surgery is over. 600cc HP under

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I made a consultation with Dr Brantley recently....

I made a consultation with Dr Brantley recently. He has preformed breast augmentations on transgender patients before which is what I was in search for. His staff was very nice and helpful on the phone and my consult is next week on the 20th! I do plan on setting up my surgery date then (about a month from the consult). Im right at 5'11. I plan on going with 600 or 650cc silicone gel implants, under the muscle round moderate plus profile. Im a Acup now, I was inbetween saline and silicone at first from the estimated prices I got. If I went with saline id pay right at 4,200 and right at 5 grand with silicone. Iv decided to go with silicone so I intend on paying a little over 3 grand on the 20th and getting the rest a few weeks after before my surgery. I plan on keeping this updated as I go. Ill have a nice new set of boobs in the next month and a half or sooner! Super excited and cant wait to share my progress and results with you guys!

Breast size

Well good morning everyone, I know my review just went up a day ago and im already posting again! Lol, I just cant help but to find myself back on this site a lot and looking over others pages, questions and reviews iv wanting a boob job for the longest. Iv been looking into sizes and "cc's" and I know everyone differs person to person on measurements and height...etc. Iv seen some 600cc implants and LOVED them. Was even considering 650cc's. There is no doubt in my mind that I was to be a big full D possibly a small DD. I guess ill know when I have my consult on how big I can actually go and how many cc's my body will hold with measurements and things. Im not wanting to go pornstar big or anything lol but I do want big breast! Consult is next week on the 20th so ill be sure to update you guys then and let everyone know how it went. Im also considering to post a view vids on here as I go through my boob journey!

This is what im aiming for

600cc under muscle implants! She is HP though im going mod PLUS.

This is exactly what I plan on going with she is my same height "5'11" and these are 600cc implants under muscle! She is high profile though and im going moderate plus but this is the overall look I want!

Implants profiles (transgender)

Here lately iv been doing a bunch of research on profiles and what looks best on transsexual women. I was in the mindset of getting moderate plus but as iv talked to other girls like myself and seen pictures im beginning to think HP would be the best way to go and I plan on deff discussing profiles with my PS Thursday and taking many pictures with me of transgender girls breast implants. HP to me just look more squishy and better on transgender females in my opinion.

Another picture of a transgender girl with moderate implants (Hate the way the look)

Deff thinking HP is gonna be the way I go

Trandgender girl with 550cc HP implants (love the look!!!)

Love the look of these 550cc HP implants!


Payment and surgery date.

So I just got off the phone with my PS nurse. She informed me that Thursday if I decide to go with dr Brantley for my breast augmentation I could go ahead and pay for the majority of surgery that day and set my date for surgery! Makes me super excited. Its going to cost right at 5,200 flat (includes everything). Im going to pay 3 grand up front and set my surgery date for a month or month and a half from the 20th. Ill update again Thursday, im sure ill be coming back with good news and my date for my breast augmentation!!! :)

Consultation tomorrow.

Well everyone my consultation is tomorrow. I have learned a lot from this site and got a pretty clear picture in my head of exactly what I want. Hopefully my surgeon can help me achieve that. I plan on getting a lot of pictures in my phone tonight of what I like and the look and size im going for. Also I plan on looking at pictures of his patients with that have similarities of what i want. Im looking to be a big full D small DD. Between 550cc's and 600 MAYBE 650cc's if it fits my body like like (gotta keep in mind i am 5'11).I want silicone round smooth textured implants, under muscle High profile. If I decide to go with him I plan on paying more than half of my surgery tomorrow and setting my date for surgery a month and a half or a little sooner. Regardless its happening before may :)

Majority of surgery paid!! yay! 650cc's HP!

Well I had my consultation today, was nervous not only about what he would tell me but being topless too. I guess everyone is self conscious with someone studying there body but the nurse and Dr Brantley did an awesome job with making me feel comfortable!!! I was worried I wouldn't be able to achieve the size that I wanted but I do have more than enough tissue to make me a Big D small Double D! He gave me the option of 600cc or 650cc, I tried on sizers and agreed that 650cc looked very good( so did my grandmother who was with me). Not only proportioned me really good for my height and stuff but will give me that little extra bigness I want! I decided with silicone gel smooth textured implants, round. Under the muscle High profile 650cc's! Im super excited! Ill be getting a call tomorrow from the nurse to schedule a surgery date! I plan on making it a month and a half away. I have a little over 2 grand to make in that time period and have to have the rest 10 days before surgery so that gives me a bit over a month. I am a webcam model and make very good money so that's no problem! Just ready for it to happen already. The good thing is ill be having it done right at summertime, plenty of time to heal and plenty of vacation time a sun to show off my new girls :)

Little over a month remaining or sooner before surgery

Well Surgery will be end of april or sooner depending when I get the remaining amount for surgery. I plan on having it either 4 or 5 weeks from now. Surgery price went up some because implants they have to order are a very large size (650cc) so it went from 5,200 to 5,438. which isnt a very big difference and I don't mind paying it. Iv paid now 3,500 towards which leaves almost 2 grand which I plan on having in the next couple of weeks or sooner. Nurse has discussed with me as soon as the remaining amount of surgery payed they will get me in ASAP. So it could be sooner than the end of april. ALL THATS ON MY MIND NOW IS MONAYYYYY LOL. Im in money making mode to get this last bit up as soon as I can. Regardless of when I get it it is very very close :) Next update will be a while maybe after my pre-op app a few days before my surgery. So be looking out for a update a month or sooner from me.

Paying my boobies off tommorow then its preparing for the BIG DAY!!! :)

Hi guys sorry its been a while sense I updated. Iv just been a very busy bee workin and saving saving saving. My surgery will officially be payed off tomorrow or wensday! Im gonna call tomorrow about payment and when my pre op app will be so me and my surgeon can go over everything before the big day and get scripts and all that filled. I would love any insight from girls on what all ill be doing before my surgery day! I am going with 650cc silicone gel (smooth) round Hp implants under the muscle, I decided to go under my breast with the cut. Hoping I can get a surgery date as early as next week!! Ill have a update as soon as payment is complete and my pre-op date and surgery date is known!! Its happening a lot sooner than I expected!! Thanks for the support and well wishes everyone!!

Surgery day is may 6th!! :) 22 days days left!

Well I just payed off the remaining amount and surgery is scheduled for may the 6th which is on a Tuesday. I have to be at the surgery center at 11:30. Super excited but also super scared because I have this HUGE phobia of being out to sleep. Nurse didn't mention anything about getting scripts today but I will call tomorrow and ask because im sure ill have to have them ready and filled before the big day. Now its just preparing myself for the wait which will feel like 3 years these next 2 and a half almost 3 weeks. 21 days and counting tomorrow :p

2 weeks and 2 days remaing (16 days)

Well the waiting has to be the worst part, all I can think of is my surgery now lol. Not only am I excited but also very anxious and scared. I just HATE the thought of being put to sleep. I guess its just a phobia of mine. I always think the worse. I also am worried about the outcome and if I like them. Im happy with the size and everything iv decided on Im just wanting a smooth and easy recover and a very successful one. Please send good wishes and positive vibs my way girls because I need them. I do have to start preparing myself this week, Getting panties (100% cotton) for surgery and im planning on buying a sports bra. I also have to get this special soap I have to start washing myself with 3 days before surgery and the morning of surgery. Im just ready for these next 16 days TO BE DONE and home recovering lol. Anyways im gonna stop ranting. My next update will be a few days before surgery girls.

13 days reaming

Ugh I think the waiting is the worst part, heading to the gym tonight been working out as much as possible. Kinda helps with my anxiety too so im going tonight around 11. Its getting closer and closer though :)

After gym the other day

Gettin closer!!!! Almost less than a week left before sugery!

Its getting closer and closer, gonna be a busy bee this last week preparing for my recovery! Iv realized this will be my last week with Acup breast :/ lol.

6 days and counting

The days seem to be flying by now, getting SOOO SOO CLOSER! Calling tomorrow to make sure I get everything I need for my post op recovery!

4 days LEFT! :O

4 days girls, just 4 days!!

1 day till surgery and big boobs!

Just 1 day away now and im freaking out, these days have flew by quick!

Tomorrow is the BID DAY!

Well girls tomorrow is the day, I have to be at the surgery center at 11:30! I guess ill speak to my surgeon and the anestegioloigist (spelling sorry lol). I thought I would be a wreck today but surprisingly I feel good and "okay", im not really a big ball of nerves like iv been all these past days which is a good thing. Im sure tomorrow will be a little hard with the 2 hour trip there and preparing myself for the "put to sleep" part but I know ill be in good hands. Hopefully they get me into surgery by 1 or sooner and im out and done before 3! Im going with HP under muscle (From a small Acup to a small DD) Im sure ill be in some pain and on top of that ill have a 2 hour ride back home :( Ill be sure to try and update you girls tomorrow if I feel like it, if not ill be sure to do that wensday with pictures included!!! Thanks everyone that has helped me through this journey of mine! XOXOX PARIS

surgery is done!

Well girls everything went great! I had surgery today and had 600cc high profile put in! Was gonna go 650 but when Dr b put them in they was a little over the top big for my frame so he did 600! They will be a double D when they heal! Doing fine and the medication is key to helping me! I'll update more detailed next time, if you have any specific questions just ask. Here are some photos

They look huge lol

Well I got to take a little shower this morning, which was surprising blur my surgeon said it was okay. Took off the surgery tape where my cuts was and took a shower with my back on the water. There quite painful today. They have dropped a tad bit sense yesterday and there starting to look bigger! I love them!

pic after shower

Its been 2 days post op

Hey girls well its been 2 days so far and I cannot wait till im done with recovery and healing. My implants have dropped some and I can start to see the shape of them. I love them and I can deff feel the weight difference lol. I just hate being on these muscle relaxers and pain medicine its just got me feeling like crap. I walked down the road somewhat yesterday and plan on doing some more walkin today. It did make me feel better. Ill update this again in a few days.

3 days post

This was yesterday 4 days pre

Just a tank top NO BRA

6 days post op ; ) more surgery ahead

Hey girls well this has been a interesting 6 days. I can say the first 2 was by far the worst pain wise and discomfort. My breast have already dropped some and are starting to shape. I had my first post app today everything is going great my doctor showed me massages that iv started today. Pain is a 2 I'd say and a little discomfort from the feeling heavy which should go away eventually. So far I love my implants and highly recommend docter. I also am in the process now of having some minor facial feminizing surgery in the next few months. I'm going to have rhinoplasty and a brow bone shave to make me appear more femine. So watch out many updates ahead.

6 days post op ; )

What you see is what ya get lol the bra has no padding what so ever. :)

6 days

3 weeks post op

Pocket revision April 21st

Well it's 10 months post op and iv noticed that my implants didn't drop as much as they should have :( they look good in clothing but my upper pole is way to full and my nipples are way to low. Luckily my doctor said this can be easily fixed. My skin and muscle didn't stretch quick enough and my pockets closed up. Iv decided to have this procedure under local anstesia which is worrying me.

4 days until surgery

Well it's 4 days until surgery. I'm a ball of nerves which is normal and it's even more scarier that I will be awake lol. He is gonna go in and release my scar tissue and make my pockets bigger and I deff want them dropped ALOT. My implants seem to be really up high and close to my armpits which I know isn't right. I also know once they are dropped there gonna appear bigger. All my fullness is at my top. I want all that at the bottom! I want some upper fullness but not a lot! I'm attaching a photo of what I'm wanting!

Surgery is tomorrow!

Well my surgery is tomorrow he is gonna go in and release scar tissue and drop my implants! I cannot wait till the final result! Wanting all this upper pole fullness to go to the bottom of my breast and for nipples to rise! Please girls keep me in positive thoughts and prayers!

Revision surgery is today and under general!

Well I have to be at the surgery center at 1 today I got a call this
Morning that the doctor has decided to put me to sleep instead of having me awake. I'm really nervous about that AGAIN lol but I guess it's normal. I just know he is gonna correct whatever is wrong and fix it. I'll be okay please keep me in positive thoughts and prayers girls.

Revision is over!

Surgery is over and I'm recovering and WOW I can not say enough what a huge change I already have! My implants are so soft now. The implants have dropped and expanded and look so much fuller and nice. All the bulk and upper pole fullness is gone. I'm so happy! :) I'm still healing and they still will drop more. I'll post photos whenever I feel a bit better I'm very sore at the moment.

Revision pictures

As you can tell I'm only one say outta surgery and my implants have already made a dramatic change. They have been dropped. No excessive upper pole fullness and my nipples have lifted. Doctor told me result will only get better when I start my massages in a week. My implants are also very soft now :)


Don't know why they didn't post on the last thingy

Almost 7 months after revision

Sorry it took me so long to update, I'm approaching 7 months post after my revision and my implants are perfect!
Jackson Plastic Surgeon

Meet him and he really seemed to know everything before I could ask. I would recommend. He listened and let me know for sure and could achieve the results I want!

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