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Personal Stats: I am 41 years old, married for 16...

Personal Stats: I am 41 years old, married for 16 years, 3 children. 5'4", 125 lbs. and most bras are size 34B as an A cup does not cover the circumference of my breast and if it is possible for my itty bitty breast to spill over the bra, it does in an A cup. Hard to describe. I would not consider myself to have an athletic lean muscle build but I am not lacking muscle tone altogether. I will post a pic to show you what I mean. I am half Italian so I have "those thighs" that need constant attention on the treadmill. I binge on work outs for 5 months, become bored and stop for the next 6 months.

Breast Augmentation is something I have wanted to do since I finished breast feeding my first child. Then came 2 more children. My youngest is now 12 and the only one still at home as the older two are in college! So, I have decided that NOW is the time for ME.

After doing MUCH research on local PS I have made my 1st consultation appointment for Oct 1, 2013. I want the consultation to be as complete as possible so I am making a list of questions, gathering pics of breasts that I like and don't like (yea, husband is helping gladly with that part, quite amusing). I do not believe I can realistically walk in and say "I want a D cup". Therefore, I am taking pics of breasts in bikinis, dresses, nude, etc. to give my PS a better visual when I say "I want to fit my frame, I want classy and I am NOT trying to get a stripper position at the local club". I am sure that opinions on what is "classy" will differ from one person to the next, so instead of cupping my ta-tas in my hand and smoothing them upward while I try to convey my personal idea, I figure actual pics will come in handy.

I will not be posting nude boob pics on my profile. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with it and I am VERY thankful that there are ladies who do because they have helped me tremendously, but I don't have that confidence. Now, when I am post op and all beautiful on meds, I may reconsider!

So, that's my story so far. Please feel free to comment, suggest, share. That's why I am here. I remain anonymous as my husband and oldest child are the only people who are privy to the fact that MOMMA's GETTIN BOOBIES!!!!!

Another "Before" pic

Husband Is TIRED Of Looking At Boobs?

Seriously??? How does THAT happen? I have been pulling pics on PS sites of Before/After, comparing size, shape, etc so I get a better idea of what I want my results to be. I show my husband to get his opinion. He has ALWAYS been supportive of anything and everything I want to do, whether it's business or personal. I realize he will have to look at the new boobies every day for the rest of his life also, so I want him to be happy with them. I want him to be involved and I trust his opinion. After all, he is truly my BFF and who better to trust, right? Now he is tired of boobies! That is the most hilarious thing I have ever heard. I almost spit my Mt Dew all over him when he announced that he'll be happy with whatever decision I make on how they look because he can't possibly look at another set. Hahahaha. MEN. Gotta love mine. He has always, like any man with eyes that work, looked at women's boobs when they are big. That tv remote goes flippity-flip-flip surfing channels faster than the speed of sound, but if Pam Anderson is on a show..... Rrrrrrrt, batteries in remote suddenly die and we are stuck on that channel. He is clown. At this point, I think he is over that behavior. If he never saw Pam Anderson's boobs again, he'd be just fine!!!!!!! He says "I know you will come out of surgery with classy looking boobs in the size you choose, big, small, I love 'em all"

New Surgery Target Date!!!

Over coffee this morning, husband says "now when are you looking at ping the BA?" I reply "Mid December". He surprises me with "why don't you call PS tomorrow and see if you can schedule for the week of Thanksgiving?" HECK YEAH!!!!! I can make that call! Happy happy happy. 4 weeks earlier than I anticipated! So, fingers crossed that I can get an earlier first consultation date and Thanksgiving week surgery date!!!!

YES & NO collages

These are the collages I made to take to PS for review during consultation! I think I'm on the right track! If yours look like my NO pics, plz don't be offended. These are collages that I feel will and won't work for MY personal needs/happiness and body.


So So So Excited!!

Spoke with PS Nurse today in regards to moving surgery from mid December up to November! Yay.... My BA surgery is now set for NOV 27th, 2013. So So So excited, 4 weeks earlier than I planned. Still have my consultation date of Oct 1. I went ahead and secured the surgery date because that is going to be the most convenient for me and I would die if I went to consultation Oct 1 and the surgery date I needed was full. This PS comes HIGHLY recommended from my personal circle of friends, outstanding ratings, etc so I have no reservations at all about having him perform my BA.

Too Much Research?

I have been researching implants as far as size, shape, silicone vs saline. Also, incision types, placements, risks and so forth. I feel it has been beneficial in a way that I will better understand my PS's recommendations without him having to spend time "schooling" me on the things I can learn at home. I finally learned how to properly measure bra size and I am in fact a 34B, which is what I have always worn as it just seemed to be the most comfortable and properly fitting. Also learned how to measure my BWD, which turns out is a 10 or 11. Was doing it myself so one side was a 5 but the other side was a 5 1/2, so whether 10 or 11, at least now I have an idea. Also, to my surprise, I learned that from proper neck position and down diagonal to right nipple is 7" and to left is 7 1/2". This I measured a few times and continuously came up with same results. I had NO idea that left may be a small squeak lower than the right. I had to laugh.
So, too much research came when I began to look at capsular contracture, bottoming out, muscle/pocket not being dissected properly, etc. I now believe that sometimes we can research our way in to fear. After speaking with my husband about all the risks, I am going to take his advice; " just wait and talk to your PS about it, he will know the best ways to calm your fear and to avoid these things happening if at all possible. If they do happen, deal with it then. Don't try to deal with a problem that hasn't occurred yet. You can't worry with fixing something that is not even broken". I am a worrier I suppose and he is always my comfort, my voice of reason. As he says, " let your PS guide you through the good as well as the bad that may or may not occur, that's what he's there for, that's why WE aren't performing a BA here at home, it takes education and skill, neither of which we have, so you are paying an expert and should rely on the expert". He has a point there!

Another YES pic!

There are SO many perfect noobs out there, it is hard to narrow down just a small few to show my PS. I guess that is a good sign that so many turn out so perky perfect!

I have shown my husband some D cup and some C cup pics without telling him which is which. He tends to say YES to the D cup pics no matter whether saline or silicone and no matter on mod+ or High Profile was used, The only C cup pics he has liked are those where High Profile gel implants have been used! So I know for sure he is hoping for mine to be a full C with projection or small D. Funny how you can trick a man in to telling you what he "really" likes. When it comes down to it, I know that I, most importantly, have to be happy with size, shape and weight since I'm the one who will have them in me and I'm the one who will carry the weight of them! Always nice to make the man happy too in the meantime though! After all, he has made me very happy for almost 17 years now! Although he is not paying for them, I am, I still feel I should reach a happy medium so he will enjoy them also!

10 Wks. & 3 Days OH MY!!

Seems like just yesterday I was at 14 weeks until surgery. Time is flying so fast. It almost feels like being pregnant, waiting on that Due Date! Planning, researching, shopping, setting up!!! This is such a busy time of year for me to begin with, work wise, and I realize my surgery date will be here in the blink of an eye! Still have not had second thoughts. That will probably come when I wake up post op and feel the pain, nausea, etc., but then it is done and there's no where to go except forward and push through it! I'll thank myself later!!!!!!

More Nice Boobs!

These also are a YES!

Absolutely Perfect & FINAL Choices (hope mine turn out this fabulous!)

These are my ABSOLUTE favorites in bikinis!

Workout Before BA

I have come to realize that my BA is not going to make my thighs and butt look any better! With that in mind I have started back on Pilates, Yoga and weight-lifting! It has been a minute since my last binge on workout but thanks to my father I have good genes and it doesn't take long for me to sculpt my body back in to fabulous bikini-ready shape! I figure I can take now through Nov. 27 (BA date) to workout and no harm will be done to take a month off post op, then light workout for another month to maintain shape, 3rd month post op I should be able to do more and 4th month back to normal, putting me at March 2014 and ready for summer bikinis! I wish I could just lipo and be done with it but regular workouts are still essential to maintain shape even after lipo so I'm going to keep that $$$ in my pocket, put nose to grind stone, work out and use the $$ for new bras & bikinis.

On another note, I am a smoker, have been since 15 yrs old off & on. I need to quit. No really, I need to quit. So much easier said than done. I have tried the patches, gum, Welbutrin, Chantix, it all makes me sick and all the pill meds gave me extreme vivid nightmares, lethargy and all day nausea. This is going to rely in shear will-power. Fingers crossed that I'll be nicotine free by Nov. 1 and remain that way FOREVER!

Weights, Yoga, Meditation and Research

My fear is that by working out upper body I will tighten my chest muscles before surgery, making my pain/recovery worse. I have paid close attention to which ladies on here have high amount of pain and which ones do not. I conclude that those my age who have breastfed at least 2 children tend to have more loose breast skin and if they do not BA past a C cup or small D cup it seems they have less pain, stretching and recovery time in bed is an average of 2 days. Those who have not breast fed and/or had at least 1 pregnancy seem to have the hardest time. I could be wrong though!!!! Trying to be extra careful to work my arms without involving my chest just in case! I know in-bed recovery time also depends on each individual's body's ability to heal, their pre-op physical condition and how well they obey doctor's orders. I just want to give it the best shot I possibly can.

Then again, those of us who have been through pregnancy may have developed a certain pain tolerance as labor & delivery is the absolute most excruciating physical pain I have ever felt, and I chose to put myself through it not once, not twice, but THREE times!!!!! I am blessed to have 3 beautiful, healthy children but oh boy did they wreck my boobs. I wonder, out of the 3, which one(s) will make me soup and do laundry while I recover from fixing the damage. Haha. Gotta love them!!

Tobacco Free..... Fingers Crossed!

Well, I just enjoyed my last cigarette. I thought I could "cut back" and taper off to quit but that's a NO. Surgery is Nov 27 and I'm running out if time quickly if i want to be tobacco free by then. So I am going "cold turkey"...... Say a prayer for my family, they have to put up with me. I have tried Welbutrin, the patch, Chantix, nicotine gum..... everything on the market. Had bad dreams, nausea, lethargy, etc., always a bad side effect with all of them. So I will now rely in sheer will power!! I quit 5 years ago for almost a year after a lung collapse and cheat tube, but stress brought me right back to it. I have to do this not only for my overall health and family, but to give myself the best chance at healing correctly from BA. Just think of all the $$ I'll save. Win/Win !!

Post Op Breast Augmentation Supply List

I am trying to compile a list of all the things other post op BA ladies have found especially helpful. So far I have added:

Gentle Laxative
Silicone Strips
Fluffy Pillows
Extra Surgical Bras
Batteries for TV remote
Healthy snacks
Trash can beside bed
Desitin/Rash/Chaffing cream
Prescription Meds
Bendy Straws
Bottled water
Baby Wipes (to freshen up until I can shower/bathe)

Please please comment if you know of any other items that will be helpful!!

Thank you!

Rice Sizer Wagon

Out of curiosity I jumped on the rice sizer wagon today. I was thinking 400cc so each sizer is 2 cups of rice. 1 sizer in each bra cup. I like these, although they look droopy, I'm sure that with the correct placement I would have more upper volume! I realize if a 400cc implant is placed under the muscle, I will lose approx. 25cc as the muscle pulls the implant in, and that would be fine with me! At least now I know that I did not like the 250 rice sizers, nor the 325 sizers, so this at least gives me an idea when my PS starts talking cc's, plus I can put on some of the Mentor sizers at his office so now I know the size I like and can skip to that or one below/higher.

More Rice Sizers!

More pics with 400cc rice sizers

Post Op Exercise

A link to some info that I found helpful!

Consultation Today

Just a few hours until my consultation! I have all my firms filled out, my list of questions and photos of how I would like my surgery to turn out! Excited to get answers to my concerns/questions, find out exactly what his procedure will be and finally choose a definite size based on doctor's opinion to get the results I am hoping for. Very nervous but I am sure not as nervous as I will be on surgery day! Will update tonight when I can sit down and type in all the info I gather during my appointment!!!

Consultation Results

Had a great consultation and left with a confident feeling that I have chosen the correct surgeon! He listened, asked questions, answered questions, very nice and personable. His recommendation is a 330-360cc Moderate Plus Profile. I chose to go with the silicone gel as I feel even though it is more pricey, it will be better in the long run. My fear of the whole "bottoming out" thing is gone after he explained that he uses permanent internal sutures as a measure to avoid this. He has done this for the past few years and has had NO cases so far where bottoming out occurred. He warned me against smoking (I'm still trying to quit) because especially with the gel, the implants can harden in smokers and we do NOT want that to happen! With my frame there is an "appropriate" small, mid-range and large, he will be going for the "large appropriate" as I am scared that I will go too small and wish I had gone larger, but do not want to fight possible back pain/can't find a shirt that fits/etc with D cups when I could go full C and wear a push up for those D cup occasions, so he will do the largest that is appropriate for me and stay right at a full C cup range. He was very informative, took plenty of time with me and i really could not have asked for better! I showed him my Wish Boob Collage (that was awkward that I printed other lady's boobs), and he pointed out those that are more realistic in expectation for what I am starting with and my frame size. I am pleased with the ones he chose! According to him, I have a very good foundation, skin is not too tight but also not sagging, no asymmetry, nipples are not to the side and I have a good natural cleavage, so all should go smooth with minimal recovery. YAY! But I know...... anything can happen, I just choose to remain optimistic.

Looking forward now to my surgery. I am the first op scheduled for Nov 27, have to be at the surgery center at 6am, which is perfect for me! That means no eating after midnight, maybe a few hours sleep and I will hopefully be having lunch at home same day post op!

4 wks & 4 days until surgery!

Me: "I feel like I'm waiting to go in to labor and give birth"
Husband: "that's understandable, they are TWINS after all and you'll be bringing them home to care for them so............. Now when did the PS say I'd be able to touch them?"

I'm seriously researching size lately. PS says 330-360cc, I'm scared I will go too small. Once they are in there, it's DONE. I do not plan to revise unless something goes wrong. I couldn't justify revising simply to go bigger. This is a one time shot here for me. No way I could voluntarily go back under the knife. I know I should just stop stressing size, trust my PS (really, I do in the back of my brain), and focus on preparing mind & body for surgery and recovery. But these little fears pop up now and then. Thanks for listening (reading)!!!!!!!!

9 Days To Go!

NO MORE SMOKING!!!! I can't believe how much better I can breathe. I have more energy and it is SO good to not go outside in the rain/cold, etc. to smoke. I definitely feel better that my recovery will not be hampered by nicotine. No more bad habits for me, EVER!

Time is passing quickly, still very busy with kids' school and sports, not to mention constantly on the go with work.

Question: I just noticed tonight, looking at my birth control pills, I predict I will be in my 2nd or 3rd day of my period on my surgery date. Should I be concerned? Will I be able to have the surgery on that day if I am on my period?

5 Days To Go

Seems like just yesterday that I started this journey but it was actually the first of September! Time has flown by so fast. Thankful that through this waiting period I have been super busy. 5 days to go now and they will be filled with the last bit of laundry, preparing & freezing meals for the family to eat during my recovery, cleaning house so I won't have to worry with dusting fan blades and changing light bulbs during recovery, making sure I have all items on my list to have bed side, etc.... So much to do and it feels exciting to say I have so little time to get it done!

My New Dress Came In!

I bought a new dress online in anticipation of my new boobies!! It arrived today. I LOVE the dress but the way my tired boobs look in it makes me sad. I look like a 12 year old in a grown-woman's dress. All the more boost of confidence in my decision to have this BA.

Clorox & Windex & Swiffers OH MY!!

Cleaning like a crazy woman today. Earbuds in, rocking some John Mayer Trio LIVE, getting things done. Tomorrow is end of the month paperwork, then Wednesday 6am I'm off to surgery. I was cleaning my tub this morning, thinking about all the "what ifs", and just started balling. Nerves are definitely raw. I had an emergency C-section when my youngest was born, they almost lost both of us, but I didn't have time to be nervous about it. I also had a chest tube due to a collapsed lung. Emergency situation and again, didn't have time to be nervous. This is different. I have had since September to mull it over and frazzle myself. I would like to share more, but I have to go put sheets in the dryer and bathroom rugs in the washer! Haha

Last Day With These Little Ones

Slept maybe 3 hours last night and probably will not sleep at all tonight for fear I will oversleep and miss my surgery. Haha. Last day with these small boobies. It's getting very real now. Going to focus on cooking and freezing some meals for my family today, banking, wash the dogs, etc. last minute things. One of my dogs is so attached to me that he won't go outside to do business unless I go out with him, so I'm worried that he won't go out for my husband. He is a year old and just obsessive when it comes to me. He follows on my heels all day. I hit my knee really bad Sunday, I fell down and he was right there worrying about me, licking my hand that was holding my knee, then running to my husband barking and running back in to me. I can only imagine how he is going to react when I come home from surgery. We do not allow him on our bed. He's a French Bulldog so way too short & thick to jump up on to anything, but we don't pick him up and put him in the bed either. So I don't have to worry about him jumping up on me. I know he will lay in the floor beside the bed as usual and worry about him stressing out. I guess if he has to pee bad enough, he will go outside when my husband takes him! My other dogs (females) have no problem bouncing along with whoever will take them at that moment. Still have not told anyone else about the BA. Only me, my husband and oldest son know. And you ladies, but you know what I mean!!! Youngest son has no idea and now I am worried about how he will react. I got my hair highlighted once and he hated it, got it cut really short and he hated it. I asked him why he hates when I change something about me and he said he just always wants me to be the same mom I have always been, no changes. Well, I can let my hair grow out and I can re-color highlights, but boobs...... He'll just have to get used to them. He is 12, so right now, everything else in his "tween" world is changing, I guess he looks to me to stay the same. Anyway, I'm just a ball of emotions right now, I better go and just have a good cry.

I Am Ready!

A few more Before pics and I have my Recovery-Zone stocked and ready!
Bendy Straws
Hand Lotion
Body Spray
Face Wipes
Baby Wipes
Vitamin C chewables
Collates Wisps disposable toothbrushes
Garbage Can
Favorite Heavy Afghan
Charger cords within reach
Remotes & Extra Batteries
Dog's night-time kennel positioned where he can see me


Well, if they would upload......

See You On The Other Side!

I have been running around taking care of last minute things all day. Going to relax in a hot jetted bubble bath before trying to get a little sleep. Only slept 3 hours last night so I'm pretty exhausted now and need to have my wits about me for surgery. I hope my PS is turning in early also. Haha. I have to be at the surgery center at 6:00am. They will do my blood work, make final size decision and I'll be off to the procedure. I am the first surgery of the day so I should be out if there by 9-10am, and in my comfy chair at home by 11am. Will update as soon as I can. Thanks so much to all of you for the past few months of advice, encouragement and support. xoxo

I Did It!!

Slept maybe 3 hours off & on last night, got out of bed around 4am and headed to the surgery center at 5am. 6am came, the nurse called me back for weight, blood work, urine sample and misc. vitals. They put me in gown and a bed, wrapped stockings and compression things on my legs. Anesthesia nurse started my IV and they brought hubs back to see me. Dr. Davidson came in to do final consult on size, etc. I thought he was going to mark all over me but he did not. All of this within 1 hour.. As soon as PS left, the nurse pushed some meds through my IV and started wheeling my bed out to OR. I do not remember anything from there until I woke up, in excrusiating pain. I remember telling the nurse I was burning and hurting. She put something in my IV and the pain began to become more do-able. The next thing I remember is waking up at home. My Post Op Care sheet says to lay FLAT as much as possible. I find that odd because everyone on here has had to sleep sitting up. And my surgical bra, way too big, offering no support at all, approx 2" too big around my chest and the cup is hanging. Maybe I'm suppose to grow in to it? IDK. Meds are Flexeril (muscle relaxer), Percocet (Pain Killier) and Duricef (antibiotic?). I am sorry if I wonder around, in & out of subject! I have a few pics on my phone so I will post those from there in a few minutes. SO excited already at how good they look. I did not lose my natural cleavage either… so far! Incision site is sore from cut down through my ribs, up around under my arms and across the top of my boobs. I know it's normal. I can barely take a full breath, it stretches and hurts. Thank you Jesus, I have NO nausea. I have no idea how many CCs the PS used. I have an implant card, looks like a credit card, that has serial #s and stuff on it but no CC amounts! I will ask this when they call to check on me. I remember my PS saying that I have more in one than in the other, but he was telling me this immediately upon waking up so it basically flew through my head!

Surgery Day Pics


For all those who didn't/don't like sleeping whole sitting up...... My PS has me laying down flat as often as possible. I'd rather be sitting up. SOOO hard to get up from laying flat and equally as hard going from standing to completely laying flat. Believe me, sitting up would have been a happy medium. I can get in & out of my recliner WAY more experienced! Still no nausea. Nagging pain around perimeter of breasts and numb pressure on the inside. I have been able to eat some stew and pineapple chunks.


Day 1 Post Op

I slept off & on last night. My post op directions from PS were to lay flat as much as I can. I found this to actually be more uncomfortable than sleeping while propped/sitting up.

I spent most of today in bed watching old movies like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. IDK why but I find older movies soothing when I am ill. I have had nagging pain around the breasts, actual breasts themselves are just "full", or heavy feeling. I clean my incision site each day with peroxide (dr. orders) and tonight one of the stitches is bleeding just a small tad. Had I not done so much research on here, I would be freaking out, but I already know this is normal! I walked around the house at random a few times but found that it makes my boobs hard, like they are contracting upwards, screaming at me. Still NO nausea. Thank you God! I had a little soup yesterday after I returned home from surgery. Today I ate some pineapple, cereal, and a big plate of turkey, dressing, corn, etc. that my MIL sent home with my hubs. She was puzzled as to why I was not present at T'giving dinner today with hubs and kids but he told her I was just having bad PMS with migraine. This does in fact happen often, so she thought nothing of it.

According to the PS, I can shower today but I opted for a baby-wipe wipe down bath. SO afraid right now of jumping in the shower and messing something up. I will revisit this tomorrow, maybe then I'll feel a little better about getting the stitches wet

I have noticed that I do have nipple sensation, same amount as before surgery!

Oh, and I learned how to read my Mentor implant card! Turns out I have 325cc in the left and 350cc in the right. Husband said the PS explained that one cavity was larger than the other so…… whatever that means. I did figure the larger implant was put in the right because that's the one that is heaviest, stay swollen and riding higher.

That is about all for now. Just hoping I can get up and about a little more tomorrow without the immediate swelling, etc. Post Op appointment is Dec. 6 so I have a while to assess and make out a list of questions!

Day 2 Post Op

Still no nausea so I am assuming I am past that point! Minimal pain, mostly just a nagging tight feeling around each breast and at each incision. One odd thing I am experiencing is both breasts are rather relaxed while I am sitting in bed or laying down. But the minute I get up to go even as far as the bathroom, both implants seem to freak out and crawl upwards. Both breasts become so tight that I can barely get a full breathe. I feel like I could probably get out of bed and move around a little more today but being that the implants get tight every time my feet touch the floor, I guess I better stay right where I am at and continue to take small walks around the room.

Post Op Day 2 Pic

Shower Makes Them Crawl?

The minute my feet hit the shower, my boobs/muscle/implants started cramping, making it feel like the implants were crawling up towards my neck. The right one looked like I had a stiff "Charlie Horse". I am sure this is normal but wanted to get opinions if anyone else has experienced this. After the shower they were both back to normal by the time I dried off and began dressing.

Post Op Day 2 Pics

Post Op Day 3

Slept fairly well last night, only woke up a few tea but was able to go right back to sleep!! Made coffee and breakfast this morning and then felt really tired so here I am back in bed. Definitely am not going to push myself. Listening to what my body tells me and going from there. Nothing is worth risking complications over. Those dishes can wait and so can the laundry from the past 3 days! Neither is going to chew me up in my sleep! Boobs are still rather high and I have a shooting, burn type pain in my left one. I suppose it is a nerve. Pain occurs mostly when I rub my arm, bra, shirt, etc. against the boob. Probably just a sensitive nerve! I am still loving the size, cleavage, EVERYTHING about my new tatas!!!!!!

WalMart Trip

I bought my post-surgery bras 2 sizes larger than my beginning size. Turns out they are a tad too small (would fit perfect if I wasn't so swollen :( ) and the post-surgical bra they gave me at the surgery center was WAY too big. It hung on me, literally hung on my shoulders and did not touch my body anywhere else. I'm not sure how they figured I wore a size 44 when I started as a 34 but ok! That bra could only fit me if I went to a size so large they haven't even given it a letter yet. Anyway, so I have made due with what I had here at home until today. Decided to see if Walmart had the front closure bras in that I have been seeing on RealSelf. They happened to have 3 in the perfect size for me! While walking through the store I notice my boobs are getting really tight and hard to the touch. They seriously hurt. Left one started having this shooting burning pain through it, literally felt like someone shot a flaming needle straight through my boob. Needless to say we paid for our things, came straight home and I am back in bed. I took a muscle relaxer and it is getting much better. This is the first time I have taken meds in the past 2 days. Very disappointing but it could be worse so I won't complain. Minimal pain other than the walmart trip, no nausea at all, I even had a BM today without medication to help it along! I figure I doing really good!

Post Op Day 4 Pics

So in love with how they are progressing.

Post Op Day 5

Able to get around the house a little more today! Made the bed and put away the cluster of meds and post op supplies that have taken over my bedside table! Have had a few "pec muscle tightening" episodes already this morning but it's normal and I'm just about use to it, doesn't scare me or make me stop in my tracks anymore. Left boob has dropped more than the right which I fully expected to happen since I have 325cc in that one and 350cc in the right. I am noticing a bit if "side-boob" now. They look so different when I am naked, but it seems like I didn't have anything done at all when I put on my post op bra and Tshirt. I hope that won't be the case once they complete the dropping process. With clothes on it appears I have nothing more than what I started with and a good push up bra. That will be disappointing especially for $5,230.00! I know I will be able to see a difference in a bikini but I'm 41 yrs old and do not walk around in a bikini I rarely even wear low cut shirts!!! Anyway, we are still in the "wait & see" step of the process so I can only hope.

Post Op Day 5 Pics

More POD5

POD5 in clothes :(

Post Op Day 6

I should mention that on POD4 I quit taking the Percocet and have been on Tylenol ONLY since then! I wake up 3-4 times during the night. Once I sit up and let the pain subside, I am able to go back to sleep with no problem. Laying down seems to pull on my stitches so when it begins to hurt, I wake up. I have been taking 2 Tylenol at 6:30am, another dose after lunch and a dose before bed. The right boob stitches hurt more than the left. As far as dropping, I feel like the left has dropped more than the right but keep in mind also that the left is 325cc and the right is 350cc so I expected them to drop out of sync! My appetite is completely back to normal, BM is normal, still bloated a little but it also seems to be getting back to normal. Both boobs are becoming softer and muscle spasms are getting fewer, especially in the left. The right still has a spasm now and then but again, it has the larger implant so the pec muscle has been stretched out a little more to accommodate. As they drop they are actually looking larger. I can actually see them in the the shirt I have on today which is the same style & size shirt that I had on yesterday, just different color! Steri-Strips are still in place. Finally was able to raise my arms up enough last night to shampoo & condition my hair! Hubs shampooed it on day 3 but didn't scrub. I tried to tell him he wasn't going to break my scalp but...... he's a guy so,....... I think I have updated on everything! First Post Op check up is this Friday, hoping all is OK and on track!!

POD6 Pics

1st Post Op Appt

My first PO appointment went well yesterday! Everything is dropping and healing perfectly so far. I am now able to wear a regular sports bra instead of the post op bra! I used to wear a Small, so I bought Mediums for post op. Had to take them all back and exchange for Large. None of the cups on the Mediums were covering my boobs correctly and that made for a really uncomfortable fit. The band on the Large is a little loser than I am used to but the cup size is perfect and the Maximum Impact truly does not allow boobs to wiggle or jiggle at all! I wore a minimum impact yesterday while doing some house cleaning and wound up so sore by last night. So today I wore a Maximum Impact to go grocery shopping, a trip to Sam's Club and even out to eat. NO soreness whatsoever after a full 9 hour day of walking and shopping, and in high heel boots at that! No impact on the boobs at all. My feet however are killing me! Haha. Next PO appointment is mid-December. I will get stitches out at that point! Mentally I am just ready for the sharp shooting pains to stop. I don't have them at all while wearing a Max support sports bra, but do have them along with pec muscle spasms while in minimum support bra. I don't want to wear Max support all the time though. They squish my bombs up and close to my chest and that can actually hinder the implants dropping appropriately. Makes sense that if you are jacking your boobs up too tight, the implants are not able to drop! Anyway, I will be glad when the nerves are healed and spasms stop! The only real pain I have now is from sports bra rubbing my stitches. Steri-strips are still in place but the bands on the bra still rub and push on them. The stitches also itch, which I know is part of the healing process, but embarrassing while in public!

Still Riding High

2 Weeks PO

A few old swimsuits that I am now filling out pretty good! Still need to drop more, the right one is slower than the left and right pec muscle contracts more than the left. I guess this will all even out as time goes by, nothing to worry myself sick about just yet!!


Went To Target For A Carpet Shampooer....

Wound up trying on some pretty bras while I was there! I started out Pre-Op in a 34B so I tried on 34C and 34D bras. 34C was too small in the cups and 34D was PERFECT!!!!!!! So happy! I still have some settling to do but just knowing I have, as of today, gone from a deflated 34B to a perky new 34D...... awesome feeling!! I really hope it does not go to a DD, that won't look right on me. I really think even if I do a bit more "drop & fluff", the D will still fit.

Ready For Another PO Checkup!

I have my next PO checkup this Friday. I will be approx 3 weeks and a few days PO at that point. I am feeling good. Still a little sore around the bottom of each breast but at least I am no longer having shooting pains and muscle spasms! I can tell the right breast has settled more since the pics I posted on Dec. 12 (2 weeks PO), but it still is not matching the left one. I guess you wouldn't notice it if I didn't point it out so I'm not stressing it. What I AM stressing are these Post Surgery and Sports bras. Oh My Goodness, with those and all of these 2-sizes-too-big sweaters I have been wearing to cover the sports bras, it's just becoming depressing. My steri-strips are still in place, the sides are lifting a little but they are hanging on for the most part. The incision sites are starting to itch, which is compounded by the sports bra rubbing them. I wear a medium impact sports bra if I am going to be out & about getting groceries, running errands, etc. and then I wear a non padded bralette around the house. When I look down at my breasts, they don't seem so big, but then I look at them in the mirror, and especially in pics I have posted and OMG they look HUGE to me. I am still trying to get use to feeling boob rub against my arm when I reach for something. All in all…. I am still VERY happy with my decision, thankful that my recovery has been so easy and just as expected, and looking forward to Spring Break on the beach!! My hopes for PO checkup Friday: *clear me to wear regular bras *able to get back in the gym even if only for cardio and lower body *clear for Yoga *able to sleep on my side, I am so tired of sleeping on my back, it is making me stiff.. We'll see how all that goes!

20 DPO

3 Weeks PO

I vacuumed today for the first time since the day before surgery and let me just say that if I had a job which required heavy cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, heavy lifting or being on my feet for extended periods of time...... I would NOT be ready to go back to work today. I went "back to work" 5 days after surgery but I am self employed and was able to take a day off if I felt bad, most of my work is at a desk or traveling by car so I have not had a hard time of it. But if I was a cashier, waitress, assembly line worker, maid, etc., I would not be able to work effectively at all even at the 3 week PO mark. Something to think about if you are considering a BA. Everyone says you should be able to go back to work after a week, I think they should add that it depends on what job you perform!!

Post Op Checkup Today

Went well! I am now at 3 weeks and 2 days. They removed the Steri-Strips and trimmed one of my stitches that was sticking out. They are dissolvable so I should be seeing them disappear shortly! Symmetry looks good, settling is perfect, and it is now time to start wearing some supportive bras with or without underwire! I can now lay on my side but still can not soak in the bath tub until stitches are completely gone, to protect against infection. PS prefers that I wear a light push up bra when I am out & about for support. Coobie is good to sleep in! Basically I couldn't ask for a better checkup today. Next one is in 6 weeks!

Some Pretty New Bras

Quick trip to VS and I chose these to purchase! Also threw in a few cute gowns! Loving my new look!

Scars & A Small Bra

Scar Away?

I bought the Scar Away Silicone sheets a few weeks ago. Have any of you used them and when should I start using if I decide to? I forgot to ask PS about this yesterday. I have just a few dissolvable stitches left and he did say to not take a bath with water above my waist for another 2 weeks. I can bath in the tub but can not sink down and let the water soak on my incision sites. I don't want to start using Scar Away strips to soon but then again also don't want to use them too late to be effective either. Let me know also if any of you have a better scar treatment you have used with success!! Thanks a bunch!!

A Few Helpful Sites For Bra Size & Correct Fit

* This is the only Bra Size Calculator that I have found to be correct. After entering my current measurements it gave me a size 34D. With that, I made my way to Victoria's Secret. I tried on 34C and the cups left my breasts spilling over the top and also at the sides (underarm). I tried 34D and the fit was PERFECT in ALL VS styles (pushup, Body By Victoria, Demi, etc.). Then I tried 34DD just to be sure and they were all sagging a bit in the cups which told me I was not going to be able to wear them at all. I also tried a 32C, 32D, 32DD and none fit as well as the 34D. So, I will stay with this site's calculator!

* I wanted to be sure that I was looking for the "Correct" fit, so I found this site very helpful especially since I was a 34A/B and not accustomed to the tediousness of fitting breasts above a B cup! … I did not know to check the bra's "gore" for example.

* Balconette, Tshirt, Demi, Full Coverage… WHAT does it all mean???? Get the facts on this site!

Some Updated Pics

Feeling GREAT! All muscle spasms and shooting pains are gone, nipples are still sensitive but nothing that makes me uncomfortable. Stitches were totally dissolved by last week and I took my first submerged bubble bath last night! I actually feel like they are a part of me now and often forget that they are implants. The right one is slightly smaller than the left with a little less side-boob effect but being that I learned at my last PO check up that my right chest cavity is smaller than the left, the appearance is absolutely normal. I notice it but my husband does not, nor would y'all probably if I didn't point it out. My health is good, still taking my Multi-vitamins, Vitamin C chewables and Grape Seed capsules every morning, bloating is totally gone (took 4 weeks for that). NO back pain or issues due to extra weight from implants. I just could not have asked for a better pair of boobs or better recovery.

Oops, Forgot to upload pics....

Here they are..... Size is still 32D to 34D depending on bra style. A Demi bra fits better in 34D but a Full Coverage or push up bra is better in a 32D.


5 weeks & 2 Days Post Op.

Pics 5 weeks and 2 Days

Update & Pics @ 8 weeks

8 weeks Post Op today and doing GREAT! I often forget I have implants. They have become a part of me instead of just an accessory. Not too big, not too small. I absolutely could not be happier with size, shape and overall natural look. A few friends have taken a second look while I'm wearing a low cut blouse or V neck Tshirt but no one has asked anything. I suppose they assume I found a really great push up bra!! It is a drastic difference but with clothes on I can see where it appears very subtle. This summer in a bikini, I'm sure, will raise some questions as it will be MUCH more obvious. My right one has completely caught up with the left and I'm pretty happy about that. NO pain, nipple hyper-sensitivity, etc at all. It is literally like I have always had them and never had surgery. I love wearing lingerie now and have spent a small fortune at Victorias Secret! I never wore lingerie or even pretty nightgowns before surgery. Always tank shirt or Tshirt and frumpy pj bottoms! I have invested in NUMEROUS beautiful bras also. Before surgery I had the simple plain nude color, white and black. Now my bra drawer is all colors/patterns and styles. My fave bra for sleeping is the Genie bra. I wear it without pads to bed and if sitting/relaxing around the house I wear with pads for extra support. My go-to everyday work bra is the VS Tshirt Demi bra. I bought one, wore it for a day and went back the next day to buy one in every color/pattern VS had in my size! Date Night brings out the VS Fabulous bras. Push-up, good support, very sexy. Best yoga & workout bra.... I have not found one. It seems they all compress and another me or have underwire for support without compression and that is just uncomfortable either way you go. I am still searching for the ultimate sports bra. So, here are a few pics taken today. I doubt much will change from here on out so this will be my last regular update. Feel free to comment with questions though at any time and I will respond ASAP.
Jackson Plastic Surgeon

I could not have chosen a better PS! From the very first time I walked in to The Face & Body Center and up to now, I have felt cared for, important and confident. The Center itself is beautiful and well maintained. Waiting area is comfortable, exam rooms are comfortable and staff is amazing. Rosemary is the BEST, very sweet and knowledgeable, always returned my calls promptly! I have never waited in the reception area or exam room for more than 5-10 minutes. This amazed me! Dr. Davidson has always been very nice, informative, attentive and available. He answered all of my questions, addressed all of my concerns and did not try to fill me full of information that I was not going to understand without a dictionary and personal interpreter. My post op checkups have been just as personalized as my first consultation and surgery were. So nice to find a PS who cares about the work he is doing. He did not talk to me in "cc's" or implant size. Instead, he talked to me about how I wanted to look and listened to my expectations. From there, he put together a plan for what would look the absolute best and I LOVE the results. I am extremely picky and I do not place faith in people much at all. I do my homework and research up to the 12th hour! I am blessed to have found Dr. Davidson. I couldn't be happier and I highly recommend him if you are considering a breast augmentation!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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