35 Yr Old 5'4 150lbs Mommy Makeover. Jacksonville, FL

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My expectations were exceeded and surpassed at the...

My expectations were exceeded and surpassed at the consult! The Doctor and staff were extremely nice and well informed. The office is very clean and designed down to every detail. I think plastic surgeons are artists and that is very important to me. He was very polite and straight forward. I love that I do not need a hand holder I want to know everything.

Wish Pics and Before Pics

Thought I would update with pics now that I am so close to my date. I am so up and down about my boob size I don't know what to do. I had a consultation and loved 550 but when I see other ladies its really big????


OK wanted to see what size I really am right now, hopefully this is the right way to tell: Subtract your band size from your bust measurement and refer to chart. Example: 37 inches (bust) – 34 inches (band) = 3 inches. That’s a 34C.

So according to the chart I am a AA...??????

I got really bummed until I realized it's almost over :)

Playing with the plastic surgery app

Ok so I found this app and hoping I get these results or close to it...maybe more boobs

Pre-Op Tomorrow

So my Pre-op is tomorrow I am almost over my cold, still have some sniffles. Taking Zicam like no tomorrow and Vitamin C. Can't wait to finally pick a size, hoping the Dr. doesn't say I need to reschedule.

It's coming

3 days and counting I will be on the flat side! I have overcome my cold and wearing a hospital mask because my 1 year old has it bad. I'm so scared I might get it again. I'm getting so excited no longer nervous just anxious.

Still haven't decided on a number of CCs yet but teetering at 600 after my pre op.

Pre-op went well tried on more sizers and my hubby liked 650, but too big for me. I have all my meds ordered compression garment and have post op bra. I already have so many recliners in my home I should be set.

U forgot to ask the Dr. if I can climb stairs? I have a two story and wanted to live in the loft for the next 2 weeks, will I make it up the stairs?

24hrs to go to Surg

So I have one more wake up and off to the Surgery Center. I have had a cold which looked like turned out to be allergies last week. My 1 year old has had a bad cold the past week and I finally gave up on wearing my face mask. I got coughed on, mucus all over, and sneezed on so many times I just said their is no protection from this. Now that all of that is over and I am germ free I started taking Bromelain Monday...

The side effects definitely kicked in and I have bad acid re-flux. For a minute or shall I say a good part of yesterday I thought I had laryngitis. Until I realized my throat doesn't hurt I can talk and its more of a hot sensation rising from my chest. I usually take Ranitidine to combat my acid re-flux/gerd but had stopped because I didn't need it. But seems like the Bromelain brought it back up.

I will call my Dr. today to see if I can take anything, it is much better this morning but still uncomfortable.

Can't wait until tomorrow...

Day of surgery

Went in 9am and on the flat. Abdominal pasty hrs like hec. Finally up at 3am getting excited to see things.

Do you ladies pee all the time...man lucky I have recline sofa and tremendous help. Dr. Csikai ws amazing, Lori, the nurse and Ann the anesthesiologist.

It hurts bUT worth the pain.

Day 2

Feel like I've been run over by a dump a dump truk. Dr. Want my up 5minutr evert hour...

The most thing I want to do is lay down, the relief is he tung my back.

1 week down

It has been a rough week don't know where to begin...
1.I started taking the plethora of narcotics and vitamins and my acid reflux came with a vengence. Coughing and inflammation of my uvula so bad had to take trip back to my PS. He gave me a steroid and no more Bromelain for me.
2. Coughing is hell
3. While I was at the early appointment he decided to take one drain out. This was worse than coughing, it had a blood clot attached to the end that literally snagged and felt like it ripped through everything it passed through.
4. My next appointment was today, Thursday and the nurse took the other drain it was simple, slid right out. The problem was getting on the tight behind girdle they want you to wear. Now I'm thick in the hips so sliding up was out. So now I had to have my husband try and stretch this thing over my new boobs and pull down. I don't know about anyone else but a man buttoning a onside is only cute on babies.
5. Decided to go to Walmart to pick up some gauge and bras by the time we got home I could barely lift my legs to get up the stairs and cried when I had to sit down. I'm learning to use my stomach more than my poor back because it has given up on me.

Hoping the upcoming week is better, I work from home so I started back Tuesday but my hubby will be going back soon leaving me to fend with my 1 year old I'm not suppose to pick up????


Tight as heck but it sucks in a lot by marenagroup

Old swim tops

Tried on my small tops last night to see what needed to go...

Missed one

So...might be a C or B???

I saw wanted a D and no not having boob greed. When I look in the mirror I can't imagine them being bigger. When I look down they do look small and I know there still dropping and fluffing to be done.

What do you girls think...

2 weeks down

Ok so the two week run down, I am still sleeping in a recliner. I take walks and venture up and down my stairs. I work from home so I'm sitting over 12hrs a day. I drove once and went for a grocery run. By the end of the day my back gives and I need help to walk. I take pain meds at night only. My lower back is bad and not sure how this is going to work. I love my new body. My boobs are still high but I love the look. Let's be honest I'm just happy to have them. My scar is coming along and I feel sharp twinges around my naval. Not sure if this is from the hernia repair.
That's the update here are some pics

3 weeks today

So, I had my 3 week check up yesterday and he said everything was looking good. He took a few stitches out felt me up and sent me on my way. My back has stop hurting and I'm getting around more. Sneezing and coughing still hurts like hell. My boobs are dropping and looking gorgeous I bout a swimsuit yesterday because I was just so excited. Will send pics soon!

4 weeks

Ok so 4 weeks plus, doing great. Boobs have droped and scare looking nice. Oh got sized at Victoria Secret 34dd


VS bra

6 week check up

Everything seem to be in order, Dr. Said boobs might drop a little more but not much. Scar is healing well...I am loving my results. I can wear any bra and start a slow workout routine.

7 Weeks

So, not much to update boobs are dropping and seem to be fluffed. I don't see where there is anymore room to go. I can see the bag if I lift my arm straight up but my husband has groped smashed and all that good stuff and can't feel anything. He loves them. I have no sensation in my left nipple.

My TT scar itches and looks red at times, I'm using bio oil and raw Shea butter on it.

I can't sleep well without sleep aides and find this annoying.
I love my results, I am learning to handle my acid reflex which comes with tightening my muscles.
I can see my stomach as I eat get bigger above my belly button and it looks weird. By morning all is flat again and not noticeable in clothes.

Will post lots of pics



I got a private message from a user with no profile info wanting to ask me questions. I said ok, then they said they wanted my number to ask the question....So weird I did not respond!

Ive watched to many lifetime movies to know thats not ok LOL

2 months

Spending my 2 months in vegas feeling good bot still taking it easy...

Just because

Pics from vegas


So I'll be having a revision on 6/8 on my right side. My scar puffs out a little and the dr wants to move my incision site down to make it lay flat. It's annoying sometimes when I wear jeans I have to keep pulling them up to cover it.

My right side is higher than my keft. Nothing that's like omg but he wants to fix it .

Revision complete

Scar is higher on the right but all in all looks good!

It's been so long

Almost a year and five months later but I had to share... dermablend is your friend. I love how it covers my scars.
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

The Dr. and the staff was amazing. They took there time answered all questions and were very nice. I tried on sizers and they were not pushing me to get silicone even though it's more expensive. I have reservations about leaking and not knowing and want to be aware. Dr. Csikai I can tell is a very busy man he did my consult in between surgeries but never rushed and made sure he sat down with me to review what I actually wanted and did not hide anything. He let me know if the implant would show and how big I should go. I really enjoyed myself and getting very excited!

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