Turning 40!! Time to say goodbye to the tattoo- Jacksonville Beach, FL

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Well where do I start. I have two tattoos I'm...

Well where do I start. I have two tattoos I'm removing that are a pretty nice size on my legs. They have never bothered me before. I retired from the Army and was very successful but I wore a uniform everyday. I guess I never thought past the Army. So transitioning into the civilian world I don't believe it's professional. Regardless of what I think perception is reality. It's also not just for that I really miss looking at my legs without the ink defining them. Sometimes I look at pictures and think....what were you thinking. Why did you do that?? I also wonder would I have done it to this extreme without my ex husbands "encouragement." He was really into tattoos. I wanted to removed one many years ago but the technology wasn't there to remove it without leaving a scar. The rose I'd keep if it was smaller. It covers to much of my leg. I've thought long and hard. I'm actually excited about doing this. I feel like I'm getting me back. My friends are telling me I'm having my turning 40 epiphany but whatever it is the tattoos are gone!!! I'm on my grown woman!!! So let the journey begin!!!!

I went for a free consultation today and walked out with bandages. I know they are doing the doing two different lasers because of my ink and the density in my cover up.

I paid $2500 for 5 sessions. She thinks it'll take 10 to completely clear them but we started with 5. This has got to be the most costly mistake I've ever made. I've read some comments about not using the numbing cream. Not sure how you live without it. OUCH!!! I used it plus the ice.
Next appointment in 6 weeks.

Day 2

Going in to change my bandages. Called and they said these huge blisters are normal. I just emailed pics to the office. I guess it's working. It doesn't hurt anymore.

End of Day 2

After the leaking of the blister. I should have taken a picture before I put the cream on there. I took it right before I put the bandages on there.

Day 3

Day 3

7 days

7 days and it looks so disgusting. The red it looks like smeared blood but I see some color gone. I expected more healing by now but I have seen because it's legs it takes longer.

Almost 3 weeks after 1st treatment

I don't want to discourage anyone so I almost didn't post this update but I decided to after speaking with the doc and looking through posts. One of my tattoos got infected but I figured if I post it it can be more educational than scary. Most don't get infected but one of my blisters busted and kept draining. Looking back I should have covered it back up until it finished but I didn't. I was very busy and it got infected. The good thing is the doctor has been awesome. Making sure I've been treated right and it didn't get worse. I'm on antibiotics topical and oral. They follow up with me every few days to check the healing process. I'm very pleased. Also my break up of ink has been significant. I keep keep getting comments in it and I'll tell you what I'm doing. I drink 100 ozs of water a day and take a product called Hi5 Edge that contains Niagen. Do some research on it. www.dream2realitynetwork.org and click wellness. I also replace a meal or two with the Hi5 Lean in a green smoothie. I haven't worked out as much as I'd like too but I am working out a little.


Hopefully these post

Uploaded before and after

Since the pictures didn't upload correctly earlier I decided to upload them as before and after. This is still for the same post from earlier. You'll read what I'm doing to help the fading.

2nd treatment Monday

Going in on Monday.

Before 2nd treatment

These are my before pictures as I wait prep for the laser. Oh....the anxiety !!!

Treatment 2

Day 2 after Treatment 2

Treatment 2 / 9 days later

9 days later

Treatment 3

I forgot the before picture

Treatment 4

I forgot the before pictures. This is 5 days after treatment 4.


After 5 treatments I have hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. It's getting very hard to keep covered and deal with. It's gettin frustrating. I need advice.

Going back to the ink

So I actually had burns and damage on my skin from the laser as well according to some medical professionals. I needed up having to use scar treatment for a while to get to a point I could do something. I found a tattoo artist that said he can fix my legs. But I decided to go back to the ink. I have learned that you don't need a laser. A professional artist can actually tattoo skin tone. I've now seen it done. For the lower part of my leg were trying that but the bigger damaged areas they can't take much more so it's just going to be ink. Ive gotten one done so far.
Laser Skin Solutions

Wonderful and very professional. Id recommend them to anyone just based on the professionalism I experienced today. The office was very calming and relaxing. The woman who helped remove my tattoo was great. She made it as comfortable as possible.

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