with a ace bandage till my garment dries ooh and can't forget my boobies the right one is still a lil high but they are starting to settle I where a band during the day to help with the process and at night a 15 min massage couldn't be happier jus taking it day by day

Week 4

My results improve every week I'm happy with my results thus far patience is the key.
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hardy took his time with me answered all 10 of my most important questions , we actually had a conversation which made me really comfortable he did not rush me like the other 7 doctors did. So I'm confident he can get the job done.

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