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I'm 25 and have 36 HH/J breasts. They're...

I'm 25 and have 36 HH/J breasts. They're ridiculous, to say the least. I have headaches, backaches, neck and shoulder aches. Bras always hurt and I can't even run because of my boobs! I have atena, and I'm hoping that once I get a referral from my Ob/gyn I can find the right surgeon who takes my insurance. I am a tad bit overweight, but regardless of my size I have ALWAYS have big boobs. Heres to hoping everything goes smoothly. Pictures make me feel so vulnerable, I have the worst self esteem because of my boobs.


I have started the long process of trying to get insurance to approve my reduction. I found a surgeon at a local hospital who I like, but before I can make a consolation with him I have to have my OBGYN fax a letter saying a reduction is medically necessary. I have an appointment with my OBGYN next friday! I am visiting the chiropractor as well. I can't deal with having breasts this large anymore, it's become embarrassing and I hurt everyday.


I measured myself and it turns out I am a 38J or K. So I feel really abnormal :(


I had my consult on the 1st and was approved for surgery, but they sent my information to insurance and I'm waiting to hear back. I know it takes awhile to hear back from insurance, but I'm really worried because I have the worst insurance which apparently hardly ever approves reductions...but technically my breasts will have well over 800grams removed so it's considered reconstructive. We will see! I need this done soon!

Still pending

I thought I would hear back from insurance already so I could schedule my reduction in July, but I got a message from my doctors office saying its still pending. I'm sad, and I have this feeling like insurance will not approve :(

It's been almost a whole month of waiting. I went in on the 1st and it's now the 27th. Please please please pray.


I still haven't heard back from insurance. My appointment was on the 1st and now it's the 6th :( I called last week and it was still pending. I'm starting to lose hope. In need this done THIS MONTH. It's the only free time I will have to heal.

Not so great news

I've been waiting for 5 weeks and I called my insurance and they told me there was nothing on file-- nothing has been submitted. I am so angry right now. I called my doctor and the girl on the phone sounded like she had no idea be told me they would call me back later.

I'm about to give up.


I just wanted to update you guys with some news. I have been in contact with a very helpful lady from Dr. Basile's office! All of my paperwork/pictures have been submitted and we are waiting to hear back now. The lady told me that whoever is handling my case has been very quick which is good news! A date for surgery has also been discussed (the 27th of July). I will hear back next week if that date is secured and if theres any news from insurance. I asked about prices in case I do have to pay out of pocket. She said the surgeon is out of town so she will discuss that with him Monday and get back to me! Please please please pray that I hear back from insurance soon and my surgery happens on the 27th!!


Wanted to share some before photos me what I'm struggling with!


I was denied because it's not a part of my policy. So I am waiting to hear back quotes from my doctor...I might be getting the surgery Monday and pay out of pocket. What do you guys think? I would have to try again with different insurance next year

Paying out of pocket!

You guys, I am just going for it. I will be having blood work done tomorrow. Pre-op is on thursday and then monday morning is my surgery! I am so so so so so excited

Pre op

Did my bloodwork a couple days ago and my preop was yesterday! It went really well, I love my doctor-- and the office is so great. I will def be writing a nice review after my surgery! Preop has me more excited but I am super nervous about recovery. I keep having dreams about getting it done. Gosh my surgery is in a few days!! Wish me luck ladies!!

Tomorrow's the day

Surgery is bright and early tomorrow morning. Trying to calm my nerves-- my stomach is in knots!

Surgery is complete

I had surgery this morning and will write a review asap and add more photos. I can't wait to see my new boobies!! There's a lot of gauze in this bra, doctor said I was about a c or d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my doctor too, he was amazing today.


Surgery went very smooth. I was nervous but all of the people I met at the surgery center were wonderful and spoke very highly about my doctor! First thing that happened was signing paperwork, nurse took my weight and I did a urine test. Got undressed and put on my gown and stockings and hat. My surgeon came in after they gave me an IV to do all he markings-- I was really nervous and embarrassed but he honestly is so great so he calmed me down. He told me he'd be taking out 800 grams each but I told him my main goal was to have c/d boobs and anything bigger than that wold disappoint me. I had to use the restroom a few times and then I was givin a shot in my belly and more medicine to calm my nerves. After that I was wheeled into the room for surgery. A lady told me that everything was going to be alright and I breathed into the anesthesia twice and passed out. Don't remember waking up. I apparently woke up laughing! The doctor told my mom that I did great. I only remember waking up in the recovery room and my mom and grandma were both there. My eyes were super super blurry and that really bothered me! But I felt normal and just slightly dizzy. The nurse in recovery was amazing. My doctor also was very kind and checked in with me a couple of times. I was cleared to leave and I've been doing good since. I napped a bit today, not in tons of pain or anything. My doctor said I am about a C or a D and he took out 2721 grams!!!!!!!!! So I'm very very happy. I haven't seen my boobs yet but they already look so cute in the bra. Can't wait to shower Wednesday and get my drains removed Thursday! I'm so happy with how much was removed. I will be posting pictures of my new boobies in a few days! This was so worth it.


Looking gross, in a lot of pain

Day 4

Is this discoloration normal?
Also every time I get up my shoulders lock up and I feel tons of pressure on them. Not sure what's happening!


I'm so happy with how they are looking lately!!

One week


Loving these

My boobs are looking better everyday! My nipples seem really swollen though. I have an appointment on the 3rd to change the dressings, ect.

Also, I am super happy because I still have nipple sensation! I wasn't super worried about it- but it's amazing that after six pounds of breast tissue removed I still have functioning nerves haha

Two weeks

I feel like I'm healing slowly. I have some openings and I am on antibiotics again. My boobs look much better like this vs up close photos. I am very happy with them so far, but I hope in a few weeks they will have calmed down!
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Dr Basile is highly talented and skilled artist. Wonderful bedside manor, fantastic staff, precise & caring. He met all of my expectations and more. The moment I met him I knew he was the perfect match for me! I am throughly impressed with his work and blessed to have found him and his team. Thank you Dr Basile, you truly are the BEST.

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